Peach Pâté Tartine (photo)

Peach Pâté Tartine


  • Baguette
  • Pâté maison
  • Soft mild brie
  • Slices of fresh, juicy white peaches or nectarines


Take a freshly baked French baguette and slice or tear it in half. Take some pâté maison or "house pâté" and spread it over the bread. Take some soft mild brie cheese and spread it over the pâté. Take slices of sweet juicy white peaches or nectarines and arrange them on top of the cheese and pâté.

The sweetness of the peaches and nectarines provides a delicious balance to the strong flavors from the pâté and cheese. In this arrangement, all of your ingredients must be the best or it won't work. The bread must be fresh and soft. The pâté and brie mild. And the peaches and nectarines must be melt-in-your-mouth ripe and sweet.

This is the perfect summer sandwich, as white nectarines and peaches become ripe in July.

Main Ingredients