Photography on Simply Recipes

Food photography on Simply Recipes. An explanation of how the food is photographed on the site with links to great food photography resources.

Japan 2012

A brief diversion from recipes, highlights from our trip to Japan.

Kitchen Remodel Project

Elise's parents decide to remodel their kitchen. Will their marriage survive the remodel? Stay tuned.

Cooking Advice From Mom

Tried and true cooking advice from Elise's mom, a master home cook who managed to raise 6 kids on wholesome scratch cooking.

Saying Grace

On the practice of saying a blessing before a meal.

The Meat We Eat

How is it that we've become so disconnected from our food that we don't even know, let alone care, where our meat comes from? Observations of Elise's visit to an Iowa pig farm.

Elise on Capital Public Radio

Elise Bauer speaks about Simply Recipes on Capital Public Radio, a Sacramento affiliate of National Public Radio.

Heritage Turkeys

Do you like full-flavored turkey dark meat from legs and thighs? Consider cooking a heritage breed turkey for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.