Holiday Cookies and Treats

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  1. amy mom of 5

    Oh, how forward I look to the upcoming week. The kids have no school and we are planning on making and baking so many wonderful yummy treats! Merry Christmas and thanks for all of the wonderful posts.

  2. Paz

    Awesome holiday recipes! One of my favorites is the stained glass cookies. Another is the butter pecan cookies, which is not featured in the collage above.

    Happy holidays to you and your family!


  3. Miss Jenni

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for your website. I am currently living in Slovakia and have fun trying to make your recipes. I have to substitute a lot, but I have gotten good at it and everything still turns out good. Last weekend I invited on of my 4th grade students over to help me make Christmas goodies and we made 3 kinds of cookies and 2 kinds of candy, all but one of which came from your site. We made the Stained Glass Cookies, Gingerbread, Sugar Cookies and Dad’s Favorite Fudge. All of it was a huge success and got rave reviews from my Slovak friends who have never had American cookies before (theirs are more bread-like). Thanks for helping make my Christmas feel a little more like home this year.

    Hello Miss Jenni, I’m so glad you enjoyed the cookies! Please give my best regards to your students. ~Elise