Michael Ruhlman – Ratio

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  1. Garrett

    Love the book. It’s a good, clear guide on certain aspects of cooking. I tried his method for making crepes and my roommate and I were just tickeled at the results. =)

    Now I’m researching a reliable electric, digital scale. Damn it, Michael, you’ve made me obsessed! ;)

  2. Stéphanie

    Hi, I am writing here from France and I just wanted to mention that I love your articles.
    I have been printing this article about the vinaigrette. I have lived in Canada for 5 years and 1 year in the US. I can’t tell you enough how I used to dare some salads because of their awful dressing! The only one I had just loved was Caesar salad dressing. And as said Michael about all the processing food we are eating, nothing could ever equal a vinaigrette made out of sherry vinegar, olive oil, garlic and shallot. Yummmyyy! You should taste the one my grandmother makes. :))

    Thanks for your article and keep going!

    I hope I have been able to pass on my opinion … in English

    Take care

  3. Sally

    My copy of Ratio is due to arrive tomorrow and I can’t wait!

  4. Mark Boxshus

    Wonderful review. Looks like this is another “must have” book. Thanks……………Mark

  5. scott

    Thanks for the review, this sounds like an excellent book.

    Garrett, I have this scale and have had zero problems. It has a capacity of ~10 lbs and the accuracy to measure single grams. http://www.amazon.com/Escali-Primo-Digital-Multifunctional-Chrome/dp/B0007GAWRS

  6. Sara

    This sounds like an interesting book.

    I like to read new recipes and try them but some days I just come into the kitchen and start putting ideas together. I guess I am a bit of a recipe follower and a bit of an intuitive cook.

  7. Sherihan

    I think I am more of a recipe follower at present but that’s maybe just because I am a beginner, although I have started playing with the recipes I have already mastered.

    Sure reading a book like that might be very helpful, I love cookbooks anyway, I find them very interesting.

  8. nia

    This is going on my birthday list ASAP!

  9. Duncan

    I greatly enjoyed your review, Elise, though we have different perspectives on the book. Although I liked the goal of Ratio, and it’s clear that reasonably confident cooks will manage with the book okay, I thought there were too many flaws in explanation and presentation (my review is here. It’s good to see that some people are enjoying the book and finding it useful.

    Hi Duncan, I think it would helpful if you based your review on the actual book that has been published, and not the pre-release version, which as you mentioned, is a full 50 pages shorter. I have both copies, having been given the pre-pub version and having bought the published version, and based my review on the latter, which I believe is more complete. And yes, this book is not for everyone. ~Elise

  10. heidi leon

    Hola Elise,

    I’ve just discovered Michael Ruhlman because of you. BIG GRACIAS, girl. I will buy his book asap.

    I totally agree with him, food is all about fisica y quimica (Fisics and Chemistry)as Spanish songwriter and singer Joaquin Sabina once said. And that said, to be able to manage the science of cooking is not about learning crazy formulas, is about learn and understand the RATIOS.

    Once we understand how an ingredient works for good and for wrong, we can expand our culinary horizons. I rarely follow a recipe, and most of my blog recipes are no measure recipes which I have to transform in measure recipes for my readers. ;-)

    ps. Yes, churros is just like pate a choux. Amazing…maybe we should try to bake some churros instead of deep frying….

  11. nicole

    “And even though the ratios are based on weight, not volume,…”

    YES! That’s the information I was really hoping for.
    Today I made my first pie crust that was not just edible but delicious, but man, scooping out shortening (crisco in the original, Palmin-soft in case another german reads this) with a measuring cup is not my idea of fun! And of course I didn’t weigh anything while preparing the dough because I was sure it would be horrible anyway. Oh well, next time :-)

    Thank you for the review and for all the other wonderful articles! I’ve had my eye on your coffee icecream for ages now and I’m making that next week because a friend is visiting and bringing his (perfect) mousse au chocolate, so I have to try and WOW him in return ;-)

  12. Foodie Friend

    I would have never bought this book had you not posted about it because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise…so glad you did. I will never buy store bought dressing again. My vinaigrettes have been turning out fantastic.

  13. Stephanie

    I received this book for my birthday last week! I’m obsessed! I’m going to work my way through this book. I’ll be doing lots of baking in the weeks to come, I’m sure. I made the Cherry Dark Chocolate bread! I have to go get a digital scale now. Another gadget to add to the kitchen. :)