Fewer Carbs Lowers Appetite

A new study by Temple University School of Medicine of overweight diabetics showed that reduced carbohydrate intake lowers appetites.

When carbohydrates were restricted, study subjects spontaneously reduced their caloric intake to a level appropriate for their height, did not compensate by eating more protein or fat, and lost weight. We concluded that excessive overeating had been fueled by carbohydrates.

I knew all those muffins were doing me in… and the pineapple upside down cake… and the hash browns


  1. tiggrowl

    need a good site to get a full list of what is and what is not carbohydrates. i know it is breads and pastas and a few other things. its that few other things that gets me.please and thank you

  2. tracy

    Once and for all. The best thing for health is FIBER. That means WHOLE grains (raw, sprouted, or cooked depending on your orientation), vegetables, fruits, and nuts in very small quantities. That plus good fats from flax oil or flax seeds, and non-animal protein from beans, legumes and tofu, and a B-12 if one is vegan, puts one is a very good place healthwise.

  3. hoozy

    i am hypoglycemic, and i KNOW this to be true. for anyone looking to lose weight, or more importanly, reduce unnecessary and often harmful overeating, REDUCE JUNK CARBS.

    of course, veggies and such are great, but you KNOW the ones i’m talking about–the treats. those empty carbs aren’t always dessert!

    do try this, after you get the junk carbs out of your system, you won’t believe how much easier eating right is!

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