Welcome to our new look!

Hi everyone!

For the last several months (seems like years) we’ve been quietly working behind the scenes to update the design of Simply Recipes to make it easier to use on different screen sizes and tablets. We are delighted to present our new “semi” responsive design that changes shape depending on whether you are viewing the site on a desktop computer or on a tablet. (You can see this in action if you are on a computer; just resize your browser window and watch how various elements rearrange on the page.)

We’ve increased the font size making it easier to read, and packed a lot more into the category lists, making it easier to find recipes based on main ingredient, course, type, or cuisine. You’ll also find a handy widget in the right column called “What’s in Season”. Click on that to find a listing of every recipe we’ve ever published in the current month.

If you are viewing the new design from a smart phone, you’ll notice that it still isn’t perfectly optimized for phones. That’s what we’ll be working on for Phase 2. However, if you point your phone’s browser to http://www.simplyrecipes.com/m/ you’ll find our mobile optimized site, which is built just for phones.

As with any major change to the site, there will invariably be things that don’t work the way they should. Please take a look around, and “kick the tires”. Let’s us know what you like, what you wish would work better, and if anything seems wacky or out of sorts. There will be bugs, and we want to fix them! But first we have to find them. So any help you can give us in that department is greatly appreciated.

Finally, please join me in thanking Jesse Gardner, our head of technology and website development, for creating such a beautiful new design! He is the genius behind the scenes, working on the site’s bells and whistles to make them sing.

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