In Praise of Silpat

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  1. vanessa

    I first saw these on, most reviews were raves. One concerned cook noted the chemicals that must go into making the mat so super non-stick. As I thought about this, I remembered a Today show segment about non-stick pans and Teflon (they presented it with a tone of instilling fear, and the hosts all “tsk, tsk” at using non-stick pans). Can anyone shed light on this concern? Is it paranoia or is there need for worry?

  2. Robyn

    Not to worry vanessa, there are no chemicals needed to make the mats slippery. The silicone is quite slippery itself. Silicone is basically inert and is used to make medical replacements for implants and valves and such. However, if the mat should split, or be cut, the insides are dangerous and should not be ingested.

    I am a huge fan of them as well!

  3. Anonymous

    The silpat is fantastic. Probably the best use I’ve found is for making sushi rolls (instead of the typical bamboo mats used). The nonstick surface is perfect for rolling and cleanup is much easier!

  4. Paul and Becky

    (We are Independent Reps for Demarle at Home in the Carmichael Area) We saw the Silpat comments and wanted to shed some light. The silpat, along with the entire line of the Flexipans by Demarle, are all non-toxic, Kosher Certified, Public Health and Safety Company and FDA approved. They can be used for items from salmon to vegetables to cookies without transfer of taste. The Demarle product has been around for 20 years but mostly just available to culinary and professionals.

  5. Amy Wike

    I LOVE silpat products! Not being too much of a baker, it definitely lessens my kitchen “mishaps”!

  6. Silpat

    Paul and Becky are correct. There is nothing toxic in the Silpat! All they are is an amazing tool that is a must have in the kitchen!