Marc Johns Culinary Prints

Thanksgiving dinner is behind us, and Christmas is a month away. Which means Black Friday, Put-the-Lights-Up Saturday, Buy-a-Tree Sunday, and Cyber Monday are upon us. In our family all the shopping, tree-buying, lights-raising usually happens the day or two before Christmas, which is why my brothers have been known to get socks from me under the tree.* This year I’m hoping to be a little more organized. In fact, I’ve been thinking about the gift-giving season for months, because I managed to convince, cajole, beg Marc Johns to create a series of culinary themed drawings to make available to you, Simply Recipes readers, as beautiful 8×10 signed, limited edition prints for the ridiculously reasonable price of $20 ea.**

Are you familiar with Marc Johns? He does mostly pen-and-ink drawings, sometimes with a little water color, sometimes with highlighter pens, and sometimes on yellow stickies. His drawings I can best describe as quirky, playful, and even delightfully absurd. He makes inanimate objects say and do things that well, since they are inanimate have no business saying or doing in real life. But this is art. The kind that makes you chuckle.

Wear these oven mitts! Who doesn’t want to cook with awesomeness? I think this one would be great for the baker in the family.

Marc’s work has been exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Athens. His drawings have appeared in Wired Magazine, Newsweek, and National Geographic. His book, Serious Drawings is one of my favorite things to gift to my friends. His drawings even can be found as stick-on tattoos.

My broccoli wants a tattoo too.

Wouldn’t these prints make fine gifts? Shhhh. Don’t tell my friends, or family. It’s what they’re getting from me this year.

Check out the whole collection in Marc’s shop! In addition to the drawings featured here you’ll find a vain kitchen utensil and some onions with attitude.

Happy Holidays!



*One year I got everyone toothbrushes. I was out of work, and they were very nice toothbrushes.

**Full disclosure, I get NO commission from the sale of these prints. All proceeds go directly to the artist.


  1. Sally

    I love these–especially the pie (I love pie, too, though maybe not for a little while–looking at the picture would be better for the waistline!)

    We. too, are an 11th hour family, with socks under the tree (which we usually scavenge for on the 23rd or so)–I don’t foresee any change in that pattern. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, Elise!

  2. Kali

    These are adorable. Being a self acclaimed chef that I am, I can appreciate a great work of culinary art. I am the same way during Christmas time doing everything last minute and these would make a great gift to start next year off. It’s never too early to start right? The problem with that is remembering you bought next years Christmas gifts two days after Christmas! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea!

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