Book Review: Steamy Kitchen Cookbook by Jaden Hair

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  1. The Teacher Cooks

    I am going to buy the book!!! The Today show will be taped while I am working. I really want to be able to do Asian food justice. This is just what I need to broaden my cooking skills. Thanks for the great review.

  2. Sheri

    I’ve enjoyed the recipes Jaden posts on this site and loved the one I tried. I think I’m going to request that my local library buy this cookbook. They always want to know “what do people want to read?” and my answer will be “this cookbook!”

  3. SAS

    This is a fantastic cookbook – so much packed into one book, and fun to read! I think the best part is how Jaden is one of us, learning as she goes and sharing the process with all the pain and glory. It’s easier to try something new when even the “pro” admits her challenges! She also de-mystifies Asian ingredients, making everything seem within reach.

    Mow lucky are my friends? I ordered a stack of these for Christmas gifts!

  4. Lyndsey

    I am so excited about Jaden’s book. It was so lucky that she brought us along with her on her book writing journey. Jaden you’re thr best, and great book!

  5. Deborah

    I am really looking forward to ordering Jaden’s book as soon as I return to the US in December. It looks amazing from what I have seen across the web but it isn’t available here in Italy right now. I love Asian food and after 6 months in Umbria I am REALLY looking forward to trying out some of Jaden’s amazing recipes.

  6. the domestic mama

    ooooo! I just recently discovered steamy kitchen, and I was thrilled when I got a comment on my site from JADEN herself! I was on cloud nine! But, now- knowing even MORE… I am on cloud TEN! Lol, can’t wait to get my copy of the book, GREAT review! Happy chomps to all!

  7. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    I’m hugely sad that I don’t have my hands on this cookbook yet… still waiting for it to come in the mail! Can’t wait to see Jaden w/ Hoda & the drunk ;)

  8. Tatiana

    I am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival, which for some reason takes 1-3 weeks to ship, thanks for a tantalizing review, which actually made me want to take you up on the ginger challenge :)

  9. Cassy

    Good review and very interesting book. I think I’m going to buy it and try some of its’ Asian recipes. Hope they are easy to do. Thank you.

  10. Susan

    I saw the clip you linked for her Today show appearance on twitter (I had missed the show). Thank you! It was refreshing to see the hosts both so attentive to the guest chef for a change. Jaden came in prepared and was not at a loss for personality or words. She was a natural! I can’t wait to get the book.

  11. katrina

    Great review, Elise! I can’t wait to order this – one for me, two more for Christmas presents. And wasn’t she great on the Today show?

    Hi Katrina, Jaden was awesome on the Today Show! She totally held her own with the hosts. ~Elise

  12. Marsha @ RegionalBest

    This book is so gorgeous! I made the Shrimp Pad Thai over the weekend (on the cover). I’ve never made Pad Thai in my life! Turned out fabulous and was easy to make.

  13. Gregrie

    For those of you that don’t have her web site in your favorites, your missing out on alot of Jaden’s great dishes that are already on line and ready to make. Steamy Kitchen will become a great addition to your PC.

  14. Pioneer Woman

    I have it. I love it. It’s a beautiful cookbook with so much personality. Totally visual. I made beef with broccoli and yummmmmmmmy!

    Jaden “done outdone” herself with this one!

  15. Deborah Dowd

    Don’t you love it when a fellow blogger hatches a book! I love Jaden’s blog and I will be hitting Amazon for her book.