New Feature – Food Blog Search

We have a new feature here on Simply Recipes – the ability to search for recipes from hundreds of food blogs. On our list of Favorite Cooking and Food Blogs from Around the World you’ll find a search bar above the list. For example, type in “Thanksgiving” and you’ll see search results from the hundreds of blogs we list on the site with posts that include Thanksgiving ideas.

You can also find the Food Blog Search engine by going to That link will redirect you to a Google page with the search bar. My food blogging friends Alanna and Kalyn are helping me make sure that we have some terrific food blogs to search.

If you end up liking Food Blog Search, Google makes it easy to put the search bar widget on your personalized Google Home Page. All you have to do is click on this button:

Add to Google

When you use your Google home page, the search bar will be right on it:

The Food Blog Search engine isn’t ideal. It sorts the results by search engine rank, giving a lot more weight to the bigger blogs, including this one. In the case of searching food blogs, I think it would be more helpful if it also returned results based on date. Also, it usually takes a week or two for new entries to show up in the Google index, so you don’t usually get the most recent posts. But even with those shortcomings, I hope you find it useful.

Other food blog search engines:

Vegetarian Food Blog Search by Susan V of FatFree Vegan Kitchen


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