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Photography Credit: Elise Bauer

Is there anything so wonderful as a fresh apricot, picked right from the tree, so ripe that it literally bruises in your fingers if you don’t hold it with the lightest touch? You can’t buy apricots like this; they are just too fragile. The commercial growers pick them still hard and let them ripen off the tree. Our next-door neighbor Pat has several apricot trees, now laden with fruit so ripe they are dropping off the tree, bopping you on the head if you aren’t careful. When the apricots are ripe, they are ready and must be picked. They tend to all ripen at once, yielding many more apricots than one or two people can reasonably eat at once. I’m going to try my hand with a few apricot recipes this week. Do you have any that you would like to share? If so, please let us know in the comments. In the meantime, if you have access to a good supply of fresh apricots, here are a few recipes from other food bloggers to check out:

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  • bea at La tartine gourmande

    oh, I am so so jealous!

  • Larry Masters

    I’m not from any gormet group, but I like simple things done simply. for Apricots I just slice them in 1/2 remove the pit in a sautee pan soften a little butter and place cut fruit cut side down and allow to brown slightly,then add a little brown sugar just before service (so the sugar and butter form a syrup) serve with sliced pork roast or venison. some variations I’ve tried that are good are to add a touch of cloves to the apricots or instead of butter and sugar you could use some wine.

  • sairuh

    Sounds like your neighbor has Blenheim apricots. We’ve got a many-decade-old tree in the backyard, perhaps a remnant from an orchard. We make jam and chutney from the apricots, in addition to stuffing ourselves with fresh ones. :)

  • Nabeela

    Thanks for the links to apricot recipes. I have pounds and pounds and pounds of fresh apricots waiting to be eaten and these recipes will come in useful.

  • Sue

    I make Apricot Ginger Jam (no pectin) by adding the sugar as described in other recipes and cooking down the mixture until it has reached the desired consistency. The fresh ginger tastes fabulous.

    The absolute best jam I’ve ever made in my life though is Brandied Apricot Jam. Make the jam with pectin as per the instructions in the pectin box, but add brandy to taste. I inhaled this jam on fresh french bread all last summer. Okay, I was pregnant at the time, and also eating bread dipped in mustard, but honest, the jam is really good!! :-)

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