It’s pumpkin season! Although the jack-o-lantern pumpkins aren’t the best for cooking, sugar pumpkins and Japanese Kabocha pumpkins cook up beautifully and should be available in markets for the next few months. Here are some ideas from Simply Recipes and from other food blogs of what you can make with them and canned pumpkin purée:

Pumpkin Recipes from Simply Recipes

Toasted pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin Ginger Nut Muffins
Spicy pumpkin soup
Pumpkin bread
Pumpkin Biscotti
Pumpkin Soup with Smoked Paprika
Old fashioned pumpkin pie
Chiffon pumpkin pie
Gluten-free pumpkin cupcakes

Pumpkin Recipes from Food Blogs around the World
Thai Spiced Pumpkin Soup by Heidi of 101 Cookbooks
Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes from Nicole of Pinch My Salt
Kaddo Bourani (Pumpkin with Yogurt and Meat Sauces) from Habeas Brulee
Pumpkin hummus from Nicole Weston of Slashfood
Bengali Pumpkin and Coconut from Marc of Mental Masala
Pumpkin halwa with butternut squash from Indira of Mahanandi
Pumpkin oatmeal bread by Nic of Bakingsheet
Roasted pumpkin soup from Jennifer, our Domestic Goddess
Pumpkin apple bread from Adam Roberts, the Amateur Gourmet
Shuna’s punkin pie if Shuna is making it, you better believe it’s good
Pumpkin gorgonzola soup from the Joy of Soup
Pumpkin, coconut, and rum soup – what a combo! from The Traveler’s Lunchbox
Spicy pumpkin pecan raisin muffins from Farmgirl
Pumpkin and gorgonzola tart by the Passionate Cook
Pumpkin butter from Hedonia
More Pumpkin Recipes from Food Blog Search Results

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  1. Dominique

    There’s something about pumpkin soup on Halloween…well, I thought this recipe looked good, so I made a batch. It was delicious! Easy to make, and enough to feed a hungry post-trick-or-treating crowd. Thanks!

  2. Lady Amalthea

    I love pumpkins, especially homemade pumpking pie. I made my first one last year and I’m looking forward to finding time to making a second one soon. Thanks for the links, Elise!

  3. shuna fish lydon


    If you can get down to the Berkeley Farmer’s market any Saturday REALLY soon, I strongly suggest any squash from Annabelle Lenderink– she is growing some heirloom stuff for savoury or sweet applications that are TO DIE FOR!

    I’ll trade you– squash for pomegranates…?

    xo (thanks for the link.)

  4. Anonymous

    If you haven’t done it yet, try the pumpkin hummus. Oh my gosh! So good… thanks for this posting… what a find!

  5. shirley

    How long after you buy a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch is it still good to bake with?

    Great question. Winter squash (pumpkins are just a variety of winter squash) are very hardy. They can easily last a month, and some even two, after picking, if kept in a cool, dry place. Once you cut into them, then they will start to degrade quite quickly. ~Elise

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