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  1. beth

    Thanks! this should be hugely helpful since I read a ton of food blogs in google reader and often forget to bookmark recipes and then can’t remember which blog they came from.

  2. barbara

    Great work Elise, Kalyn, Alanna and Ximena. I shall try to add it to my sidebar when I have lots of time. It takes me forever I’m so hopeless with that sort of thing.

  3. Lady Amalthea

    I’m with Barbara on this one, but I do promise to do it as soon as I can. And thanks so much; it’s such a wonderful feature. I find most of my recipe inspiration comes from other blogs now; this is a delightful way of searching them all in one go rather than just checking the ones I always read. Thanks again!

  4. Trig

    Elise – I’ve still got your old search engine embedded in my blog… so I can update it now. Yes – even I search recipes for ideas, even if not to cook from the recipes very often. Great stuff from the bloggers involved.

  5. Madeline

    This is so fantastic! It’s really going to help me in my never ending search for great recipes and cool food blogs. Not to mention I’m so flattered to have been added to it ;) I added the widget to my blog. So great, thanks!

  6. kitchenMage


    I use the search all of the time and I keep meaning to ask you if/when you are going to create a food blog search for the Firefox search bar. It’s my go-to point for searches and I would love to have your collection available there.

    Thanks to all three of you for putting together the HUGE list of blogs.


  7. Elise

    Hi KitchenMage,

    Oh my, the programming talent of creating a FireFox toolbar is somewhat beyond me. Any techie readers out there who would be willing to take this on?

  8. Zoe

    Very handy having the domain name! I use this all the time but since the prior URL was impossible to memorize, I had to bookmark it at home and work (but didn’t have it on my hubbie’s laptop, for instance). Now I can remember it no matter where I am! Thanks!

  9. Mari

    The widget looks fabulous and it’s now in my site’s sidebar. I added the custom search engine to my iGoogle page as well. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

  10. aztami

    You’re great Elise!!!! I found your blog through my Google home page and Wow(!!!) have I enjoyed it! This is my first time posting but I have tried many, many of your recipes….they all were great! My boyfriend is addicted to your Chili Verde (well mine now also, I guess :)

    And you know the VERY best thing about your blog???? You post often!! I have found many others through the links on your page but they seldom post new entries. KUDOS to you….keep up the great work!!

  11. kitchenMage


    It’s not actually a toolbar, just an entry in the dropdown list of search engines in FireFox (the one that defaults to Google). But, check this out – I found it here: here. Click on the “I” to install it and it works just like going to the site first. Very sweet.

    Extremely cool.


    Hi KitchenMage, okay, this is the coolest thing ever! Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention. I’ve added directions in the About section of Food Blog Search for how to add FBS to the Firefox search bar. Merci! ~Elise

  12. Patricia Scarpin

    Thank you for making my blog a part of this wonderful thing, Elise! And thank you for giving me the widget to add it to my blog – I’m such a dork when it comes to adding things to my template! :)

  13. Jen S

    This is perfect! I already use Google for food searches along with many food blogs. I’m so happy it is now in one easy process and widget.
    Plus the artworks is so adorable!

  14. Daniele

    Great! I am waiting !

    Hi Daniele – I would love to put the Italian version together. If you know of an Italian food blogger who could work with me on it (help with the translation, help with adding sites), please have them send me an email. ~Elise