Lisa Fain – The Homesick Texan Cookbook

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  1. Sarah

    That cookbook looks delicious! I just requested it at my library. I can’t wait to get it.

  2. Julie @ Willow Bird Baking

    I’ve already been lusting after this cookbook — it looks SO perfect for me. I can’t wait to grab it!

  3. Jerry (CbsoP)

    Agreed! I bought it a little over a month ago. I had to put it down and wait until we’re back in the lower 48 so I can get the ingredients. The recipes are amazing, the photography is amazing and I can’t wait to try her mexican rice recipe.

  4. allykins99

    I have been enjoying her blog for several years and I am happy her cookbook for getting attention. As a native Texan, she really captures all of the nuances of Texas cuisine – especially Tex-Mex!

  5. dogtrot

    looks real good.
    as a fellow homesick southerner, i have 2 tips essential to good chicken fried steak for n00bies:
    1. after the egg and flour dredge, let it rest in the fridge for 15-25 mins, this allows the flour to have time to suck up the egg moisture and will help your coating stick better to the meat. if the fry peels off your meat, that’s a sign it twernt done right.
    2. DO NOT fry your chicken fried steak in oil, ever. use lard, bacon fat, or my preference, butter at a reasonable temperature (clarified butter and you can get it hotter). it doesnt need to be any depth level, no halfway up the sides of the skillet, bottom of the pan is perfectly fine, trust me. i’m vehemently against oil for this dish because you will be making gravy from the drippings and gravy made from oil is freaking disgusting.
    good luck peeps!!! it’s all love!!!

  6. Lisa

    Thank you, Elise! As for the Texas caviar, I’ve been there. A friend asked me to bring some to a potluck, but I had to make two batches because I couldn’t stop eating the first one. I’m biased but I agree that it’s good stuff!

  7. stephanie @ providence handmade

    I adore her recipes! Can’t wait to get my hands on this cookbook. :)

  8. Garrett

    Just ordered my copy. ;)

  9. kkmack

    I follow two food blogs daily … this one and Homesick Texan. Both blogs provide me with inspiration and recipes that make me look like a pro! Afraid to order the cookbook as I will never put it down! ;)

  10. Farmageddon

    I’m down in Houston and I just bought a copy for my sister who lives in Los Angeles. She’s always complaining about the food in LA, so I figured this would be the perfect XMAS gift for her. I bought an extra copy to have around the house or use in a gift swap. Thanks for the recommendation.

  11. Novelismo

    Don’t we all love Lisa Fain? She has been on my reading list for years. And at last she has a cookbook! As for the commenter whose sister complains about the food in LA — I mostly agree … however, it might be easier to find a good reasonably priced meal in New York City. And I believe El Parillan might help console the sister. “Como hay solo uno Mexico, hay sol uno El Parillan.” There’s good parking in back, and they’re friendly, though the bars on the front window may make you nervous. At first. 1528 West Pico Boulevard, down near the Staples Center. It’s possible to get better tacos … I suppose … somewhere … in Texas, maybe? My congratulations to The Homesick Texan! Thank you …

  12. Sara

    Thanks Elise for introducing me to this book and blog! This is going to be the perfect gift for my boyfriend, who is a native Texan and just this spring bravely moved to New York with me.

  13. Aly ~ Cooking In Stilettos

    What’s funny is that I bought this cookbook on a whim and I’ve been really impressed with not only the recipes, but the photography and how stunning it is! I think this might be put into use in 2012 in my household :)

  14. Natalie

    I stumbled onto Lisa’s blog a while ago when looking for a recipe for flour tortillas. I am from Texas and have lived in CA for several years. I’ve made flour tortillas before but no, they were never like the ones at Tex-Mex restaurants back home. She explains why! I tried her recipe and they were amazing!
    It’s the only way I make flour tortillas now. You want to know how? Guess you have to buy the book!