Food Blog Spotlight – An Obsession with Food

“I’m INSANE,” Derrick declared, laughing in response to my question to him about why it was he had made duck confit ten times during the previous two months. Derrick Schneider’s food blog An Obsession with Food is aptly named. Call it insanity, obsession, or compulsion, whatever it is that drives a man to render his own lard or make his own homemade wine vinegar by the barrel, or make his own bacon from ten pounds of pork belly, I hope it keeps coming. Derrick is a writer*, a self-professed geek, and a wine and food lover, all skills he combines to bring us carefully crafted, well-researched posts on food and wine. Derrick’s wife Melissa provides the site’s gorgeous photography. Check it out here.

*You can also find Derrick’s writing at The Art of Eating, Edible East Bay, Wine News, and SFist.

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