Happy Father’s Day!

To all of you dads out there, a very happy Father’s Day to you! As many of you know, my dad is the behind-the-scenes partner for Simply Recipes. It’s his love of trying out new recipes that has provided inspiration for this site for the last 7 years. As we show our appreciation for dads everywhere, I thought I would share a few facts about my dad:

1. He turned 80 this year.

2. He’s from St. Paul, Minnesota, and feels a special affinity for Garrison Keillor. The neighborhood in which he grew up is known as Frogtown.

3. He can be rather curmudgeonly. From what I’ve heard, much of this can be explained by the fact that he is from Frogtown.

4. He loves the weather in California and takes pleasure in reading the midwest weather reports during the winter.

5. He works out with weights in the gym twice a week and regularly bench presses 250 lbs. (Yes, you heard right, 250, no kidding, the guy is strong.)

6. He cooks, does dishes when my mom will let him load the dishwasher (she usually rearranges the dishes in the dishwasher no matter how we load them), vacuums, mops the kitchen floor, does the yard work, and irons. My mom does this too, but dad usually gets to it first.

7. He says he doesn’t like kids but somehow he managed to have six of them.

8. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when he’s joking.

9. His best friend from when he was a kid, is still his best friend.

10. When he was much much much younger he and his best friend would regularly crash weddings. “It was good food! And free.”

11. After one of my friends from college spent a night in jail for getting drunk and climbing the arch made of antlers in the park in the center of Jackson, Wyoming, my father remarked that “you aren’t a real man until you’ve spent a night in jail for drunken and disorderly behavior.” Followed by, “of course if you do that after 30 you’re an idiot.”

12. Some people will not get my dad’s humor, and that is perfectly okay with him.

13. He simply cannot resist trying any recipe that contains sauerkraut or sausage (preferably both), and someday when we finally plug in my new deep fryer, the man will start making his own donuts and then we will truly be doomed.

Have a favorite food memory to share about your dad? Please let us know in the comments.

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  • Trixie

    Happy Father’s Day to him! (And to all the other daddies out there). His recipes are great :P. Thanks for sharing these tidbits about him.

  • Greg Walker

    He sounds like a great guy! Your description of him reminds me of my dear dad, with the notable exception of the kitchen stuff. My pop had a bit of trouble boiling water for his own tea.

  • bluejeangourmet

    I love your dad :) nearly all of my memories associated with my dad are food memories–he was that kind of guy–but one of my favorites is on Fridays in elementary school, that was his day to pick me up–and there was always a food treat coming my way that afternoon. Ice cream, roasted peanuts, a slice of cake from the fancy French bakery.

    I miss him, but having food associated with him makes it easy to commemorate & honor him.

  • Christine @ Fresh Local and Best

    This is such a sweet portrait and post about your dad. He sounds like quite a character.

    My favorite food memory with my dad is when he came over for a lunch during college, and told me how proud he was of what I had accomplished.

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