Michael Ruhlman – The Elements of Cooking

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  1. Gloriana

    Awesome! This book is going directly on my Amazon Wish List. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one although I too will probably have issues with some of Michael’s opinions…1996 Joy of Cooking the best edition? Is he serious?

  2. Shawn

    Nice review — this book sounds very interesting. Have you read Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking? If you (or anyone else who reads this) knows, how different are they from each other?

    Note from Elise: Hi Shawn, I wrote a review of Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking. It’s an encyclopedia of knowlege about the chemistry of food. Ruhlman’s book is a thin book, a little more than a couple hundred pages, compared to McGee’s at over 700 pages, and it focuses entrirely on cooking methods.

  3. merd

    Life tends to be so busy and the internet/webtechnology thing has pretty much changed the way I do things whether at work or play. In the day of instant gratification and answers at your fingertips, I have truly lost touch with what it is like to read for pleasure… at least reading a BOOK for pleasure. I typically read to learn, study or research. I think I will have to stop by Barnes & Noble to survey this one. It appears that it could be a multifaceted reading experience. Thanks!