Introducing Hank Shaw

The world of food blogs and the Internet is indeed a serendipitous one. A while ago I discovered a fellow named Hank Shaw in the comments section on Michael Ruhlman’s blog. Hank seemed to know what he was talking about, especially in the area of preparing game. After a few emails back and forth about various ways to cook rabbit, it turns out Hank lives just a few minutes down the road from me. And not only is he one of those rare people who hunts, fishes, or grows almost all his own food, but he’s a gourmet cook to boot. Last year Hank started his own food blog, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook in which he writes about charcuterie, wild game, fish, the fruits of his garden, and Greek and Italian cuisine. (BTW if you’re into game, check out Hank’s girlfriend Holly’s hunting site, NorCal Cazadora.)

The purpose of this introduction is to let you know that Hank is joining us as a Simply Recipes guest author and will be writing a post here and there, focusing on meat. Please help me in welcoming him to Simply Recipes. ~Elise


  1. Stacey S

    Hank’s food blog is the one other blog that I must read everyday. I have had many successful meals with yours and Hank’s help. Keep up the great work.

  2. Ashley

    Nice Hank, I like this photo! Can’t wait to read more of you on Simply Recipes and get your expertise on meat cookery.

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