Food Blog Spotlight – Eggbeater

Many a professional chef have started a food blog, but few have done so as exquisitely as Shuna Fish Lydon with Eggbeater. Shuna’s prose abounds with stories, poetry, and observations, and once in a while, truly special recipes. Don’t visit Eggbeater for the quick cooking tip or the everyday recipe. Go there when you want to bathe in good writing. Shuna is the kind of person you can fall in love with, just from reading one sentence.

Shuna teaching a knife skills class

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  1. trishinomaha

    What a great blog. I’ve just been there and you’re right. It’s not a quick read but something to sit and ejoy. I’ve bookmarked it. Thanks!

  2. shuna fish lydon

    Even from thousands of miles away you are doing good things for me! Thank you.

    And thanks to you, my dear, my site is now possible to read on ALL browsers! (Who knew?)

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