Food Blog Spotlight – Tea and Cookies

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  1. lydia

    Tea’s blog is one of my favorite reads, always thoughtful and elegant. Thanks for putting the word out about her wonderful blog.

  2. Denise

    Thank you Elise for sharing other sites with us. I love that you lead me to these wonderful people, I might have never known about. :)

  3. Jan

    Tea is someone I would love to have as a friend. Thank you for the introduction. I was educated and thoroughly entertained. Good grammar AND great ideas; quite a combination in my book!

  4. judyth

    I love Tea and Cookies’ blog. When I tell people about it I tell them it is not just “food – stories – recipies” as she says, but it is food and philosophy…..and thought-stimulating views.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  5. nandita

    Thanks for featuring one of my all time favourite bloggers, Tea’s blog reads like a long story, fascinating us with food details from different places around the world!

  6. Claire

    With your own great work, it’s always safe to say that your recommendations will be of similarly high quality! And with my summertime cravings for zaru soba, I was immediately drawn in. Thanks for the point in this direction.