Food Blog Spotlight – Lobstersquad

Lobstersquad. You know with a name like that the website behind it has to be fun. Lobstersquad is the lively creation of Ximena Maier, a graphic illustrator in Madrid, Spain. Each post is playfully and skillfully illustrated. Delicious recipes pepper the site, though you do have to look for them. Me, I usually just go to look at the pictures and sigh. I wish I could draw like that, don’t you?

Here’s a sampling of some of my favorites from Ximena’s site (click on the graphics to see their corresponding entries):

Marmitako Basque Fish Stew Picnic Food Onion Jam
Sopa de Fideos Salad Peanut butter jam drops

If you want a feast for your eyes, just work your way through the monthly archives.


  1. Pille

    I love Ximena’s blog, too – she sounds like a really fun person, and her illustrations are just brilliant. Lucky for me, I’ll get to meet her in person in August, when she’ll be visiting Estonia, plus she designed my new blog banner (whick makes me really-really lucky, I guess:)

  2. lydia

    Lobstersquad is a wonderful blog — Ximena’s wonderful illustrations make me green with envy (I cannot even draw a stick figure!), and her posts are charming.

  3. Sophie

    I love it that Ximena has such a distinctive style that you can still spot her illustrations even when they crop up on other people’s web sites!

  4. Kathy

    OK so in my next life I plan on being able to draw, play the piano, and have small feet! In the mean time I shall continue to cook (and drool) over these delightful drawings. Thanks for sharing such a great site! Cheers! Kathy

  5. Liz

    The drawings are very cute and I love her writing style – my only problem is the conversion of grams to tsp, Tbsp or cups :)

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