Recipe Index: New England

Anadama Bread (photo)

Anadama Bread

Traditional New England Anandama bread, a dark yeast bread made with flour, cornmeal, and molasses.
Baked Bluefish

Baked Bluefish

Bluefish fillets baked in foil with lemon, white wine, butter, and herbs.
Baked Cod with Ritz Cracker Topping (photo)

Baked Cod with Ritz Cracker Topping

Baked white fish, such as cod, haddock, scrod, hake or bass, baked with a buttery Ritz cracker crust.
Baked Stuffed Clams

Baked Stuffed Clams

Minced clams mixed with butter, onions, parsley, and bread crumbs, spooned into half clam shells and baked. Quahog Stuffies recipe.
Blackberry Slump

Blackberry Slump

Blackberries cooked on the stovetop with sugar and lemon, topped with dumplings.
Boston Brown Bread (photo)

Boston Brown Bread

Classic Boston brown bread studded with raisins and steamed in a coffee can.
Clam Chowder (photo)

Clam Chowder

New England clam chowder made from scratch with hard shell clams, salt pork or bacon, potatoes, and cream.
Fish Chowder

Fish Chowder

Thick and creamy fish chowder! With cod, or firm white fish, Yukon Gold potatoes, onions, clam juice, and cream.
How to Boil and Eat Lobster

How to Boil and Eat Lobster

A visual guide with instructions to boiling and eating fresh New England lobster.
Indian Pudding

Indian Pudding

Traditional American Indian Pudding, a baked custard pudding made with cornmeal, milk, eggs, and sweetened with molasses. Perfect for Thanksgiving!
Apple Cheddar Galette on Simply Recipes

New England Apple Cheddar Galette

Rustic apple tart, New England style with cheddar cheese!
New England Boiled Dinner

New England Boiled Dinner

New England boiled dinner, a one pot dish consisting of corned beef or plain brisket, cabbage, carrots and potatoes.
New England Steamers (photo)

New England Steamers

How to make steamed soft shell clams, otherwise known as steamers, a specialty of New England.
Red Flannel Hash (photo)

Red Flannel Hash

A New England tradition, red flannel hash made with cooked potatoes, beets, corned beef, fried up with onions and butter.
Boston Baked Beans

Slow Cooked Boston Baked Beans

Slow cooked crockpot Boston Baked Beans! Loads of molasses flavor. Great with hot dogs or franks!

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