BlogHer 2006

Food bloggers gather together to meet and greet at the 2006 BlogHer conference in San Jose, California.

Food Blog Spotlight – An Obsession with Food

Derrick Schneider's food blog An Obsession with Food is aptly named. Call it insanity, obsession, or compulsion, whatever it is that drives a man to render his own lard or make his own homemade wine vinegar by the barrel.

Food Blog Spotlight – David Lebovitz

Do you love chocolate? If so, you have a friend in David Lebovitz. Former pastry chef at Chez Panisse, and now currently residing in Paris, David writes books and teaches classes all about chocolate and desserts, and writes regularly to his food blog,

Food Blog Spotlight – Homesick Texan

Take one food-loving Texan, put her to work in New York City for 11 years and what do you get? One Homesick Texan, pining for the tamales and salsa of her home state. Lisa Fain's delightful food blog.

Food Blog Spotlight – Lobstersquad

Follow the lively creations of Ximena Maier, a graphic illustrator in Madrid, Spain, as she delights us with her talk and playful illustrations all about food, at Lobstersquad.

Food Blog Spotlight – Meathenge

Guy Prince (a.k.a. Dr. Biggles), proprietor of Meathenge, knows more about meat and how to cook it than I ever hope to. I've been to Guy's place a couple of times to enjoy ribs and roasts from his grill or smoker - those photos of food on his website? as good as they look.

Food Blog Spotlight – Smitten Kitchen

Once you start reading this blog, you too will be smitten with Deb's Smitten Kitchen. From New York City, Deb and her photo happy husband Alex make food that looks so good you want to eat it off the screen.

Food Blog Spotlight – Tea and Cookies

Some blogs you just want to curl up with and read, like a good book or a juicy magazine. Tea Austin's is one of those blogs, not to be skimmed, but to be read thoughtfully, so that the beauty of the Tea's words and photos have time to sink in and dance around your synapses.