Browned Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

Brown the butter first, as the butter is cooling, prep the other ingredients.

  • Prep time: 30 minutes
  • Cook time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: Makes about 30 cookies.


  • 1 cup (2 sticks, 8 oz, 225 g) unsalted butter
  • 1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1 cup brown sugar, packed
  • 1/2 cup white granulated sugar
  • 2 eggs (large), lightly beaten
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 Tbsp water
  • 1 1/2 cups bitter-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup chopped pecans (optional)
  • 1 cup sweetened, shredded coconut (optional)
  • 3 cups Old Fashioned rolled oats (Quick oats are okay, but not steel cut, not instant)



1 Brown the butter. Place sticks of butter in a thick-bottomed medium sized stainless-steel saucepan. (It's important to use a saucepan that has a light, reflective interior like stainless steel, otherwise you won't be able to see the butter browning.) Heat on medium. Melt the butter, whisking so that the butter melts evenly. Continue to cook the butter. As it cooks, the butter will foam up, and then the foam will subside. Whisk frequently to check underneath the bubbly surface. At some point, browned bits will form at the bottom of the pan and the butter will begin to smell nutty. Watch carefully, it's easy for the butter to go from browned to burnt. When the browned bits begin to form, remove the pan from the heat. Pour the melted butter, with the browned bits, into a glass or metal bowl. Allow to cool a bit while you prepare the other ingredients.


2 Vigorously whisk together the flour, salt, baking soda, nutmeg, and cinnamon together in a large bowl.

oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookie-6.jpg oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookie-7.jpg

3 Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C). Place the browned butter (along with the browned bits) in a mixer bowl. Add the brown and white sugar. Beat on medium high speed for about 3 minutes, until smooth. Add the eggs and vanilla. Beat for three more minutes on medium speed until smooth and light.

4 Using a wooden spoon, stir the flour mixture into the butter sugar egg mixture. Stir in 2 Tbsp water (note that if you are using jumbo eggs, and not large eggs as the recipe calls for, you will probably not need this much extra liquid.)

oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookie-8.jpg oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookie-9.jpg

5 Stir in the chocolate chips, and the pecans and shredded coconut (if using). Stir in the oatmeal. Up to this point you can make the dough up to a day and a half ahead and store in the refrigerator.

oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookie-10.jpg oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookie-11.jpg

4 Butter two large cookie sheets, or line them with Silpat mats or parchment paper. Spoon out heaping tablespoon-fuls of cookie dough and lay them on the cookie sheet. Make sure you have about 2" of space between each cookie, as they will flatten a little and spread on the cookie sheet. Bake at 350°F (175°C) for 10 minutes, or until they are just brown around the edges, but still soft in the center. They will firm up as they cool. (If you want them crispier, you can bake them from 12-14 minutes. 10 minutes will help yield a more chewy cookie.)

5 Take the cookies out of the oven and let them cool for two or three minutes on the hot baking sheet. Then, using a metal spatula, carefully transfer the still-hot cookies to a wire rack to cool. They will continue to be soft until completely cooled. Once completely cooled, store in an airtight container.

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  • Amelia

    The instructions to Alden and Piper are so sweet. Thanks for sharing this with us, Elise!

  • Redd H from Salted Spoon

    This looks lovely! I love the idea of browning the butter. I bet it just brings out all that delicious oaty flavor!

    The coconut seems like a neat addition, too!

  • Lee

    OMG – this is almost identical to my mother-in-law’s chocolate chip recipe she used to make and was “famous” for in our local community. She’d fill old coffee cans with these cookies for her kids when they were in college and of course, all their friends loved them! Now my kids and husband make the cookies for us. My daughter would make them when she was in college for friends & co-workers. We use both coconut and pecans.

    I have used whole wheat pastry flour and unsweetened natural coconut with great results too. Whole wheat flour gives a slight nuttier taste too.

    The main difference is the browned butter… and can’t wait to try that variation. Thank you!!

  • Irvin @ Eat the Love

    The fact that you said “I don’t find regular chocolate chip cookies that exciting.” are total fighting words! I love me some chocolate chip cookies!

    Of course, these look fantastic too, don’t get me wrong. But how could you not love the classic choco chipper?

    Hey Irvin! Weird eh? Well everybody has their favorites, and classic choco just isn’t one of mine. But oatmeal cookies? Any day, any way. ~Elise

  • gramps

    I am old and therefore can’t find anything. But I have read thru your instructions several times and can’t find a temperature for the oven.

    350???? I know, it is probably right there in front of me.

    By the way, I am trying a few different things. My Grand daughter needs gluten free stuff. So I subbed rice flour for the wheat flour. Used an additional 1/4 of rice flour along with some Xanthan gum.
    Also used unsweetened coconut in lieu of shredded.

    Telling people the oven temp would be useful, eh? Sorry about that. Correction made. It’s 350°F. By the way, I’ve used unsweetened coconut in place of the sweetened in baking recipes only to ruin recipes. The coconut is there for texture and moisture, which it won’t have without the sugar. So, please do tell me how it turns out using unsweetened in this recipe. No idea on the gluten free mixture, usually when I cook gluten-free, I’ll use a Bob’s Red Mill flour mix. But good luck with that! ~Elise

  • gramps

    Just took a bite of one. Pretty good!!!!

    The dough was very dry—probably could have added a little more moisture

    I don’t really care from shredded coconut, therefore prefer unsweetend stuff—and I like the smaller particles

    OOPS—my son, who is still living at home!!!!!—just ate a couple and says I can do it again!!!

    Yes, the problem with using unsweetened coconut is that the result will be dry. I would just skip the coconut next time if you don’t want to use sweetened. Glad your son liked them! ~Elise

  • Nancy Long

    Sounds yummy and will be making them soon. Oatmeal cookies are my fav, but w/raisins. Will prob change the choc chips to raisins. Hubby of course, will want the chips, lol. Also, like the addition of coconut.

  • rosita vargas

    OMG…impresionantes galletas lucen crujientes y muy bien preparadas,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  • Denise

    Sounds scrumptious! Especially with coconut!

  • Mary S

    These sound wonderful ~ have to make some today! Thanks Elise!

  • Kate @eatrecyclerepeat

    Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are my dad’s favorite. I made them all the time as a child, and they became my favorite too. Dad still requests them every time I come home to visit, except now I make a gluten-free version. We’ve always used pecans, but shredded coconut sounds amazing! I’m going to sneak some in there and see what he thinks next time I am home. Thanks for sharing – I love the light in the last few photos!

  • Edy

    Totally my oatmeal cookie recipe, I love the idea of browned butter. I can’t eat the pecans, but coconut is smashing!
    For a raisin cookie, try adding Cinnamon chips, these give a burst of sweetness.
    I also add 1 teaspoon ground flax seed and 1/4 cup applesauce to my Raisin cookies. The flax gives a more cakey appearance and texture to the cookie.

  • Laura @ GotChocolate

    These look so chewy! And anything with CHOCOLATE in it, I’m there!!! :D

  • Laurie

    OMG these cookies look incredible! I’m pregnant and not much food looks good to me right now, but I would LOVE some of these right now ;-). Will definitely need to make these ASAP.

  • kate C.

    Can you believe that I have been married for 10 years (on Friday!) and that I only discovered LAST WEEK that my husband prefers chewy cookies to crunchy cookies? I like all cookies, though crunchy are usually my favorite. For some reason, he never told me all these years that he likes chewy!!

    Anyway, I’ll have to make these especially for him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ll like them too, but he will really LOVE them.

    Thanks! (p.s. we’ll definitely use the pecans, probably skip the coconut)

  • Katrina

    YESSSS!! So tasty looking!

  • Jackie @Syrup and Biscuits

    I’m intrigued by your suggestion to brown the butter. That will add even more flavor to this dough that is chock full of flavorful ingredients. Thanks, Elise!

  • Mary Morris

    I’m still not convinced about chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, no matter what you say. But I will say that the Kalua Brownie was a major hit, enough to cover two parties this weekend, and I used 72% cacao, as sold at Trader Joe’s in their one pound plus package. No one said the brownies were too rich – Mary – Maybe it’s a California thing

  • James

    Just made a half batch with nuts but without coconut. I’m not sure why, but my cookies didn’t spread out and were kinda dry. Maybe needed a bit more oil and/or water? Or maybe I used the wrong oatmeal.

  • Jennifer

    These are delicious! I made them with the sweetened coconut and with walnuts instead of pecans since I had walnuts at home. They turned out very good. I had previously been scared of recipes that involve browning butter, but I thought I could try it if you were suggesting that your goddaughters could do it. It wasn’t hard at all! I also must have scooped my cookies out into smaller balls, because I got 4 dozen cookies from this recipe.

  • Sarah

    Just made these yesterday and they came out AMAZING. They are by far the best oatmeal-chocolate chip- coconut cookies I have ever had. Browning the butter was a vital step, and added so much to the overall flavor of the cookies. I was out of pecans, but I didn’t miss them at all- the coconut was amazing in them. My new favorite cookie recipe!!

  • Linn

    They seem so delicious, can chocolate chip cookies ever be wrong? :)

  • elston

    I bake cookies everyweek for the refreshments at the “Gay-Straight Alliance” in our High School…I’ve been doing this for two years….and have tried lots of recipes. I think I will give this one a try.

    I have a lot of dried cranberries on hand….the unit price was so much cheaper on the large bag that I couldnt resist it.

    I am wondering if I could substitute the dried cranberries for the coconut. What do you think?

    Dried cranberries are more of a sub for raisins than for coconut. I would just leave out the coconut, if that’s what you want to do, and add about 1/2 cup of dried cranberries. ~Elise

  • Tee

    Elise, my boyfriend is the same when it comes to cookies. Your standard chocolate chip cookies are just whatever to him. He’s into chewy cookies, so I think these will be right up his alley. I may have to try them with peanut butter chips, which he prefers to chocolate. I’m debating whether or not I should still add the pecans/coconut or leave them out (he does love both).
    What would you suggest? Do you think the flavor be too cluttered?

    You mean with the peanut butter chips? I don’t know. I don’t know how the peanut butter chips would work with the pecans and coconut. If you try it that way, please let us know how it turns out for you. ~Elise

  • awineguy

    I’ve used browned butter, plus dried cranberries, in my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for years it really does add a great depth of flavour.

  • Susan

    My Mother in law used to make a cookie similar to this and they were my favorite. I sometimes use the dark chocolate Raisinettes in mine! Best of both worlds for choco oatmeal cookies! I’ve been browning the butter since I discovered the America’s Test Kitchen recipe for choc chip cookies. The browned butter really does enhance the toffee flavor of the cookie base. It does as well in blondies, too.

    Like you, I am not excited by chocolate chip cookies any longer (they had their day until I just got tired of them, I think). Also, the chips don’t stay as soft as I remember from my youth. They firm up once cool and become these hard little nuggets, a texture that is all wrong! I’ve switched to chopping up better quality chocolate bars instead. And…also, I think it’s because lately the recipes call for too many chips. I know this sounds crazy to chocolate lovers, but I like the chocolate balanced by the chewy, toffee/butterscotch flavored cookie base, not overpowered by them, so I only use one cup of chips instead of the two cups most recipes include.

  • michael cosgrove

    very much like the ones I make…but I mix butterscotch chips in on a 50-50 ratio with great

  • kate

    These sound great, but I was wondering whether you have any suggestions for high altitude alteration. I live at 6,500 feet and have only hit-or-miss luck with trying to adapt recipes to the altitude. thanks!

    I live at sea level so don’t know much about high altitude baking. Perhaps a reader who does can chime in? ~Elise

    • Melissa

      We had a house at about 8300 feet in Wyoming. You need to use a baking stone (like what Pampered Chef sells). I even had to put the muffin baking pan on top of the stone. We will have to try this recipe.

  • Polly

    Hi, Alden and Piper are my neighbors!

  • justbob

    I sometimes make oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips, otherwise known as oatmeal scotchies, I made these for my daughters, when they were growing up, but I had stolen the idea from rice krispies, they’re awesome, and now they make them for their kids !!

  • Dara

    Please send a very sincere thank you from me to Piper and Alden for inspiring you to come up with this recipe. Brown butter, nuts, coconut and chocolate – I think you hit the mother load!

  • JessJess

    thank you so much for sharing, i am very picky about cookies, i only like 3 different types of cookies and now i can say i love 4 types :) i also currently taking a cooking class so this was my first project at home and i am so excited! thank you for making this an easy, tasty, project that is now in my favorites!

  • Amanda

    I want these. NOW! All my favorite things!
    I haven’t made them yet, but I know I would include the pecans and the coconut. Yum!

  • Sandra

    The chocolate chip cookies I grew up with were oatmeal cc; I was a bit surprised to learn that most people made theirs without oatmeal! They’re ok I guess (the oatmeal-free versions), but this is the real thing.

  • Kitchen worktops dude

    Well, the word awesome was in the title, and I was not disappointed.

  • Sheryl

    I can’t wait to try this recipe. I toast my pecans before I add them to my chocolate chip cookies. I add plenty of chips and lots of moist sweetened coconut to the batter. My cookies come out really moist

  • Cindy Smith

    I made some of these today and let me tell you they are as good or better than they look in the photograph. Had it not been for me being diabetic, I would have eaten 1/2 of them at once.
    I needed a little treat to take to a family gathering tonight and these are perfect. I just hope there are some left by the time the party starts. Yummy !!

  • William

    Super recipe. The first tray just came out of oven and I tried one… Delicious…. I had to add almost 1/2 cup extra flour and the cookies are perfect. Flour varies so much by location so that is the reason…Your recipes are the only ones I use… Keep it up Elise….

  • Chuck

    These are excellent. I believe you could back some on the sugars. I included everything, pecans, coconut, chips, and oatmeal.

  • melissa

    I still make chocolate chip cookies from the Joy of Cooking Oatmeal Cookie recipe. (My copy of the Joy of Cooking falls open to this page, not that I need to reference the book anymore…)

    This looks like a WONDERFUL change of pace from those. (I’ll skip both the coconut and the pecans, but keep the browned butter and the nutmeg and cinnamon!

  • Christine Jensen

    These are fabulous, wish I had rolled oats to try, but accidentally bought the quick kind last time I was at the store so made due with them. These are fantastic and I love the coconut in them as well as all of the rest!

  • Allie

    This recipe looks great. I noticed that Kate posted about living at high altitude. I live at 5,000+ feet, and generally you reduce the baking soda by a little bit, if it calls for one, then use a little less. You also generally use a little less sugar, about a Tbsp less per cup. You also increase the liquids a little, by about a Tbsp or two. Here’s a page with a lot more info on high altitude baking

  • Cindy Smith

    Piper and Alden will really love the cookies they make from this recipe. Thank you for posting and this recipe will go into my notebook to be used over and over again.
    I didn’t put coconut or pecans in mine because one of my grand children has allergies to nuts but I bet they are good made with them. I will have to try it one day when I knew they won’t be eating them.
    Thanks again.

  • Jen

    I’m wondering if the brown sugar is measured packed or not? Thanks! As soon as I know I will for sure be making these.

    Packed. ~Elise

  • Ivy

    I saw this recipe and ran home last night and made them…they are deliscious. I made the mistake of using sea salt and they turned out on the salty side, I won’t do that again. I used organic sugar instead of white and I used unsweetened coconut and I have to say these are great cookies. Thanks!

  • Melanie

    I don’t think I’ll put the effort into making these again. I didn’t add any water because I could tell they were thin enough. Good thing too because my cookies spread pretty thin. Overall, 3.5 out of 5 stars.

  • Stephanie

    I made these yesterday substituting raisins for the chocolate chips and leaving out the pecans. Also used unsweetened coconut. Fabulous cookie. Soft, but not crumbly! The browned butter definitely adds a wonderful dimension to them.

  • Cheri

    I made a double batch for a party this weekend and just loved the taste of the browned butter. I had unsweetened coconut already on hand and would say it didnt add or take away from anything so I wont use the unsweetened again. I too am not a big choc chip cookie fan and next time will try with toffee bits. I think toffee bits, oatmeal and the browned butter will go well together.

  • Caley Dishman

    I made these and they turned out fabulously! they were so delicious, loved the coconut inside along with the cinnamon and nuts. Definitely a keeper!

  • Gail

    OMG these cookies are delicious. A little extra work with the browned butter but it’s worth it cause the taste is amazing.
    Thank you

  • Ryan

    I followed the recipe and added all the optional ingredients (although I only had about 1/2 cup of sweetened shredded coconut so I made do with that). I was disappointed with the results. Not a fan.

  • Marcy

    Love the recipe, but 3 cups of oats was WAY too much for me! I used 1 1/2 cups and they came out just fine!

  • anna

    Allergy question…I’m allergic to eggs but MUST MUST MUST make these cookies. the vegan cookies just don’t do it for me. What substitute for eggs would you recommend? thank you!

    There is leavening in this recipe from the baking powder and baking soda. I would just try it without the eggs and see what happens. Maybe do a half recipe first. Then, if the cookies are too flat for you, add more baking powder. Make sure your baking powder is fresh, less than 6 months old. ~Elise

  • Moira

    The recipe is very similar to a cookie recipe from my grandmother – she used chocolate chips or orange gum drops or what ever was available in it… always a great cookie. A couple of hints – toast the nuts and coconut. Instead of water, use leftover coffee as it really helps the chocolate flavor. I’ve used the basic dough with dried fruits… raisins, cranberries, dried apricots with various nuts. It is always a winner. Macadamia, apricots, coconut and white chocolate was one of my favorite experiments.

  • judi

    Just took these out of the oven. Changed the all purpose flour to non gluten all purpose flour and they are still good. Remember to add 1/4 tea. X gum to the recipe. Hubby just tried one and loved it. Good cookies for the non gluten foodies.

  • kate C.

    Made these today (for my husband on our anniversary – since he is the lover of chewy cookies) and he really likes them. And I have to say they’re quite good too, even for me, a crunchy cookie lover. ;)

    I made them with the pecans but without coconut. And I’m sort of a flavor purist, I think the cinnamon was a little too strong and I felt I lost some of the subtle flavor of the browned butter. But they were different than my usual and pretty good.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  • Christie Lee

    I just took out the last tray from the oven, and I must admit that a lot of them are already eaten! They are PERFECT cookies, and this coming from an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie queen. Baked them for my 5-year old’s first piano recital and I’ll be baking them again and again and again… probably for years to come! Thank you for the recipe!

  • Andrea

    I plan to bake these for our upcoming camping trip – yum! I have a bunch of unsweetened shredded coconut already which I’ve read in the comments won’t do much good. Is there a way to make sweetened coconut out of it?

    Personally I would just leave it out, but some commenters have used the unsweetened coconut and have been pleased with the results. ~Elise

  • Claire

    My husband and I make oatmeal/chocolate/butterscotch cookies together and I somehow lost our recipe after several attempts and finally settling on one that we both loved. I’ve never seen my husband go through the kitchen so thoroughly looking for something ;)

    Anyway, off to Google to find a base to build back the recipe that we loved. I happened upon yours and I’m really glad I did.

    I browned the butter and used the brown and white sugar instead of all brown. Adding the butter to the sugar made my kitchen smell like Christmas :)

    I used those two changes with what I remembered from our recipe and they turned out 100% perfect. Maybe even better than before. I will for sure be using this again, and I’ll be browning butter for other baking things, too. Thanks again, great recipe!

  • Jackie

    Wow, these are some righteous cookies! While I was mixing the dough, I tasted it and thought, “If these things taste half as good cooked as the dough does, they’ll be incredible!” They are.

  • Erica W

    Made these as written, sans coconut but with pecans. They are great! I like the spices. My oven took 12 mins. First time browning butter but I think it worked as it didn’t appear burnt and there were light brown bits. Success, thanks :)

  • Hera Massey

    Followed instructions to the tee and the result? O M G Goodness! They really are awesome.

  • stella74

    Thanks for sharing this great recipe.
    I always use half of the amount of the ingriedients when I first try a new recipe … I shouldn’t have done that ;-( The cookies are what the title of the recipe promised: awesome! I used a mix of flakes (oats, spelt and wheat) instead of just using the oats and the result is/was: AWESOME.
    greetings from Austria and I surely will find other awesome recipes on your blog.

  • Dino

    Thank you for sharing…chocolate chip recipes at a fave in my house and never last very long! I love the idea of oatmeal but like others above am a little worried about dryness…guess I have to try them to find out.

  • Gab

    Can you tell me if I can use regular dark chocolate, with high cocoa-content if I break into pieces? Will it not melt too much? Than you!!! Looks wonderful, I will try it!

    You should be able to do that. They may run a bit more. ~Elise

  • Nancy

    This looks like an awesome recipe. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  • Susan

    These truely are awesome oatmeal cookies! I think they are the best I ever made. Never used browned butter before, it definitely adds a delicious flavor. Thank you!

  • Dorothy

    These are much like the ones I’ve made for years called The Kitchen Cabinet Cookies — with raisins, butterscotch chips, cranberries, peanut butter chips, dates, pecans, walnuts, chocolate chips, some or all of these. My kids would go through the pantry and add in anything that they thought would possibly go into an oatmeal cookie, usually bits of things left over from other recipes. Always different, always yummy. We started doing this for a State Fair contest. Didn’t win but had a great time in the kitchen and found out what goes (and doesn’t!) in a cookie.

  • Samantha

    I just whipped these up. Realized as I was pulling ingredients from the cabinet that I had only about a half cup of chocolate chips, and its raining, so I subbed dried bing cherries – same color!

    The batter smells and tastes divine. My first batch is on the cooling racks, second batch is about half way through the bake. I can’t wait to taste!

  • Bake mum

    Just made the cookies! Really yummy. I didn’t want too sweet a cookie, so reduced to 1 cup brown sugar. Yes, definitely the coconut really add to the texture of the cookie. Used unsweetened desiccated coconut. Didn’t add any nuts though because I ran out, but if I had, will definitely add them. Thanks Elise, will definitely make them again. Delicious and healthy too with the oats!

  • Hillary Prins

    I totally agree with you about plain chocolate chip cookies! They are just so blah.. These on the other hand were awesome. I followed the recipe exactly and they came out perfectly. So delicious! They disappeared within a couple of days and were great for lunches. I’m off to buy groceries so I can make more haha. Definitely a new favourite around here!

  • Marian

    I am making these tonight! When I was a youngster (many moons ago), I had no idea chocolate chip cookies were made without oatmeal. (Dad used my grandma’s recipe.) It wasn’t until I had chocolate chip cookies at a friend’s house-the typical Tollhouse recipe-that I realized these too were chocolate chip cookies. While my tastes have changed over the years, I, like your nieces shun pecans or walnuts. (I don’t pick them out anymore ;), I just stay away if there’s a pecan or walnut in sight.)

  • sekinj

    YUM!!! LOVE chewy cookies!! Wish oatmeal cookies had choco chips more often!! I love the coconut, because you can’t taste it at all, it just adds to the moist chewiness.

    Next time I’m going to try it with cinnamon chips just for a non-choco fix, and then maybe both choco and cinnamon chips!

    And I definitely use bittersweet rather than semi-sweet everytime!! :D

    I also upped the cinnamon and nutmeg a bit just because I like them.

    Sorry, no nuts for me!! Thanks for making those optional! :D

    These are now my official GO TO cookies!! :D yay!! THANKS!!!!

  • juliemarg

    It was accidentally discovered yet it was an amazing recipe for those people who love cookies so much! I have to suggest “Awesome Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe”.

  • Sarah

    What if you don’t have a wooden spoon. ( i don’t think I want to use my cracked one ).

    Use a sturdy spoon. The batter is really thick and can bend or break a less sturdy spoon. ~Elise

  • Stephanie B.

    Good recipe! I was afraid the cookies would spread too much due to 100% butter (I tend to do a combo butter / margarine but because of the browning followed recipe exactly), but they didn’t! I am keeping this one. Oh, I made w/o nuts and coconut since I didn’thave either. The cookies were fine; wonder if they’re crumblier if you have all the ingredients there? Only b/c I’ve tried recipes w/ lots of add-in bits and they tend to fall apart… Thanks for sharing!

  • M

    These are absolutely the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I’ve made. They’ve displaced my old standby recipe.

  • Kristal C

    Never left a comment on a site before but these cookies deserve it! The butter sends them to a whole new level. It transforms them into a toffee/caramel flavor that is out of this world. Sending to my husband in Afghanistan right now. Thinking the coconut should help keep them moist on their journey. Thank you for the time spent to put this up.

  • Natalie

    I was a little hesitant because, well, I was feeling lazy and browned butter just seemed overkill. It-was-not! The browned butter makes these cookies come alive!!!

    I did a half batch, no coconut or pecans. I pressed the batter into a 9×9 pan and made bars (I said I was feeling lazy).


  • Kaitlyn

    These looked amazing, but when i put them into the oven it turned into a giant mess. I ended up with a giant pool of cookies. On the second baking sheet i only put 6 cookies and they still managed to find a way to form together. The batter was yummy but im definitely going to try and find a recipe that doesn’t spread as much. It was a nice try.

  • Wayne

    Very nice recipe. Chewy is the key, isn’t it!!

  • Elise

    I thought I would share a variation I tried that worked great. We didn’t have brown sugar, so I used one cup of white sugar and 2 Tbsp of molasses. We didn’t have chocolate chips, so we broke up a couple Hershey’s milk chocolate bars. We used salted butter instead of unsalted, but added the same amount of salt. No nuts, no coconut. The oven didn’t work well, so I’m guessing that the actual baking temp was between 300 and 325 F and we baked the cookies for about 18 to 20 minutes. The key was to brown the butter as the recipe calls for. The cookies spread, they were rather crispy and browned all the way around. The chocolate sort of melted into the cookie batter. Great great cookie. Loved it.

  • Marie

    This is a five star recipe! Chewy and absolutely delicious! One of my new all time favorite cookies! :)

  • Beverly

    I tried your Awesome Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, they are delicious! I took them to work and my co-workers really enjoyed them. This is the only oatmeal chocolate chip recipe that I will be using from now on. It took a little time, but well worth it. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Claire

    Oh.My.Word. I just made these and they are, hands down, THE most amazing cookie I’ve ever eaten! I love what browning the butter does for the taste! Thank you for sharing! (And thanks for all the great recipes on your site!) Yummy. I have a happy hubby and kiddos. :)

  • Kristen

    Fabulous. I live at 6000 ft and followed the measurements exactly and they came out great. Trick is to watch and pull them from the oven just as they are browning. Undercooked some for a frozen batch to be served with vanilla ice cream. Also subbed white chocolate chips and dried cherries for c. chips in a batch. Pretty but more controversial the original ingredients…

  • Aaron

    Just wanted to mention that I browned the butter from frozen in the microwave, melting it for 1 minute and then zapping it for 4 30s increments until it was brown and toasty. It seemed to work fine in the recipe. Would there have been a substantial difference melting it the old fashioned way?

    Microwaving it in the way you’ve described should work fine. Great idea, thanks Aaron! ~Elise

  • Rachel

    Elise, I haven’t written a comment before today, but I’ve made many things from your site. Thank you for this wonderful recipe! I thought I loved oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but I realize now that I’ve never *really* had oatmeal chocolate chip cookies before this. Can I just say that the browned butter took it to new heights?

    I got married two months ago and could barely boil water. A friend referred me to your website and I’ve been cooking predominantly from it ever since. My husband told me recently in all honesty that he prefers the food I make to going out. I told him that it’s seriously been ALL due to “this website I’ve been using.” I told him if I ever die and he still doesn’t know how to cook, he should check out (sounds morbid, I know, but that’s how much I love this site – I’d recommend its contents from beyond the grave so my widowed husband could continue to be well-fed!). I really, really appreciate how you’ll take the time to include photos and detailed instructions that might be obvious to some, but are invaluable to new cooks/bakers such as myself. I also really appreciate how you take the time to sift through all the recipes floating around in cyberspace and only post the ones you can really stand behind.

    Thank you so much Elise!

    You are very welcome Rachel. I’m thrilled that you are finding the site so useful. Thanks for letting me know! ~Elise

  • Jen

    I never tried brown butter before, but have been missing out. Incredible!!! These cookies are out of this world. Chocolate chip oatmeal have always been my favorite and these are a whole new level. Thanks for sharing (and inspiring).

  • Cat Marcoux

    To die for, per usual, Elise!!! I made them exactly as the recipe states, minus the pecans because I did not have any on hand, and they turned out fantastic.

    I love the intro to this recipe as I can picture the look on Piper and Alden’s faces as they pluck the nuts out! haha :)

  • Hina

    Omg these are sooooo delicious! I left out the nutmeg, coconut, and nuts and it was absolutely divine! I just did a blogpost on these ( and they are definitely going into my regular rotation :)

  • Lydia

    With the browned butter its almost like you making ghee or clarified butter. Though to make clarified butter it would simmer for much longer and then strain out the browned parts that you include here. I am excited to make these cookies this way. Thanks so much for the great idea!

  • Donna

    These must be made!..I love oatmeal cookie variants…and love the idea of subbing toffee bits (praliné)or chopped swiss white chocolate studded with toasted coconut that we can find easily here in France..Question…Could one MAKE sweetened coconut using the unsweetened kind? I can only obtain the sweetened coconut at an ex-pat market nearby..but the price is outrageous and it is not even a quality brand!..If any readers out there have any ideas, I would be open to those as well! I agree that sometimes, for the “moist” factor, only the sweetened coconut will suffice!

    Great question, I don’t know! ~Elise

  • shaun

    Enjoyed the tasty cookies as much as Alden and Piper I’m sure! Wonderful chocolate cookie variation. Easy to follow instructions as always too.

  • Anna-Regina

    Thanks so much for the share! Just tried those cookies out, and they are already almost gone! I really like the healthier variant with oatmeal!
    Yumm :)

  • Beverly

    I just made these and they are So Good! I love moist and chewy cookies and these fit the bill.

  • Corazon Felix

    thumbs up!!! its really awesome in making this cookies.. eventou this is my first time baking it, but the result was great!!! it because i dont like the pecans, so i replaced it with almonds.. thanks so much for the recipes!!! its make me wanna do baking always.. ^_^

  • Joyce Schiller

    My husband loves these, even though mine did not spread out and there is too much chocolate for my taste.

  • Kristi

    So delicious!!! Best cookies ever! My husband even loved them and he didn’t notice the coconut! (He hates coconut!) (I didn’t tell him either- said it was a secret ingredient!) Thank you!

  • kaitlind

    5 STARS… the best oatmeal cookies I have ever tasted. This recipe should not be altered. This is perfection in a cookie. Thank you for the recipe.

  • Patricia Farrow

    Just made these. They’re like a low sugar version of a Quaker chewy granola bar. Seems to need more sugar and chocolate flavor to make it a true dessert cookie. I wonder if I could add another 1/4 cup sugar next time? As is, I’ll have to dunk this batch in melted chocolate chips to ramp up chocolate flavor and sweetness.

  • camille alarcon

    it’s so very delicious and healthy………………:)

  • Beth

    These cookies sound delicious and I would like to make them for the holidays but I would like to start early; do they freeze well?

    • Elise

      I haven’t yet tried freezing the cookie dough for this recipe but don’t see why it wouldn’t work fine.

  • Korinne

    I just made these for the first time and they turned out perfectly: lightly crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle and they taste incredible. The bittersweet chocolate combined with the taste and texture of the coconut and pecans take this recipe well past your average oatmeal cookie, and the browned butter made for a dough yummy enough to eat by itself. Thank you!

  • Mali

    Whilst visiting family in Colo and failing miserably with a couple of cookie recipes, I plumb gave up in the cookie dept. I hope to make good with these, when my nephews visit us in Texas this weekend. The 1st batch is excellent & can’t wait for the boys to get here so they don’t think Auntie M stinks at cookie making. Wish me luck!!

  • Anonymiss

    I didn’t have enough oatmeal and wanted to use up my quinoa flakes so I modified this recipe. No sugar either so used maple syrup (less because it’s liquid) and used unsweetened coconut flakes but sweet chocolate chips. Also walnuts instead of pecans as that’s all I had.
    1 cup salted butter melted/browned did in frying pan.
    3/4 cup maple syrup
    2 eggs (large/medium) beaten
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    1 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
    1 teaspoon Himalayan salt
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    1 teaspoon cinnamon
    1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
    1 1/2 cups shredded unsweetened coconut
    1 1/4 cups rolled oats
    1 cup quinoa flakes
    1 1/2 cups sweet chocolate chips
    1 cup chopped walnuts
    put on some latex gloves and flattened into big cookies on buttered tin foil on top of pan.
    baked at 325 for 20 minutes, increase temp to 350 and set timer 10 mins as it was heating up, beeped then put back down to 325 for 5 mins and done!

  • Pat Fanberg

    Life Saver!!!! My granddaughter needed some of this for her afternoon class celebration. She had made plain oatmeal chocolate chip cookies the night before but the platter got put in the wrong car and wound up 90 miles away!!! Anyway, made these (no coconut or nuts because of potential allergies at school). They turned out exactly as pictured. Delicious. Loved the browned butter in this. It is a hit and a keeper.

  • Melissa

    My three year old son and I made these yesterday. (Well, he poured ingredients into the mixing bowl while I emphasized the importance of keeping fingers out, to be more precise. He also enjoyed helping me re-shape and moved around the little balls of dough on the baking sheet. Very helpful. :) Anyway…)

    My word — these are AMAZING!!! Totally love them. The hubby’s eaten a third of them already. Total keeper!

    Thanks for a great recipe!

  • Li

    OhFantasticCookies! I didn’t wait till it cooled down and impatiently ate a piece just now, and I just have to leave a word of appreciation for sharing such a great recipe.
    I was a little worried when i was beating the sugar and butter mixture and I couldn’t get it smooth, and after adding egg and vanilla, I wasn’t sure how smooth and light looks like. And at the end, the batter was grainy (sugar did not dissolved completely). I’m a beginner (BEGINNER) baker. So, I was ready for failure.
    But, it turned out great! Better than store bought! I love everything about the cookies. I do not have sweetened coconut so, I omitted that and I used walnut instead of pecan just because I do not have either. And I halved the recipe. I’m gonna try it with coconut after I get some.
    Thank you so much Elise!

  • Mary Enos

    These are sooooooooo good…I added coarse sea salt to the tops…hmmm good…thanks for the recipe

  • Mary

    Just found this recipe and tried it out. I used a cup of trail mix (seeds, golden raisins, almonds, and cranberries) instead of the shredded coconut. I think this may be my new favorite cookie recipe! Loved it.

  • Rebecca

    I had to write this because I made these cookies right after I read the recipe. I followed directions to a tee, no substituted ingredients. They were great cookies except they were as hard as rocks! I had medium eggs, but I put the 4T. of water in there to soften them up. I still have some and I’m sure I could throw one and break a window out! They also didn’t spread out like cookies usually do, so that made them seem like little rocks also, I guess. They taste good, but not pretty enough to share with anyone else—-so I’m still eating on them.

  • An

    Just made this recipe with white whole wheat flour, using my own add-ins = dried cherries and toasted sliced almonds. Everything else the same, tasted great! Perfect thick and chewy cookies with a crisp outside. Loved the spices too.

  • TexasChick76543

    I discovered you through your brown butter recipe. I fell in love with you because of your brown butter chocolate chip cookies. My darling those are the bomb. I followed many recipes in my day but those girl, came out perfection and with a nice bottle of wine delicious!! Please don’t go anywhere I need you in my life! Keep ’em coming!