David Lebovitz – The Sweet Life in Paris

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  1. Dominique (de vous à moi...)

    Don’t forget: Paris is not France, and in other areas, we’re so different. For us too, being a “parisien” is not always a compliment!

  2. Rhonda


    What a wonderful, wonderful post.

    I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of David’s book. I know it will be fantastic!

    I suspect that Paris and the French have a deep love for David as well. How could they not?

  3. Jeremy Henderson

    Whoa…I took a look at the dulce de leche brownie recipe he posted, and the second I saw the photo, I turned into one of Pavlov’s dogs at a bell ringer’s convention.

  4. Wendy

    I have been reading about this book on all of my favorite food blog sites (David’s Included) and I am dying to read it. I just wish that I hadn’t taken a bet with my husband that I wouldn’t buy anything essential for three months……do you think I could make this somehow part of a grocery bill? haha

  5. Liz

    @ Wendy, am thinking that you could turn it into an essential – boredom buster (going on a long trip?) or maybe as a research tool.

  6. clevermonkey

    The only problem with Paris is the Parisiens. “French” people on the other hand (wandering beyond the ile de France) are kind, engaging and helpful.

    I found the dog merde, the unhappy faces (I tend to be one of those ridiculous smiling people) and waking up to the smell of piss rather disheartening. A beautiful city with so much amazing history should be treated with more respect.

    But I did enjoy the butter and the salted caramel!

  7. CherylK

    I read a lot of love behind those words of his. There’s validity to that feeling that “I can criticize my city/brother/sister/whatever but heaven help anyone else who does.”