Lemon Cucumbers

Have you ever seen a lemon cucumber? They’re called “lemon” not because of the taste, but because they are about the size of a lemon and yellow-colored when ripe. I’ve been growing them for the last several years, planting them at the base of the tomatoes, so they can creep along the floor of the garden beds, in-between the peppers, basil, and marigolds. I have yet to see them in any regular market, but often you can find them at farmers markets in the summer. They have a lovely, mild taste, even when quite mature, and the skins are relatively thin, so many people serve them with peels on. I usually peel mine, because I pick them straight from the garden and they have tiny little prickles that rub off easily, but will poke you if you aren’t careful (like garden-picked zucchini).

Lemon cucumbers can be used for most recipes calling for cucumber. Here are a few of the cucumber recipes on Simply Recipes. Some bloggers have specified recipes that use lemon cucumbers, here is a sampling:

Lemon cucumbers with pesto – from White on Rice Couple

Lemon cucumber tofu salad – by Heidi of 101 Cookbooks

Lemon cucumber soup bowls – from Straight from the Farm

Albacore Tuna Salad with Lemon Cucumbers – from Seattle Bon Vivant

Lemon Cucumbers with Toasted Sesame Seeds – from All the Marmalade

If you have a particular recipe for lemon cucumbers not listed here, please let us know about it in the comments.

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  • olaalaskan

    My son got a bunch of plants this spring from a greenhouse as a joke they were only 50 cents a plant. They are quite good and I look forward of adding them to my pickled Zuks. Easy to grow plant water and forget.

  • Wilson

    I grow the lemon cucumber and I just pick up two bags They are delicious you have to check them .

  • Laura

    The first one I tried was a mild sweet flavor. Then about two weeks later I tried 2 more from then same garden and they were quite sour not quite as sour as a lemon but definitely not sweet like the first one. What happened?

  • Amy

    I have a co-worker that brought a bunch to work. I am taking one home to try. He mentioned that they make excellent pickles because of their thin skin. (They absorb the flavors better.) I can’t wait to eat it!

  • Patty

    Actually, I am growing these this year. (I had a seed packet still, from last year.) They grew amazingly. Make sure though, if you do plant them, to give them plenty of space. They crawl all over the place! But they are amazing even with the skin on. They are really crunchy! :) I use them a lot in cucumber salad, but I need to find more recipes with these type of cucumbers in them!

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