A Brief Interlude

Update Nov 12, 2012: We’ve updated the server and everything appears to be working fine. Please let us know if you see something that isn’t working as it should. Also, please check out our fancy new print pages! You have more choices for which photos to print and also if you want to print specific comments along with the recipe. ~Elise

Hello everyone! We are making some changes to the underlying technology that powers Simply Recipes today. We expect that these changes will help us continue to improve the site, making it easier and more elegant to use.

Do you know how sometimes when you clean your room, you have to make a mess in it first—everything is on the floor so you can see it before figuring out what to do with it? That’s sort of what is going on here. We’ve been making a mess behind the scenes for several months, in order to put everything in its right place in the new system. The time has come to “flip the switch” and hope that everything works as expected.

While we go through what I hope is a brief transition, comments may be closed, and the site may not work as it should. If you see something that appears to be broken, a link that doesn’t work, or a page that renders funkily, if you can, please leave a comment. Or, visit the Simply Recipes Facebook page and leave a comment there.

Thank you for your patience! ~Elise


  1. Deborah

    Maybe that’s why the feed is not working for the photos in my reader. Please don’t change the site, it’s lovely the way it is – we are some that are not good with things changing. Have a lovely weekend.

    • Elise

      Thanks Deborah! Yes, we had some glitches with the photos. At the moment, what is changing is the technology we use to run the site, and a few gentle feature improvements.

  2. WestEndGirl

    I’ve found that a lot of the recipes that used to be in certain collections e.g. Brunch, Chicken etc have just disappeared from there. In fact, the number of brunch recipes in the list has dropped by two-thirds..!

  3. Michelle

    hi! the vegetable link is not working and the vegetarian list seems very abbreviated! love your site and still learn so much from it. thanks for making cooking fun, delicious and educational! and social :) keep up your wonderful work.

    • Elise

      Hi Michelle,
      Thanks, we’re on it! The vegetarian list may seem abbreviated; there is a “more posts” link at the bottom of the list. We’ll try to make it more obvious. Thanks!

    • Janet

      Hi Joan,

      Depending on your e-mail service provider. (G-mail, Hotmail, Yahoo) you can add the e-mails from Simply Recipes to your safe list. Normally if you do have an item in your junk box / spam box and you go to transfer it to your inbox the e-mail provider will normally ask you if you would like to add the sender to your safe list. For further instructions on how to change your settings on your e-mail, just find the help section and type in “junk box filter settings” or simply “junk mail”. Hope this helps.

    • Brieanna

      I planted some of these at the farm I worked on over the summer. As far as I know they’re just called “pumpkin-on-a-stick.” Apparently they’re part of the eggplant family.

  4. Gilda

    I love coming to your site for inspiration so thank you for the wonderful meal ideas you have given me over the years.

    I don’t know why this is but incorrect spelling seems to jump out at me from the pages. I noticed one such error in your first summary and I have this need to point it out to you

    “please check out are (should be OUR) fancy new print pages!”

    Love you website

  5. Moiche

    Elise! How I love your site! Wondering what words you have in your header that makes our work servers block the site, when we can get to some other recipe blogs (“Society & Lifestyles” are blocked, it says). I visit every chance I get… keep up the great work, and thanks so very much to you and your family!

  6. Kamilla

    Hi Elise,
    I have been coming to your blog for couple of years now. Your blog is very enjoyable and it is one of my favorite cooking blog. There are some days when reading your blogs just make me smile after a long day. Thank you for sharing with everyone. I am planning to make your father’s favorite upside-down cake very soon!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

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