Happy Mother’s Day

Los Angeles, 1961

When I look at this picture of my mom and me, words fail me.

So let me just wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day, for our mothers, our grandmothers, and for everyone who mothers.

P.S. My mom is just as beautiful today as she was 50 years ago.


  1. Lillian Hearn

    Your Mom was, and probably still is, lovely. Happy Mom’s Day!

    She was and is, indeed. Thank you for saying so! ~Elise

  2. Kathleen

    Your mom is so pretty. How happy she was to have a cutie-patootie like you. Give your mom a big hug for us. We’re glad she had you.

  3. J.B.

    Super, stellar photo, evoking such memories. One could just sit and stare and think! Ah the reminiscences…You could be my daughter; my own daughter was born in 1966. Stay close to each other.

  4. Paul M.

    A great shot, Elise. Thank you.

    My mom was an excellent cook and my culinary inspiration. She took French cooking classes with Madeleine Kamman and introduced me to a range of new experiences. I bought Ali-Bab’s “Encyclopedia of Practical Gastronomy” in the mid-1970s and made mom his flourless chocolate almond gateau with chocolate butter cream every Mother’s Day. She looked forward to it each year until she passed in 1994.

    All of you, take care of your moms. And Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  5. Steve-Anna

    What a beautiful photo of your mom, Elise! She looks like a regular movie star. Oh, and you don’t look too shabby yourself, for a wee thing ; )

    Sending lots of love to you and your family on Mother’s Day, xoxo.

  6. Mike UK

    What a stunning young lady, and you don’t look half bad yourself. Thanks for the recipes and keep them coming, all the best.

  7. Doreen Warren

    What a lovely picture, baby and mommy. Happy Mothers day from Canada & thanks for your dedication through the years. (-;

  8. Carol Ritchie

    It is an awwww picture..I have a similar one with my daughter not long after yours. Your Mom and I were pretty and so young……memories..thank you…

  9. Sheri

    What I love about this photo is that, while your mom was standing in a scenic spot, a place with a view… all she has eyes for is YOU. A tribute to moms everywhere.

  10. SHELBY

    I want to thank your mom for all of the awesome recipes she’s contributed to this site, especially the Mexican food recipes. Yum-o!!!

  11. Cathy

    Lovely photo indeed! I was also born in 1961, my mum is now 86 and see how different things were back then.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all !!

  12. Glenda

    If you can get back to that same place, you should take a picture of it and submit to NPR’s Dear Photos. Link is on the URL line, very cool!

    Great idea, thanks! The shot was taken on top of the apartment building where my mom and dad were living when they first got married. ~Elise

  13. davidc1

    its been #2.and half years sence my mom has been gone.and every time i here mothers i cry just thanking about her everyday i was born in 64 wow how time has lift us so fast your mom looks like my mom.thanks for shareing your love happy mothers day to all mothers…….

  14. Patty

    I’ve been looking at your adorable picture off and on all day while I’ve been working. Hope your mom had a happy mother’s day!!

  15. Frank

    I am 75 years old and still tear up when I read some of these letters about Mothers. I miss my mother everyday.

    Frank W.

  16. Shirl Meckley

    I miss my mom still and think of her every day and miss her dearly on Mother’s Day and she has been gone since 1979.

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