Happy Easter 2007!

Happy Easter! From our house to yours. A special Happy Easter from my nephew Austin, who dyed these eggs last night and who reluctantly agreed to make one smile for the camera that wasn’t completely ridiculous. For his more usual photo-ruining poses see these.


  1. SAS

    Happy Easter, Elise & co.!

    Please tell Austin thanks for cooperating with the photo – for those of us without kids, it’s nice to wake up to such a happy, Easter greeting!

    I love it that he didn’t just find the eggs, he dyed them! The real question is, will he eat them!

    I remember as a kid when we died the eggs that intensely in color, somehow the dye managed to get through to the egg (maybe our eggs were slightly cracked). Anyway, I hated hardboiled eggs as a kid on a good day, and sure wasn’t about to eat a BLUE one. Thanks for the cheer, and my love to you and your family on the Easter holiday,

  2. Janelle

    Austin reminds me of my brother, who not only made weird faces every time the camera came out, but who also delighted in making puke-green and dirt-brown eggs while my sister and I dyed our gorgeously colored eggs. Ah, memories! Hope you and yours are having a happy Easter.

  3. Pat Matson

    I love this site. I’ve been lurking, using, enjoying it forever thanks to a choice from Google’s Personalization Items and I want to come forward to thank you for all you do.

  4. RPF

    The photos of Austin and the Eggs (sounds like a kids’ book!) are cool, and I had to laugh over the first commenter talking about egg color on the inside. When I was a kid, I would slightly crack them on purpose so the color would get in. I always lobbied for my mom to dye the ham green to go with the green eggs but it never happened…

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