Happy Fourth of July!

Our patriotic, blueberry enhanced Strawberry Shortcake

Here’s wishing everyone a happy, safe, and delicious July Fourth celebration, on the 231st anniversary of our nation’s birth. (Here’s what started all the fuss.)


  1. Bruno

    Happy Fourth Of July!
    I’m only 14 but I always enjoy reading your blog
    and occasionally try cooking some things =]

  2. Gary in Massena

    Happy Fourth!

    The ribs are on the smoker,… two hours down and about two more to go. Tried something a little different from what I initially planned with them: removed the membrane then cider vinegar rubdown followed by liberal salt and pepper then a light coating of yellow mustard followed with a brushing of honey and brown sugar. Cooking low and slow with Mesquite chips.

    And so far we have gone through a gallon of sweet tea with another gallon ready to consume!

  3. Omi

    … all those wonderful recipes make me want to cook again for someone. Being widowed isn’t any fun, and one does NOT cook for one, but I enjoy looking at the recipes anyway. :-)

  4. Belinda

    This dessert looks so beautiful…just perfect for July 4th! I love strawberry shortcake, and the addition of the blueberries makes such a gorgeous presentation.

  5. Kaya

    Omi, I know what you mean about cooking for one. A lot of times I just nibble all day instead of cooking a real meal. I’ve found that cooking for neighbors and friends can also be fun and of course they love it! :-)

  6. Elise

    Hello Omi – First let me say that I’m so sorry for your loss. I don’t believe that human beings are meant to be alone. I spent decades cooking for one, which is why I rarely cooked. It’s just not that inspiring. I hope that you are able to find friends and family with whom to share the cooking and enjoying of meals.

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