Elise on Capital Public Radio

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  1. Gary in Massena

    And I am sure that it was an uphill walk (both ways) for you father too! I know it was for mine.

    Cloudy and dreary in Massena today. A good day for a roast chicken.

    Gary in Massena

  2. Don Ray

    Wow! A great cook and a radio personality to boot.

    My dad used to tell me how he walked 10 miles to school and how it was up hill both ways.

  3. Kalyn

    Very fun hearing about your radio spotlight. When I get time I will take a listen, although I have no doubt you were able to string quite a few coherent sentences together, and with style and humor too, I’ll bet!

  4. Lisa

    Congratulations on the radio interview! Was it fun, or nervous-making, or both?! I’m sure you were great; I’ll have to listen.

    Squirrel stew; hmmm…

  5. Kirsten

    Elise! What a great interview. It was so fun to hear you talk about your blog and family and your blogging creative process.

    Thank you for sharing! Loved it!

  6. Elise

    Hi Gary and Don – I told my dad this morning about your fathers’ insistence of it being uphill both ways, he got a huge kick out of it, thanks!

    Hi Kalyn – Since hanging out with my dad more my grammar has improved but my swearing has become worse. I’m just happy that the “uhs” were kept to a minimum, and my inner sailor stayed inside. :-)

    Hi David – I think at this stage of my dad’s life, basically all the years after leaving home, he’s happy to leave the messy butchering to someone else, someone who’s getting paid for it. “Too much work, not enough meat.” So, no squirrel stew on our menu anytime soon. Our chatty tree rodents are safe for now.

    Hi AP – It’s a good one, enjoy!

    Hi Lisa – It was a lot of fun. Jeffrey is a skillful interviewer with a gorgeous voice. I also find it’s easy to talk about things I love – my family, good food, this site.

    Hi Kirsten – Well thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Kristen

    Congratulations! I’m so sorry I missed the radio interview, was it anything like an old Saturday Night Live skit? And I didn’t realize you’re here in Sac. Does your kitchen have a drive-thru window? Keep putting out the good word!

  8. Janelle

    What fun to get to hear you in “real life!”

    It’s funny you mentioned your parents knowing how to butcher chickens. I was just thinking about a childhood butchering experience the other day–Grandpa and Dad chopping off the chickens’ heads in the yard, Grandma and Mom plucking and preparing the chickens in the basement. One of those vivid childhood memories–and I wouldn’t have the faintest idea how to do any of those things myself. Nor the desire, frankly.

    I really understood what you meant about the knowledge our parents and grandparents carry around with them, that we somehow missed out on, and wanting to capture that knowledge and those skills for ourselves. It’s something I think about a lot.

    Great interview! And I love your site, I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but it’s terrific.

  9. Rita

    Congrats on your radio inteview Elise! Your voice sounds exactly like my Aunt’s voice. Nice to put the voice with your face/blog. :o)

    I had to laugh when you said your mom likes to sit back and let your dad cook now. My parents now have that same arrangement. The last time I visited and was making dinner for them, my dad came in the kitchen to watch me cook and to ask me how to make my recipe. It took me back to when I was growing up when I used to cook meals a lot for our family. If someone would’ve told me then that my dad would cook when he was retired I would’ve laughed hysterically. He even agrees that he’s surprised that he cooks now.

    I will have to make your mom’s cheese enchiladas soon. They look yummy!

    Thanks for sharing your radio interview!

  10. Robin

    Good morning Elise

    What a great morning tea treat that was! Getting to hear your voice, and to learn how you pronounce your name. Very interesting interview, thanks for sharing.

    One point that came up that I have been wondering about for a while is that of income, I have enjoyed making lots of the Bauer Family recipes (last night it was your Dad’s ratatouille – YUM!!) and have hoped that there was a way to contribute. From the discussion on advertising, I wondered if we who use the site can boost that income. Do regular visits help or do clicks on the advertisements make a difference? Or …….. do let us know.

    I too have a lot of cooking books, but can’t resist cooking magazines either and justify their purchase if I at least make one thing from them. (I do quite a lot of vacarious cooking too!) These I pay for, so it’s good to know that all your hard work for the site is being rewarded not only in the contact with your readers but financially too.

    Cheers from a sunny Waiheke

  11. Audrey

    Hi, Elise,
    I just listened to your radio segment. I remembered when I was very young, we were visiting my grandmother and she was getting ready to make fried chicken for supper. She left to go outside and my father wouldn’t let us go with her. He didn’t want us to see her kill the chickens. So I guess I will have to take my Joy of Cooking book with me if ever I need to start from scratch!

    I have printed out the Lasagne and Enchilada recipes and will be trying them very soon. We lived in Texas for a number of years and Tex-Mex food was a staple for us.

    Thanks for the information on the individual pie dishes. I just ordered two for myself.

  12. Margaret

    Hi Elise from country Victoria in Australia. I have your blog on my google homepage and I must say I enjoy the simplicity of your recipes. It was great to hear your voice on Radio and gain a little understanding about your background.
    Thank you for your efforts to inspire our kitchen activities. Regards also to your Dad and Mum for their contributions.
    Cheers from Australia

  13. Patsey Manning

    Hi, Elise – I just listened to the radio segment – wonderful! Thanks for the great recipes and the fun family stories. Keep blogging, please, your blog is great fun. Congrats from upstate New York.

  14. Elise

    Hi Kristen – hah! Drive through window kitchen. Great idea. Even better is having parents who keep a well stocked fridge. ;-)

    Hi Janelle – Thanks for stopping in and saying hello. It is odd isn’t it? So many things we don’t know.

    Hi Rita – How cool that your dad is cooking now, good for him. And for your mom too!

    Hi Robin – How sweet of you. There’s really nothing to do actually. The best way to support the site is to tell your friends about it. If you want there is the Amazon store linked to at the top, but I don’t know if that works for you, coming from New Zealand.

    Hi Audrey – You and me both. The only person I know who knows how to kill chickens these days is Michael Pollan, and I don’t even know him, just read his book where he talked about it.

    Hi Margaret – You are very welcome and I’ll be sure to pass on your warm Australian greetings to mom and dad.

    Hi Patsey – Thanks!

  15. Elise

    Hi GreenTea

    I use a Mac too. You may need to download the file to iTunes. Works better that way. After you “click here to listen” above, click on the page where it says “Open in your Default Media Player”.

  16. Mark Douglas

    Loved this interview. The stories combined with the passion are so rare these days. Now I know why you have been the only food blog RSS I have kept bookmarked.

    Keep up the cooking (and let’s NOT find that squirrel soup recipe, just a bit gross to think about)

    - Mark -

  17. lavonne

    Great interview, Elise — and congrats on all the national attention. I think what brings us back to your site over and over, aside from the terrific recipes, is the family aspect. You talk about your dad and mom in such an engaging way.

    P.S. is Jeffrey Callison as cute as he sounds? That is an Irish accent, isn’t it? Adorable.

  18. Chigiy

    Congratulations on your radio interview. You go girl. First the Wall Street Journal, then the radio. When are you getting your own TV show? Move over Rachael and Martha.

  19. Andrea

    Oh, I can hardly wait to listen to this!

    And, I believe this Jeffrey is a friend of mine from a screenwriting group we both used to belong to. I smile whenever I hear his voice on the radio. He is from Scotland originally. He’s a great guy, and I am sure you two had a wonderful conversation.

    chat with you later;

  20. Sridhar Ramanathan

    Thank you, Elise, for sharing more about yourself, your delightful parents, and the vivid stories behind the recipe creations. As a vegetarian, I think I’ll try your cheese enchilada instead of the squirrel stew.