Lemon Cucumbers

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  • Lynae

    This is so bizarre….Last week my fiance’s mother gave us a big bag of veggies from her garden. I couldn’t figure out what one of them was. I have a book about produce and I tried to find it in there, but couldn’t. I cut one open today and discovered it tasted kind of like cucumber, but still didn’t know what it was.

    And then I saw this in my RSS feed! Thanks so much for unwittingly identifying my mystery vegetable!

  • jonathan

    Lemon cucumbers indeed. Those are obviously pale-skinned lemons. You trickster you, and it’s not even April 1st.
    (Really? Lemon cucumbers? I’ll bet they make a great tzatziki…)

  • Paul

    I’ve been thinking they could be made into some intriguing pickles. Ginger and five spice powder for Asian and garlic with lemon zest for Middle Eastern might make for some really novel accompanyments. I’ll work on it (as soon as I can find them!)

  • addison

    We have some in the garden right now – it’s our first year growing them!

  • Dawei

    What an interesting veg, haha, I would like to try it, but I have never seen it in supermarket, nor in farmers market. I live in Ireland. I wonder if I can grow them in a flower pot,

  • TygerKitty

    I always learn so much from this blog! Meyer lemons and now lemon cucumbers… SO cool! I really need to get to a farmer’s market soon and now I can see if they have these; very interesting! Thank you!

  • Peggy

    I grow lemon cucumbers every year because they are different, easier to grow and more bountiful than regular cukes. I have so many right now so look forward to perusing your recipes. One thing I love to make with lemon cukes is spa water. I slice a cucumber, a piece of ginger, a lemon and add these to a pitcher of water (the amounts are to your taste and amount of water) and then add a handful of mint leaves. Stir well and then let the water sit in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and you have a very refreshing summertime drink.

  • Calamity Anne

    I was so intrigued by this petite cucumber that I had to have it. I just ordered some seeds, and am keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have success!!! Thanks for the heads up on this little cuke!!!

  • Debbie Chapman

    I looked for lemon cukes at farmer’s market today. Only 1 vendor had, and they were kind of shrunken in, so I decided not to try them this time. I will look again, because now I am curious.

  • Debo

    I’m growing them for the first time and they are like single serve cucumbers. I love them! Easy to grow and a lovely light taste. Delighted to see them here on Simply.

  • gretchenjoanna

    Lemon cucumbers are the only variety I have ever grown. They are mild and tender, if you pick them as you did, before they get *too* yellow. I don’t think I’ve ever found a bitter one.

  • Andrea

    I love learning of new things. Never have hear or seen anything like this. Thanks. Now, where can I get them?

    You may be able to find them at your local farmer’s market. ~Elise

  • connie

    I love lemon cukes. I have grown them and they are very easy to grow and produce tons. The only store I’ve found them in is the Nugget here in California. They are $1.99/lb. I only buy two at a time. But they are great esp if you like cucumbers.

  • K

    Would love to see pictures of your garden.

    Here’s one of the beast. Don’t have any other photos up this year yet. We lost most of a tree that was central to the garden, so it’s not looking that good at the moment. ~Elise

  • cookiecutter

    Where I come from (New Zealand) these are called Apple Cucumbers. They have a much milder flavour and I did not know you could get them here. I will look out for them.

  • jen

    Thanks for the post! I was wondering what I was going to do with all these lemon cucumbers that I’ve bought!

  • Erika

    I hadn’t heard of these guys until I saw Heidi’s post and wanted to make her recipe! When I went on a search for them I couldn’t find them anywhere. I’ll have to keep looking, I’m not the type to grow my own vegetables. It’s funny how after you hear about something in one place it always pops up in many others!

  • Aliza S.

    So this is what I received in my CSA box!! My boyfriend and I couldn’t figure it out at first. Thanks for this post!

  • Sweety

    I have never in my life tasted lemon cucumbers. Do they taste like a combination of lemon and cucumber? They must be delicious. So interesting!

    No, they just resemble lemons. They taste just like cucumbers. ~Elise

  • Stacie

    Weeping Lemon Cucumbers
    An old family recipe back to grandparents! Peel and slice thinly, 4-6 lemon cucumbers. One by one place the slices in a bowl and sprinkle with salt. Cover the bowl and wait, room temperature at least an hour no more than 2 hours. Uncover, place slices on a plate, taking a handful gently squeeze and as they weep catch that liquid in the bowl. Add some sliced sweet onions, some vinager (about equal to the “tears” in the bowl). Chill and serve. Sometimes I add dill or drain the “marinade” and add a bit of sour cream or…use imagination!

  • Lisa

    I love the look of those babies! How interesting; I’d never heard of them before.

    Peggy’s spa water sounds like something I must try; I’ll just use regular cukes.

  • Jennie

    Thanks so much, Elsie, for thinking to list my recipe for the “bowls”! :-) It’s such a fun way to use these cuties!

  • Elizabeth T.

    These vegetables (fruit?) remind me of another interesting plant my family tried to cultivate. It was called a pineapple tomato and it was delicious. I’ll be sure to try these lemon cucumbers now too.

  • RainMan

    I had a bumper crop of lemom cucumbers this year, still finishing off the last few of them… it helped having a lot of bees pollinating the blossoms. Great in salads, on a tuna sandwich… I’d like to find a hot cucumber soup recipe… anyone know of one?

  • Korinne

    I am growing these cucumbers for the first time and have been using them for refrigerator pickles.

    5-6 lemon cucumbers sliced into rounds.
    1/2 cup vineger
    2 cups water
    large bunch of dill
    2 garlic cloves
    fresh ground black pepper

    I usually put all this in a ziplock bag inthe fridge. Put in half the dill, then the cucumbers. I slice into rounds becuase these have given me the best results. They start to really get the flavor in 2 days but the longer, the better. Mine are usually ready by day 5. They are supposed to be able to last until Christmas but I will never find out because my kids keep eating them!

  • Patty

    Actually, I am growing these this year. (I had a seed packet still, from last year.) They grew amazingly. Make sure though, if you do plant them, to give them plenty of space. They crawl all over the place! But they are amazing even with the skin on. They are really crunchy! :) I use them a lot in cucumber salad, but I need to find more recipes with these type of cucumbers in them!

  • Amy

    I have a co-worker that brought a bunch to work. I am taking one home to try. He mentioned that they make excellent pickles because of their thin skin. (They absorb the flavors better.) I can’t wait to eat it!

  • Laura

    The first one I tried was a mild sweet flavor. Then about two weeks later I tried 2 more from then same garden and they were quite sour not quite as sour as a lemon but definitely not sweet like the first one. What happened?

    • Elise

      Hi Laura, my guess is that they just got older. Cucumbers get more bitter the longer they stay on the vine.

  • Wilson

    I grow the lemon cucumber and I just pick up two bags They are delicious you have to check them .

  • olaalaskan

    My son got a bunch of plants this spring from a greenhouse as a joke they were only 50 cents a plant. They are quite good and I look forward of adding them to my pickled Zuks. Easy to grow plant water and forget.