Learning to Cook – Round Up 3

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  1. Stacey S

    I receive RSS feeds from Heidi’s 101 cookbooks and was amazed when she posted the liquid nitrogen ice cream! I have vowed to one day try it…It is like the perfect union of dessert and a science project!

  2. Katie

    My middle school science teacher used let the class make liquid nitrogen ice cream once a semester, but it never came out like ice cream you buy in the store. It was always a fun treat, though! I still perfer freezing marshmallows in liquid nitrogen and letting them melt in your mouth. It was a strange sight to see children emitting an icy smoke from their mouths (a fun side effect of having a frozen marshmallow in your mouth)! Ah, I miss middle school..

  3. Zoe

    Thanks for posting these Learning to Cook Roundups, Elise. Learning techniques is way more valuable to me than learning recipes at this point. I’ve always just made stuff up as I go along (parents didn’t cook much and never taught me).

    A few things I’d like to learn include how to make breadcrumbs (dried and fresh) since I need to eat whole wheat breadcrumbs, how to season a wok, how to peel and mince garlic, and how to make chicken that comes out tender and moist like in a restaurant!