Introducing Recipe Box and Shopping Lists

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  1. Thu

    Thank you so much! This is so great since I’ve already been using Ziplist to keep track of other recipes AND my shopping list!

    Thanks for maintaining such a great resource!

  2. Claudine in France

    I’m sure this will be useful, but to be honest, I follow so, so many food blogs, from the UK, France and the US, that if I didn’t have a unique, centralised recipe collection point like Evernote, I would spend more time searching various online recipe books than cooking!

  3. W H Stoneman

    Thanks for the nice features you have added.

  4. Amy

    I was wondering if you ever plan to bring your app to the iPad. I use my iPad in the kitchen all the time for reading recipes or creating recipes and generally don’t use the iPhone apps on it because they look blurry when you fit to the iPad screen size.

    Yes, that is on the list of things to do. Though I just look at the site as is through the iPad and it renders quite well. One of the things we are adding sooner rather than later is the ability to “flip” through pages, when looking at the site using an iPhone or iPad. ~Elise

  5. Trish-in-MO

    Oh, Elise! THANK YOU!

  6. Kalyn

    Thanks for the mention. I’m excited that you’re doing this. The more sites that use it, the more useful it will be for our readers.

  7. Novbre

    WHOOT! Thank you so much! I love this feature!

  8. Karin

    Thank you so much!! Whenever I need to find a recipe I know will work without me testing it, I come to your site. Your recipes are perfect every time. I have used probably 75% at least once and more then 15 that I use regularly to feed my family and friends.

    This new feature just makes your site that much more a part of my every day kitchen!

    Thank you, a million times, thank you!

  9. Rick Grunwald

    These are nice new features, but whatever happened to using Mastercook for recipes? :)

  10. AD62 :)

    Thank you for doing this, it’ll be so nice to have all my favorite recipes in ONE place! Love your website, and your RECIPES, I always look forward to your new posts!! The Chocolate Guinness Cake was wonderful!! donna:)

  11. Martha

    Great new feature! Thank you!

  12. Mary Black Davis

    This is great and so glad we can now do this. Anyway to transfer the recipes we have already saved on ‘Delicious’? Hope you can help us with that.
    Enjoy this site so much. Thanks!!!!

  13. Pattypro

    Thank you, Elise. This will be an invaluable site.

  14. Elizabeth

    Yay! Thank you thank you thank you!

  15. Deb

    Thanks! This is great. To Amy – I use google currents on the iPad and have added Simple Recipes there and it looks great.

  16. Karla

    I have been trying to set this up on my site too…I have heard great things and can’t wait to try it out on yours. BTW, great to meet you at FBF Orl–thanks for taking the time to chat.

    Great to meet you too! ~Elise

  17. Heidi

    Great new feature! Love it and thank you!

  18. Katie

    Thank you!!!! Thanks a million!

  19. Andrea

    A dream come true! Thanks so much! :D

    This makes me unbelievably happy!
    I still think that you should published all of these recipes as part of a cookbook too!


  20. Sharon

    Thank you, Elise! I love so many of your recipes….now I can keep track!

  21. Jack Driscoll

    I presently use “My Living Cookbook” for saving my recipes. This also give me a nutritional analysis as well as a shopping list.I can copy any recipe to this program along with the recipe photo. So far this is my favorite. “Cooks Illustrated also saves my favorites and gives me a shopping list but I cannot copy recipes to it.:All allows me to save their favorites and does give me a basic nutritional analysis. What is Simply Recipes going to give me that I do not have from the above?

    Hi Jack, I’m so glad those solutions work for you. What I love about the ZipList solution is that it is so easy to add recipes to it, and that I can use the same program on so many of my favorite sites. I guess you’ll have to just see for yourself if this service is something that would be of use to you. ~Elise

  22. Dana

    Thank you SO MUCH, Elise. This is fantastic, and I really appreciate how much you care about your readers–in addition to your fabulous recipes! :)

  23. Jessica

    This is great! I miss the ability to add things to my delicious list so I’m in the process of moving all of my saved recipes over to the ziplist. Could you add a link on the “How to Caramelize Onions” and “How to Cut and De-Seed a Pomegranate” so that I can add those to my ziplist too?

    Hi Jessica, done! Thank you for the suggestion. ~Elise

  24. Julia {The Roasted Root}

    You really make cooking too easy! The convenience you bring to your readers coupled with your healthy, tasty recipes is such a treat. Now no one has an excuse when it comes to home-cooked meals – you’ve done all the hard work…and now I’m ready to add your recipes to my box!

  25. Bill

    I ran thru all of the providers from which recipes may be saved and didn’t see any ethnic sources – Creole, Cajun, Tex-Mex, South American, Carribean, Italian, French, etc. Many of these types of recipes come from, epicurious, Food & Wine, Gourmet, etc. And I have built up a “box” of about 1,000 recipes. Will there be a way for me to put these in my Recipe Box? or must I start from scratch?


    More and more providers of recipes appear to be signing up with ZipList every day, so who knows? You might want to just wait and see what new sites come on to the service over the next few months. ~Elise

  26. Nicole @ GFShoestring

    I have been toying with the idea of adding Ziplist to my site, but couldn’t pull the trigger. I was afraid it might complicate things. I’m thrilled you decided to do it, Elise, so at least I have a model I trust if I decide to go forward with it myself.


    Happy to be the guinea pig with this one Nicole. :-) ~Elise

  27. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    Thanks for mentioning The Perfect Pantry, and for adding the Ziplist features to your blog. My readers really enjoy being able to add recipes from many of their favorite blogs, and they’ll be delighted to find Simply Recipes available to them. The more blogs offer Ziplist, the more we’ll all be using it.

  28. Lou Doench

    Love it, The ziplist iphone app is pretty cool.

  29. Lena

    I absolutely love the recipe box! But could you add a print button to the recipes saved there?

  30. Mary S

    Elise, this is such an awesome food blog ~ my favorite. Ziplist just makes it that much better. Thank you!

  31. Karen in Dakota

    Yes!!!! Thanks for arranging this!!!

  32. Gilda

    This is so great! Thank you very much!

  33. christine

    Yes Yes Yes!! I love your blog and I love ziplist! I use both all the time and to have your site now connected will help so much!! Most recently, my friend made your Sour Cream Apple Pie….simply amazing!

  34. AL gorton

    it comferms the old saying with grace, its sumple when you know how!

    Aint that the truth:

  35. Donna

    Elise, thank you so much for this great service! So many of your recipes are my “go to”s – especially the Chicken Pot Pie – to die for! :)

  36. yulia

    Thanks for this new feature Elise.. Love it!
    But when I open my recipe box on iphone ziplist app, the recipe only showa the ingredients. There’s no instruction for the recipe. There is a button ‘view recipe on the web’ below the ingredients. Is it the only way to display the whole recipe?

    Yes. ~Elise

  37. Triscuit Dust

    To whom it may concern: I found a hyper-spellcheck error. When the user navigates to the recipe box, there’s a small widget in the upper left-hand corner of the page with a blurb about tagging. The hyperlink reads “Click here to learn how to tame your recipes”. I clicked, hoping to find a way to get your delicious recipes to cook themselves (my interpretation of what it woud mean to “tame” a recipe), but alas was ony given helpful information on tagging. :

    Thanks for letting us know! I’ll pass this on to the folks at ZipList. ~Elise

  38. Sally

    Fantastic!!! Thanks and congratulations. :^)