IMBB-15 Has my blog jelled? – Round Up

This month’s Is My Blog Burning? (IMBB) international food blog event took place this last weekend. For those unfamiliar with IMBB, each month food bloggers from around the world whip up a dish based on an announced theme and post it to their respective blogs. The event was conceived and started by Alberto of Il Forno in January 2004 and has been going full steam ahead ever since. Announcements of upcoming food blog events can be found at the Is My Blog Burning website.

This month’s IMBB theme was Jelled with dishes prepared with gelatin, Jell-O, agar, and other jelling agents. Participants were asked to submit the links to their entries from Friday, May 20th through Sunday, May 22nd. 63 food bloggers participated this IMBB, from all over the world – Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Sweden, Australia, United Kingdom, and the U.S. Thank you to everyone who participated this time round. I had no idea that so many things could be done with gelatin! (and agar-agar, pectin, konnyaku, etc.)

To kick-off the round up, we’ll start with a sailboat fantasy…

Belly-Timber-Barquettes.jpgBy far, one of the most creative entries I’ve seen in any IMBB event is Belly-Timber’s Mrs. D and Chopper Dave’s Puff pastry barquettes filled with grapefruit pastry cream, topped with white chocolate sales, on a sea of blue-tinted aspic with foamy wakes of egg white and a savory tropical island made of almond meal, oregano underbrush, and a palm of carrot trunk, green bell pepper fronds, and marzipan coconuts.

My-Adventures-Breadbox-Rai.jpgAlice of My Adventures in the Breadbox returns this IMBB to its Jell-O roots by presenting a wonderfully neon, layered Rainbow Ribbon Jello Dessert.


Too-Many-Chefs-Veggies.jpgMeg in Paris of Too Many Chefs couldn’t get her port jelly to jell so turned to plan two – Jellied Consommé with Spring Vegetables. (Doesn’t that sound so much better than Solidified Vegetable Soup?)


Delicious-Life-Trio-Lime-P.jpgSarah of Los Angeles and The Delicious Life announces that she’s more Jell-O than cream brulée (I can relate to that!) and then proceeds to create an elegant Trio of Lime Panna Cotta, including one topped with avocado!


Clea-Cuisine-Agar.jpgClea of Clea Cuisine is a French food blogger, living in Japan. Her jelled dish Dome de Fruits a l’agar-agar is made with agar-agar, fruit juice, kiwi, strawberries, white melon, and oranges.


Annes-Food-White-Chocolate.jpgStockholm’s Anne of Anne’s Food prepares a gorgeous White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Peaches and serves it with fruit salsa on the side.


Lex-Culinaria-Love-Affair-.jpgAn Australian in Canada, Lyn of Lex Culinaria has a love affair with jelly and presents three entries for this month’s IMBB: a Deconstructed Masala Chai Panacotta, some Espresso Jelly with Chocolate Cream Centres, and Roasted Garlic and Reggiano Panacotta.


Ono-Kine-Grindz-Mizu-Yokan.jpgDid you know that Hawaii’s Reid of Ono Kine Grindz is the inspiration for this month’s IMBB? My failed attempt to recreate his Broken Glass Jell-O recipe had us both in stitches. Jell-O and gelatin needed to be redeemed. Reid returns to his roots and childhood reminiscences with his IMBB entry Mizu Yokan – Soft Red Bean Jelly.


Esurientes-Cranberry-Port-.jpgNikki from “Autumnal” Melbourne, Australia of Esurientes – The Comfort Zone presents a Cranberry & Port Wine Jelly with Cream.


Domestic-Goddess-Smores.jpgLeave it to Jennifer, our very own Domestic Goddess to make S’mores from scratch, whipping up her own marshmallows from sugar, corn syrup and gelatin. The blow torch effect to brown the marshmallows just right is also perfect.


Let-Me-Eat-Bread-Fruity-Pa.jpgAnother IMBB first-timer, Starchmouse of Let Me Eat Bread stacks up some Fruity Panna Cotta and even gives us a South Beach diet version too.


Cook-Sister-Fruit-Terrine.jpgSouth African Londoner Jeanne of Cook Sister! experiments with a vegetarian gelatin “alternative” Vege-Gel and is less than impressed with the results. The summer fruit terrine tastes great, and looks pretty good too, but the jelling agent?


Seattle-Bon-Vivant-Rhubarb.jpgViv of Seattle Bon Vivant takes advantage of the spring rhubarb season and creates a delicious looking Christine Ferber’s Rhubarb with Acacia Honey and Rosemary Jam using the juice of two lemons as a jelling agent.


Noshes-Thoughts-Reves-Creme.jpgAmerican in Paris, Lady Almathea of Noshes, Thoughts & Reves concocts a cross between a panna cotta and a cream brulee with her Creme Cannelle.


World-On-A-Plate-Watermelon.jpgWorld on a Plate in keeping with its world theme picks a favorite of Palermo, Gelo di Melone (watermelon pudding).


English-Patis-Almond-Jelly.jpgCelia in the UK of English Patis makes a perfect cool fruit salad for warm summer weather. The fruit is mixed with almond jelly to form Almond Jelly with Fruit Cocktail.


Who-Wants-Seconds-English-.jpgMoira of Who Wants Seconds? posts an English Trifle, layered with cake, sherry, gelatin, assorted fruit, and topped with vanilla custard and whipped cream.


Il-Forno-Grape-Glue.jpgIt happens to all of us. We start out with the best intentions, and are derailed by a misprint in a recipe book, or perhaps just a really really bad recipe. Alberto of Il Forno, the man and the blog who brought IMBB to life, creates Sugolo (or better, grape glue) and tells us it looks like something a surgeon would use as a breast implant. The question remains, did the recipe author intend for 250 grams of flour? or was it really only 25?


Perfect-Pear-Lemon-Mousse-.jpgSt. Paul, Minnesota’s Chefdoc of A Perfect Pear prepares a Lemon Mousse Cake combining several recipes.


My-Epicurean-Debauchery-Pa.jpgSan Francisco Bay Area’s Alice of My Epicurean Debauchery conjures up images of Kyoto with her Japanese-style Green Tea Parfait, made with agar jelled green tea cubes and topped with soy milk ice cream.


Schokolade-und-der-Rest-Pa.jpgKaba of Germany and Schokolade und der Rest remembers the IMBB event just in time to pull off a lovely Panna Cotta with Raspberries.


Food-Chronicles-Raspberry.jpgSouthern Californian Chronicler of Food Chronicles starts to make her own gelatin and then gets whisked to Palm Springs by her husband! So this time, she must settle for packaged Jell-O (lemon flavored) to surround her raspberry thimbles.


Travelers-Lunchbox-Espress.jpgMelissa of The Traveler’s Lunchbox experiments with jelled coffee and delivers a Quartet of Espresso Gelées with Curry, Lavender, Star Anise and Fennel. The curry flavored gelée is Melissa’s hands-down favorite.


Simply-Recipes-Sunshine-Sal.jpgElise of Simply Recipes (hey, that’s me!) recalls her grandmother’s cooking with a retro Sunshine Salad made with shredded carrots, crushed pineapple, and lemon jello.


18th-Century-Cuisine-Jam.jpgCarolyn of 18th Century Cuisine creates a cherry jam filling for what will be truffles using 18th century methods – a copper pan for cooking the cherries with sugar. No pectin is used as it hadn’t been invented by the 18th century.


Cooking-with-Amy-Panna-Cott.jpgSan Francisco’s Amy of Cooking with Amy loves panna cotta and finds a way to prepare it with slightly fewer calories in her Guilt-free Panna Cotta. Although with all that buttermilk, I don’t know if it is entirely guilt free!

Robin of Home Economics lures us with raspberries suspended in jelled lemonade. A refreshing treat for hot days!

Delicious-Days-Smoked-Trou.jpgMunich’s own Nicky and Oliver of Delicious Days present a gorgeous molded Smoked Trout Mousse, topped with trout roe.


Pertelote-Lingonberry-Jelly.jpgLondon’s Pertelote removes the stripes from college favorite Tigger Jelly and veers toward Sweden to create her Lingonberry Jelly made with citrus vodka and lingonberry cordial.


Chili-und-Ciabatta-Asparag.jpgPetra Holzapfel of Germany and Chili und Ciabatta tempts us with a Two-Colored White Asparagus and Broccoli Mousse.


Nibble-Scribble-Coffee-Jell.jpgSingapore Joooone of Nibble & Scribble finds a recipe from a gourmet traveler magazine which inspires her to create Coffee Jelly covered with Bailey’s Irish Cream.


Grab-Your-Fork-Marshmallows.jpgAustralia’s own AG of Grab Your Fork returns us to our childhood roots by making marshmallows from scratch and rolling them in toasted coconut. AG also reminds us of an Internet gelatin recipe contest for those of you who can’t get enough of the gelatin entries posted here.


Hecticium-Lime-Chilli-Ginge.jpgMelissa of Hecticium joins the food blogging world with her first IMBB entry, Lime, Chilli and Ginger Jelly.


Scent-Green-Bananas-lychee.jpgSantos of Guam and The Scent of Green Bananas loves gelatin and it shows! Santos prepares two entries for IMBB this round – a layered kiss made with lychee, coconut, and tapioca as well as a Caffe Gigi made with coffee gelatin and coffee granita.


Baking-Sheet-Root-Beer-Floa.jpgLos Angelino Nicole of Baking Sheet recalls her childhood favorite – The Root Beer Float – and creates a Posh Jelly Root Beer Float in its honor. Jelled root beer (or vanilla cream soda) is topped with a vanilla panna cotta. Yum!


Soul-Fusion-Kitchen-Jello-.jpgSylvie of Soul Fusion Kitchen is the hit of the party with her array of Cocktails – Jelled featuring a Cosmopolitan Jell-O Martini, a Margarita Jell-O Martini, a Tequila Sunrise, Chardonnay Shots, and a Lime Martini.


Part-Time-Pro-Bono-Baker-A.jpgGemma of Part-Time Pro Bono Baker tries her hand at an Avocado Mousse and is still on the look-out for an avocado panna cotta recipe.


Taste-Everything-Once-Pann.jpgSpokane, Washington’s Jennifer of Taste Everything Once whips up a Goat Cheese Panna Cotta with Tomato Salad. Perfect for the summer!


Sydney Australia’s Clare of Eat Stuff participates in IMBB for the first time with her yummy Lychee Jelly Parait.


Somethings-Cooking-cranberr.jpgThe Kitchen Queens of Something’s Cooking bring their love of bubbly to the jelly challenge. Their Sparkling Cranberry Jellies combines champagne and cranberry juice topped with strawberries and mint leaves for an elegant dessert.

Masak-Masak-Konnyaku.jpgHailing from Kay-El, Malaysia, Boo_licious of Masak-Masak presents an assortment of jellies made with konnyaku using coconut, green tea, peach and kiwi flavors.


Piggys-Shredded-Chicken-Mu.jpgPiggy in Singapore of Piggy’s Cooking Journal pulls a recipe from her mom’s cookbook and gives us a Shredded Chicken and Mushroom in Jelly appetizer.


Babe-in-City-Fruit-Compote.jpgFrom Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Babe of Babe in the City KL presents Fruit Compote on Wine Jelly made with Fuji apples and white wine.


Akatsuki-coconut-jelly.jpgDawn of Akatsuki Talks Rot prepares a Coconut, lime and mango jelly made with konnyaku, a jelling agent made from a yam-like tuber that is popular in Japan.


Hodge-Podge-Gelatin.jpgWinnie from Hodge Podge Kitchen prepares a Coconut Milk Gelatin Dessert with colored tapioca cubes and set with agar agar. Winnie’s write-up is a good reminder that will jelled dishes you can reheat and try to set it again, adjusting the ingredients, if the mixture doesn’t set the first time, or sets too firm.


Templar-Canada-flag.jpgTemplar of Templar’s Time got in the patriotic spirit and for Templar’s first IMBB appearance, created a Flag of Canada made out of strawberries, gelatin, whipped cream and 7up.


Cosmic-Menu-Marshmallow.jpgJessica of Cosmic Menu of Happiness whips up a jelled marshmallow cream fluff cookie filling in her Marshmallow Cream Fun.


Medna-Cream-Strawberries.jpgFood blogging newcomer Megan overcomes her aversion to gelatin to create Russian Cream with Strawberries Romanov, an elegant treat.


Rambutan-Mango.jpgBoston’s Stella of Rambutan uses agar-agar powder, a jelling agent made from seaweed, to make Mango and Rambutan Gulaman. The entry has a great photo of a bowl of rambutans – a red, spiky Malayan fruit that looks like its from another planet.


Winos-And-Foodies-Chocolat.jpgDown in Auckland, New Zealand, Barbara of Wines and Foodies jells espresso coffee to make her Coffee Jellies with Cinnamon Truffle Squares.


Food-Freak-Coconut-Pudding.jpgPetra of Food Freak participates for the first time in an IMBB event with her Coconut Pudding with Lime Sauce entry.

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    Thanks for hosting and for picking such an interesting theme!

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  15. Carolyn

    Dear Elise,

    “Most people today are familiar with molded gelatin desserts, especially the brand name “Jell-O,” made from pre-flavored and pre-sweetened jellies which are dissolved in hot water, poured into a mold, allowed to set, and then turned out onto a plate. Such easily prepared desserts, however, are derived from much older traditions that required long and painstaking preparations, resulting in foods which only the wealthy could afford. Making crystal-clear jelly was no easy task. First meat or fish was simmered in a pot and allowed to cool leaving a translucent jelly on the top. This jelly was then further reduced by boiling and clarified with egg white. The result was a versatile cooking ingredient that readily retained the original colors, scent and flavors of other foods. It could be molded into a variety of shapes, or its texture could by altered by beating it to a froth, or by adding cream, ground meat, almonds or other ingredients. Its most appealing quality was its transparency.
    “Although jellies are mentioned as early as the 14th century in a courtly manuscript recipe, it was not until the late 18th and early 19th centuries that the basic jelly-making techniques were well established in England. Thereafter, clear jellies were made in new shapes using a variety of fancy molds such as those shown here. To use these molds, cooks devised efficient methods of turning the jellies out, while at the same time, maintaining the fine surface detail. Once turned out of its mold, the jellies or flummery could be colored in a realistic or fanciful manner. Operations became easier with the development of the industrial jellies.” gelatin.

    Here is an article on jelly or pectin. It would appear that the cooking of small batches of fruit and sugar to the jelly stage has gone on for a long time. jam kettles

    Here is a link to when pectin first became available, other than by combining fruits that contained pectin in one’s jelly and jam. history of commercial pectin

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    Thank you too Carolyn for your explanation and posts regarding the history of jelly and gelatin.

    See you next time at future IMBBs!

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