The Time Life Good Cook Series

A couple of years ago my friend Elizabeth Abbott turned me on to Time Life’s cook book series from the late 70s, The Good Cook series. Elizabeth’s mother Maria is a fabulous cook. As I was constantly bugging both of them for cooking tips, Elizabeth remarked, “what you need is the Time Life Good Cook series!.” This series was produced by Time Life books around 1978-1980. There is a separate book for poultry, beef & veal, lamb, pork, vegetables, fish, eggs & cheese, wine, breads, pasta, soups, salads, shellfish, sauces, cakes among many others. I have five of the books and pick them up whenever I see one at a used book sale. They’ve been out of print for ages, and many of the recipes are clearly artery cloggers (no holding back on the fat here!) but they have detailed instructions that are hard to find in more recent cookbooks. Here’s an illustration from the Poultry book:


View closeup of book page of hanging fowl.

Have you ever seen anything like that in cookbook sold these days?

The books are out of print but can be found on ebay or at thrift stores usually for just a few dollars each, a bargain considering the instructional content.

Main Ingredients