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Many people are sensitive to gluten, the mixture of proteins and starches found in wheat, rye, and barley, that allows for the elasticity in bread dough. For some the sensitivity is light, for others, particularly those with coeliac disease, the symptoms can be painful and severe. My mother and I are both a little sensitive to gluten; at one point I didn’t eat any bread or pasta for five years. That’s right, no bread, no spaghetti, no cake, no pizza. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? Fortunately, there are ways to have all of these things, even if you are sensitive to gluten, if you are creative and cook with the right ingredients. Just because you can’t eat wheat (or rye or barley) doesn’t mean you can’t make fabulous meals as some of my favorite food bloggers easily demonstrate:

    • Gluten Free Goddess is written by Karina in the Northern New Mexico. Karina is an artist, and she brings an artist’s palette (and palate!) to the presentation of beautiful gluten-free meals with stunning photographs. Karina’s recipes are always inspiring, and not just because they are gluten-free.


  • Gluten-free Girl comes from Shauna James in Seattle, Washington. Shauna is a writer and a teacher who has not only appeared on the Food Network because of her blog, but now has a book contract as well. Shauna’s blog mixes in mouth-watering recipes with stories about her life and loves.


The list of food blogs that focus on gluten-free cooking is long and growing. Here are a few more to peruse:

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  1. Karina

    Hello, Elise!

    Thank you for this fab spotlight on gluten free cooking and blogging! I am honored to be mentioned on Simply Recipes. Living gluten free is, indeed, a challenge, but it is getting easier every day. Blogging helps. It connects us and inspires us!

    Be well, and thanks again!


  2. Renee

    It makes me so happy to see people having a better understanding and awareness of the gluten-issues.

    My cousin reacts severely to gluten and my aunt has had to call companies and speak to their higher-ups just to find out whether or not their products have gluten… it’s never listed on the packaging. With all of these new blogs and sites, it’s become a lot easier for her and she doesn’t feel alone in her struggle to feed her son.

    Thank you for posting this for more people to see!

  3. shauna

    Thank you, my dear. It’s so lovely to see such recognition for gluten-free life. I know that you understand.

    (And that book deal and writing it is what kept me away from BlogHer, sadly!)

    Congratulations on all your recognitions. Great work, as always!

  4. tavia

    Thanks for the links. My bro was recently diagnosed with celiac sprue, so hopefully these links will help him find something to eat other than rice.

  5. Marlene

    Thanks so much – unfortunately as I am sure you are aware – wheat is hidden in so many many shelf products and home cooking may be the only way to avoid being glutened for us gluten intolerant….just one thing – did your wheat problem disappear after 5 years? You mean I may have hope??…thanks – Marlene

    PS – this is actually just a personal email – I am having a very difficult time with all of this as dairy is also a problem – thanks

  6. Emily

    Thank you so much Elise! I never thought to look for blogs about gluten-free cooking.

    I discovered I had a wheat allergy about two years ago, and since them I spend much less of my time bloated, tired, constipated and fatigued.

    Perfect timing too…just when I was beginning to get really bored with my regular gluten-free meals.

  7. Elaine

    Thanks for your great site, full of tempting recipes. My 11 year old son has Crohn’s Disease (since age 9) and was recently diagnosed with Celiac, yeast, dairy-casein, and corn allergies. He feels 100% better since removing these problem foods. The restrictions are incredibly challenging for a kid. I am scouring the internet and shelves for fun food that appeals to kids. Love the Pamelas and el peto products. Does anyone have a really good gf/df/yeast free tortilla recipe? He loves mexican food and wraps. Need help. Thanks.

  8. Catherine

    Your blog is such an inspiration!

    Thanks for spotlighting gluten-free cooking. I blog gluten-free at

  9. Travis

    This list is awesome! I list a few of these great gluten free bloggers already, but most are new to me. As a GF food blogger myself, I can’t seem to read enough from others in my same dietary situation. Thanks for this great resource!


  10. Ryan

    My mom has a gluten-free (amongst other things) blog at

  11. Sara

    Thank you for this wonderful resource! I write a gluten free blog called “Breaking Up With Bread” I write from the perspective of a young professional without all day to spend in the kitchen, but with a passion for food and eating well!

  12. Waller McInnes

    Thanks so much for this outstanding blog!
    I am new to the gluten free journey, and so appreciate this list!
    i blog gluten free at

    Waller McInnes

  13. gfthatsme

    This blog is dedicated to a gluten free life style.
    Filled with helpful ways to experience great tasting food, with out feeling deprived.
    recipes so good you want to eat them…

  14. Patty

    I have been on a food allergy journey for the last 9 years, since my first child began showing signs of food allergies at 4 months old. At 4 years of age, he was also diagnosed with Celiac Disease. My blog helps others who are dealing with multiple food allergies and Celiac Disease with recipes, product reviews and tips for kids and parents living with these food issues.

  15. James

    Thanks for taking time to explain some sensitivity issues with gluten. Never really took time to see why all the gluten free products were in some of my favorite markets.

  16. Nancy

    Great list of blogs with some I’ve never seen before. It’ll be fun to check them out.

    Would like to add my gluten-free, egg-free blog. Many of the recipes are also dairy-free and vegan.

  17. Tiffany

    Hi Elise, I love your blog, and am really excited you had Karina do a guest post :) I have a glutem free blog as well. Life After Gluten:


  18. E

    I have Celiac Disease, but am also a loyal foodie. I wanted to share my blog dedicated to delicious food that is all gluten free.

  19. MaryBeth

    I love food and I’m learning to live life and cook great gluten free food one recipe at a time. I specialize in “easy but mouthwatering” dishes for the busy Celiac like me! My blog is located at – stop by and say hi!

  20. The Curious Baker

    Just started my blog of gluten free recipes. The aim is to focus on ingredients that are naturally gluten free and delicious. You’re all welcome to drop by and take a look!

  21. Lokesh

    This blog is very helpful. I love food and I’m learning to live life and cook great gluten free food one recipe at a time.

  22. Miles

    Hey Elise,

    I stumbled upon this stuff the last time I was in the grocery store and loved it. It’s by Gluton-Free & Fabulous. They have a bunch of products and I’ve only tried the pizzas and cookies but they were excellent! Finding gluton-free foods is a bit of a chore, but I really like these products so far and I think many others who suffer with Celiac Disease could serious benefit from this good food. Just a helpful tip. Thanks!


  23. Rebecca

    I was talking to a woman who recently found out that she is allergic to gluten just the other night and I was telling her about gluten free girl; then I turn on the computer and see this post – how serendipitous! Now I can send her all these other links. Thanks, Elise!

  24. Kelly

    Thanks Elise! Since 1 out of 100* people in the U.S. have celiac disease and only 3% are diagnosed I’m sure you’ve helped some of your readers to possibly get tested and improve their quality of health/life.

    *This figure is based on Dr.Peter Green’s new book on celiac disease.

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