Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad!

Simply Recipes is a family effort, and my two silent partners are the ones who actually know how to cook around here! My job is encourager, documenter, experimenter and learner. Mom and dad are the inspiration for this site and the only reason I know anything about food. Please join me in wishing a happy birthday to my mother, who turned 70 last week, and my dad who turns 75 this week. (Shown here celebrating at Biba Restaurant.)


  1. Reid

    Hi Elise,

    Behind every good cook is a mentor. In this case you’ve got much more than that!

    Happy Birthday Elise’s Mom & Dad!

    =( Sorry I haven’t been around in a while!

  2. Anonymous

    It sounds like you have a wonderful family. Happy Birthday to your Mom & Dad. Keep the yummy recipes coming.

  3. B.A.

    Happy Birthday to you both! Your daughter’s website is certainly my favorite for recipes, because of the LOVE that spills from each page. The pieces of the past she shares with all of us really touch my soul. Clearly you mean the world to her, and she to you. The best to you all!

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