September is fig season here in Northern California and at Casa Simply Recipes. In fact, we are in the midst of our annual “what to do with all these figs?” problem. My mother has a fig tree that my father and I are not allowed to trim, or even touch, so the tree just gets bigger every year. Shallow trays filled with figs line every available counter and table space in the house. We can’t give them away fast enough. Dad gets grumpy (“Would you please find something to do with all these figs!”). I make fig jam which uses up maybe six of them. I’ve tried them baked with goat cheese, but being green figs, and not more intense mission figs, they are too delicate and the result is rather a mushy mess. Mom dries them. I’m thinking about pickling a few. Do you have any ideas for us? Some favorite fig recipes that would work well with the more delicate green figs? Here are a few great-sounding recipes that we dug up from fellow food blogs (and the NYT):

fgs-grilled-goat-cheese.jpg fgs-lemon-tart.jpg fgs-tart-rosemary.jpg fgs-creme-brulee.jpg fgs-butter-braised.jpg fgs-ice-cream.jpg fgs-stuffing.jpgfgs-tartlette.jpgfgs-walnut-lamb.jpg

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  • Jane

    I love caramelised figs. I use brown sugar to make caramel then add the figs to the hot caramel and cook them for a short while (so they don’t go mushy!). Last night I added rosemary to the caramel, added the rosemary-caramelised figs for a salad with some tangy goat cheese, and deglazed the caramelly-fig-juicy-pan with balsamic vinegar and a little water, which made a really delicious salad dressing. It was almost too good for a meal that only took 10 minutes to get onto the plates! I’d recommend trying it.

  • Noro

    I can’t believe it! I am one of the first to give a comment. I bet that time shift has its good sides! Some ideas on how to prepare figs? Well, I was thinking about one of Jamie Oliver’s recipe, a salad made with figs, mozzarella and Parma ham. Otherwise, here in France we usually eat foie gras with figs jam on Christmas but well, you’ve already made jam! And what about a sandwich with french baguette, eggplant caviar ( 1 grilled eggplant peeled and pureed, salt, olive oil (3 tbsp), vinegar ( 2 tblsp)), some aragulas, 2 fresh figs sliced, and Bayonne or Parma ham.

  • lydia

    Elise, I would love to have the problem of too many figs! Here in the Northeast, we have fig envy. Meyer lemon envy, too.

  • Kalyn

    I’m also suffering from serious fig envy here. No figs even in the stores. This is what my mother used to call “a good problem to have.”

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