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Summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere and all across America people are firing up their grills. For those of you meat-loving, mesquite-obsessed readers out there, we direct your attention to the center of all things meat in the food blogosphere, Meathenge. Guy Prince (a.k.a. “Dr. Biggles”), proprietor of Meathenge, knows more about meat and how to cook it than I ever hope to. I’ve been to Guy’s place a couple of times to enjoy ribs and roasts from his grill or smoker – those photos of food on his website? as good as they look.

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  1. Amy

    Nice one. Somehow your posts make me think of a regional map of California with “grill zones” demarcated. I think your house must be in the “fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk” zone.

  2. cookiecrumb

    I’d like to weigh in as one who has observed the talented Biggles, up close and personal, tending the smoker. Nah, even better, I’ve sampled his incredible grill-yums. Up close and personal.
    Yeah, he’s all that.
    Follow his wise teachings.

  3. telesilla

    I spent the summer of ’83 with my aunt and uncle out in Citrus Heights and my uncle grilled almost every evening, often before the evening breeze kicked in. I have no idea how he did it and even though I now have a space where I could set up a small grill, there’s no way that I’d want to go outside and tend it on a day like today.

  4. SAS

    Here in Tucson, the highs have been around 105 F for over a week, but I still find the best way to cook meat is on the grill – it’s just not for the faint of heart! I fire up my grill at least twice a week. The last time I needed propane, it was in the middle of a monsoon storm. I opted to trade in my tank versus not grilling that night (you can’t fill a tank when there’s lightening out). I grilled salmon last night and it was still 100+ F outside at 8:00 PM.

    Do all your prep indoors in the AC, make sure you have some snacks and a cold beverage on hand to tide you over, and then wait ‘til the sun goes down to do your grilling. Now that I think about it, maybe it’s actually easier here, because when it’s this hot you really don’t notice the heat of the grill!

    PS: Honor your meats – use the grill!

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