1. Lisa Kesten

    I made this as muffins this morning. I am vegan, so I adjusted the recipe​ slightly. Earth Balance instead of butter and 1/4 c of tofu sour cream in place of the egg. They turned out amazing!

  2. Doreen

    I just made this recipe and used bobs red mill GF cup for cup flour. I also grated chocolate as a thin layer in the middle. Yum i will definitely make this again.

  3. Kat Reyes

    I have made this banana bread over a dozen times now. Each time I follow the recipe to a tee. I do however add semi sweet chocolate chips and chopped walnuts. It always comes out incredibly delicious. My boyfriend never wants me to share with anyone which I usually do bring some to work with co-workers then wind up having to make another. Luckily this recipe is so easy with ingredients that I keep in my cabinets.

  4. Anita

    I just tried this and it was my first time ever trying baking banana bread. I used self rising flour and left out the baking soda and salt. My bread was extremely dense. Do you have to use all purpose flour or did I do something else wrong?

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi Anita! My guess is that the trouble was with your self-rising flour. Different brands can use different amounts and kinds of rising agents. I’d give it another try with all-purpose flour. Good luck!

      • Anita

        Well guess what? My husband just showed me I used the canister with the all purpose flour instead of the self rising. I have memory problems and have them marked but apparently can’t follow the markings. Lol. I can’t wait to try it again and maybe do it correctly this time. Thanks!

        • Emma Christensen

          I’m pretty sure this has happened to all of us at some time or another! Hope your next loaf is delicious!

        • brett miller

          Hi Anita, this recipe is exactly the same as my mums, but we use less melted butter. I have made this many times, always perfect. The key is to use plain flour and baking soda is a must. I dont even know what it does, but it always makes my bread perfect. I also throw in about 3/4 of a cup of chopped walnuts. Will be making this as soon as my bananas go squishy.

          • Anita

            Thank you. I’m already ready to get more bananas to try it again and to follow the directions correctly this time. It is such a simple recipe. Only I could mess it up!!

  5. Corinne

    What are the nutrition facts on this recipe? Thanks!

  6. Janice m

    I added sliced bananas, strawberries and cream cheese. I also made a streusel topping. Decadent!

  7. Layne

    This is literally my go-to recipe every time I have a few bananas that are getting brown. I have made this recipe at least 20 times, and it has turned out PERFECT each time. Also, I get rave reviews from friends and family, and requests to make it again and again. I wouldn’t change a thing!! I always use 3 bananas, and 1 cup of sugar (even though you can choose 3/4 cup up to 1 cup). This recipe ROCKS!!!

    I would be interested in trying the oatmeal and chocolate chip addition, as I read in another comment, but I’m curious was liquid you would add to ensure the oatmeal doesn’t dry-out the bread. If you read this, please let me know! Thanks!!

  8. Jan

    I hope this works…I have thrown out the last 3 I made with other recipes….I am having to use a convection/toaster oven.

    • Allison Kennedy

      Try a lower temp and much shorter cook time in the toaster oven (325 for 45 mins for example)

  9. Michele

    Super easy to make and yummy! added oatmeal, chocolate chips, walnuts, and pecans and it was super yummy! Thank you!!

  10. Edward Ayliffe

    I think the Baking Soda should in fact be Baking Powder in this recipe?

    I made the first loaf with Baking Soda and it did not rise correctly. Did a second one with Baking Powder and it was perfect.


    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Edward, the recipe calls for Baking Soda, not Baking Powder. But if baking powder is what works for you, great!

  11. Nicole

    Wow excellent taste, texture. Yummy thank yoi

  12. Debbie

    Very good recipe mine came out great. The only thing is that the cooking time was 35 minutes

  13. Yasi Sadri

    This an amazing recipe!! It’s so moist. Adding dark chocolate chips and adjusting the sugar to 1/2 a cup is perfect

  14. Dewey

    I am baking a loaf right now. I can’t wait to try it while it is warm!!

  15. Polina

    Would using baking powder instead of baking soda make a huge difference? Thanks in advance!

    • Edward Ayliffe

      No Polina, using baking powder is fine, in fact, I think it makes a much better loaf myself


  16. SUSAN

    I had to come back to this page because I wanted to let you know how great this banana recipe is! I’ve made it dozens of time, it’s so easy and tastes wonderful. I love how it’s a one bowl recipe. I only use 1/2 cup of sugar and sometimes add walnuts or chocolate chips. Thanks so much for this recipe.

  17. Nellie

    Sakina I love this recipe am getting better at baking everyday that I bake.The black specs are the lines veins In a banana…..awesome taste…..

  18. Justine P

    I love this recipe, and have been using it for a while! I haven’t had a problem with it until today. For some reason, the center just wasn’t cooking and the rest of the loaf got overcooked. I don’t know what I did differently this time around, but the bananas I used were quite large. What can I do to make sure the bread bakes evenly?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Justine, try to keep the amount of mashed banana purée between 1 cup and 1 1/4 cup. That should help. I think the issue you had was that this time your bananas were bigger than usual.

    • Caron

      I agree with Elise, maybe too much mashed bananas. The other thing to check is the expiration on the baking soda. Old sodium bicarbonate can rise unevenly. The final check would be oven temp. You may have developed a hot spot. (Hope this helps.)

  19. Suriyaprabha

    This is the best banana bread ever. ..I was always poor at baking, trust me this came real good when I tried it…got appreciation too… those who r beginners in baking pls just try this… definitely it wil not be a flop

  20. Collette

    What is the baking time and temperature if you are using a standard sized muffin tin? Will this same recipe make good muffins?

  21. sakinah

    what are the black specs in the pictured loaf?

  22. Tara

    So far, this is one of the best banana breads I have ever made! It’s very moist and flavorful. I always add pecans because they give a nice toasted caramel crunch to it and the last 2 times I used “kodiak cakes” pancake mix in lieu of the flour and its been divine! The Kodiak Cakes are full of protein so it gives the bread a little extra health factor but it’s nice it doesn’t taste healthy! I always search out this recipe when making banana bread which i do every week these days. Thank you!

  23. Francesca Piccirilli

    This is fablous!! I cannot believe how quick and easy it is is to make and how wonderful it tastes, I put a tad of maple syrup in the recipe. Delish.

  24. Lanie

    I’ve never left a comment on any recipe before but feel compelled to write this! I’ve made this banana bread twice now and everyone who tried it said it was the BEST banana bread they’ve ever had. I am definitely saving this one in the recipe book. Thank you!!

  25. Erin Hindman

    Has anyone ever tried almond flour in this recipe?

  26. Ron Hendershot

    This is an easy recipe, I made a loaf two weeks ago and I used walnuts and raisins and it turned out great,my wife was shocked, I just put another one in the oven. So easy a crane operator can do it.

  27. Elaine Albenda

    Hi! My bread came out with a bit of a metallic taste? I thought I possible used too much baking side but used the suggested amount. I did use brown sugar and not white. Do you think that could have been it?


    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Elaine, some people are more sensitive to the taste of baking soda than others. I would dial it back if it doesn’t taste right to you.

  28. Debbie

    Stop your recipe search right here!
    This is THE BEST banana bread I’ve EVER made!!!
    Moist, flavorful, delicious…..what more could you ask for!?

  29. Natalie Gill

    Will a 1lb loaf tin work for this recipe? And my oven is a Gas Mark one, will i have to change cooking time or anything because i don’t want it to burn?

  30. Tyisha

    Can I use wheat flour?

    • Elise Bauer

      As in whole wheat flour versus all purpose flour (which is also made from wheat)? I haven’t used whole wheat flour with this recipe, but if anyone else has, please feel free to comment.

    • Trina

      I did use half quantity of wholewheat flour and half all purpose flour. Turned out great.

      • Lori McBride

        Me too! I also made it with only whole wheat flour and it was delicious!

    • SUSAN

      I’ve used King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour, and it turns out great every time.

  31. Amy B

    I’m so happy I found this recipe again! I made this for the first time probably 10 years ago to take to a neighbor who had just had a baby, and made a loaf for my family. I didn’t write down the recipe then I couldn’t find it again online since. I’ve tried other recipes but this one is the best. Funny, I googled banana bread to make some for another neighbor friend who’s coming my home with her baby tomorrow. This recipe is my “baby bread.” Delicious!!

  32. Nicole

    I made this delicious bread this evening. Instead of using butter I blended fresh apples and made a sauce. I did not think it would work but it did and it was delicious. I can’t eat butter so I had to improvise. :-)

    • Lee Dichter

      Instead of the butter, you can use coconut oil as well. I did and it came out perfect.

  33. Kathy thontlin

    Really no sour cream ,buttermilk, or any liquid are you sure? I will try this as I make banana bread three times a month at least .

    • Elise Bauer

      Hello Kathy, there is moisture enough in the melted butter, egg, and bananas.

      • Kathy t.

        Thank you ,I made it as recipe is and it looks beautiful and smells wonderful! I wish I knew how to take a photo and upload. I topped it before baking with some whole walnuts on top and baked it until 195 on thermapen wow I hope I don’t eat the whole loaf !

  34. Rob H

    Made this for the first time. So easy even I can do it and I’ve never baked before. Like Jenna, my wife freezes the ‘too ripe’ bananas. Let them thaw and all the ingredients go into the KitchenAid mixer and mix away. So easy and I added a few raisins and walnut pieces just laying around. Cooked 3 loafs in 30 minutes. I’m a hero to my daughter!

  35. Jo

    This recipe looks wonderful. I was thinking about making this in to a bundt. Would I be better off baking ina 6 or 10 cup bundt pan?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Jo, I haven’t made this recipe in a bundt pan but my guess would be a 6 cup one would work better as it is closer to the volume of a standard loaf pan.

      • Jo

        Thank you for the reply. The 6 cup bundt pan worked perfectly. I followed the recipe exactly (other than the pan) and it turned out amazing. I will definitely make this recipe again.

  36. Lorraine

    I have made this recipe several times and really love it. The only problem I have is the outside always starts to burn a little before it is completely baked. What can I do to keep this from happening? If it makes a difference, I only have a countertop convection oven.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Lorraine, I might try lowering the heat by 25°F. Usually that’s what you have to do when using a convection setting on an oven.

  37. Malika A. Black

    This is the best recipe to use bananas that are too ripe! Delicious!

  38. Barbara

    Banana-ey, buttery, heavenly deliciousness. Simple to make.

  39. R Layne

    My husband loves these as a healthy snack if you don’t have an egg simply use another banana. I also find it easier to use muffin tins rather than a banana bread tin. If using muffin tins bake for 40 minutes or until the fork comes out clean. For fun we add milk and white chocolate chips around the holidays Everybody loves these they are super easy to make yet delicious enough to bring for dessert

  40. Sam

    I love this recipe, comes out brilliantly everytime! However I make it with half brown and half white sugar. I also add a tablespoon or two of rum or bourbon to really bring out the flavour of the bananas and make it just that little bit more moist ;-) absolutely delicious!

  41. Callie Reneau

    This recipe was PERFECT with a cup of walnuts in a greased bundt pan.

  42. Margaret McArthur

    This is a great receipe. I followed the receipe exactly and added grated chocolate. My go to receipe now. Thanks

  43. Madilyn

    I added pecans to the batter and it tasted absolutely wonderful

  44. Chery L Davis

    Loved it. Used the 1/2 cup sugar. 25minutes in the small pans. It rose better when adding the soda to the flour and add last

  45. Joanna Seet

    This recipe is just awesome for someone like me who doesn’t bake. The bread tastes excellent. However it doesn’t rise as much as what is shown in your picture, in fact it rose only half the size of yours. Would appreciate it if you could please tell me why.
    Thank you,

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Joanna, so many things can influence how well something rises. With baking you should start with a fresh egg that is at room temperature to get the most rise from the egg. Your baking soda can’t be too old. You can check following these instructions: http://www.simplyrecipes.com/the_difference_between_baking_soda_and_baking_powder/. You don’t want to over-beat the ingredients. They should just come together. You don’t want to wait too long before making the batter and baking it. Once you’ve made the batter you should pour it into a loaf pan and bake it immediately. Finally, the larger the loaf pan the shorter the loaf. The loaf pan used in the photo is a 4×8 inch loaf pan. If you use a larger loaf pan, the banana bread will not be as tall. Good luck!

  46. Pam

    Excellent! I used 4 bananas and it still came out perfect and sooooo easy. Thank you – always great recipes.

  47. G

    This I should THE best banana bread recipe. I follow it as is. Today I plan on doubling the recipe and using a disposable loaf pan. Any guesses on about how much time I should add?

  48. Denise Southwick

    Made muffins..added wild blueberries..reduced cooking time .. Good recipe

  49. Lynn M

    Super easy delicious added cranberries and pecans

  50. TaraRain

    Easy and Delish! Ty for sharing.

  51. Barbw W.

    When making this into muffins, how long do you bake? I just made the recipe and will be guessing. The recipe could not have been easier. Made with all of the ingredients I had on hand too.. that was a huge plus!

  52. Barb

    Great idea Mitch, so don’t give up- she’s out there somewhere waiting for your wonderful banana bread!

  53. Miriam

    i made this into muffins last night. Omg, delicious!

  54. Jenna Johnson

    Versatile and reliable recipe! My second batch is in the oven right now. The first time, I used 1/2c buckwheat, 1/2c whole wheat, and 1/2 c white flour without any issue. Whenever our bananas look like they are going, I put them in the freezer and then I can take them out to make banana bread weeks/months later (just defrost to room temp). They are extra slimy then and make great bread.

  55. Mitch

    I make this as a thank you gift or as an icebreaker when meeting someone new. It always pleases the recipient, though it hasn’t led to any dates.

    Thankfully, there are always overripe bananas every few days.

  56. Kimyb

    Hey everyone I made this recipe last week and it was very good my family loved, I plan on making another one for my workplace. I made modifications to the recipe I only doubled it up and it was very good and

  57. Mary

    This is fabulous, instead of butter we like cream cheese with a little powdered sugar mixed in, then spread on the cut slices.

  58. Raelene

    This is my go to banana bread recipe and I love it. I make it vegan and use vegan butter and an extra banana instead of an egg. Has anyone tried putting it into mini muffins? I would like to try…suggestions?

    • Sharmeen

      Yes! I made them as muffins rather than a whole piece and it turned out great. You might just want to decrease the baking time a bit.

    • Matt

      I made them into muffins and they’re perfect. Like Sharmeen said, reduce the time. The 1st time you do it check them often around the 25 minute mark with a toothpick – mine were ready in 30 minutes.

  59. Melissa Gillespie

    I just made this, and it came out perfectly!!! The only modifications I made, was adding 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, and I melted the butter in a saucepan with the mashed banana, like another commenter suggested. I used a vintage milk glass loaf pan and reduced oven temp to 325 degrees and baked for 45 minutes. This is the BEST banana bread that I’ve ever had! I am so thrilled, as this is the very first time that I have made banana bread that it has come out perfectly! Thank you Elise!! Can’t wait to try your other recipes!

  60. Joanna Riley

    Made it this am for a play date. I split it into three small loaf pans so it baked faster. Was super easy and delicious. Very moist. I also added a dash of garam masala, just to make it interesting.

  61. Adoma

    Did it today; made it into muffins. I added a dash of cinnamon and reduced sugar to 1/5 cup. Turned out great!

  62. Joleen

    Made this today, used only half cup sugar, added walnuts. Very, very good!

  63. Josie Cain

    I doubled the recipe using 1 cup of sugar. Use a 9×12 glass pan and added chocolate chips to half. Turned out fabulous!

  64. Jamie-Lynn

    I made this and cooked on the bottom but doughy on top still :-/

  65. Sue

    I l;oved it but poured about 8 tblspns of Pure Mape Syurp over top before I baked it was fantastic

  66. Kim

    This is the best banana bread recipe I’ve ever used.

  67. Amanda

    This was the first time I made banana bread. This recipe was easy and it turned out great, so this is now going to be my banana bread recipe. Thanks for sharing it! I didn’t quite use 1/2 cup of sugar, but added chocolate. I also cooked it in a round cake pan (because I don’t own a loaf pan) for about 35-40 mins.

  68. Tamara

    I love this recipe! I like to change some flour for oat and some butter for almonds! Its healthier and wondeful!

  69. Alexis

    So easy to make and was super delicious!! Cooked in my oven for 50 min exactly. Added some cinnamon for flavor. Used a little less than 3/4 sugar, will probably add a tad more next time. Used 3 bananas.

  70. Melissa

    My three year old twins love making this and we’ve made it several times, and if we make one loaf in the morning, it’s practically gone by lunch. :) I’m going to try the modifications I’m seeing in the comments. We always buy extra bananas and make two loaves at a time. Easy, no fail recipe and fun for little hands to help. Win!

  71. Liz

    I made this twice in three days. Used exact recipe although I used two bananas the first time and three the second. Both were great. Three a bit better. Cooked for 50 minutes in convection oven. Our new favourite snack.

  72. Arwen

    I love using your recipes and my mother loves them to!! Thanks for helping me extend my baking knowledge

  73. Chris Lynch

    Great looking recipe but I was just wondering how long this will keep for and how should you store it?



  74. Robyn Terry

    I’ve made this recipe several times and I love it! you only need one bowl to use for all the ingredients fast and easy .

  75. kimberly hockaday

    do you oil the pan

  76. April

    This recipe didn’t really work out for me. The bottom was cooked, but the top a bit gooey. I wonder what happened? I give it a 6/10.

  77. Jessica

    I would like to use a bundt pan. does that cook differently than a regular pan?

    • Elise Bauer

      It does cook differently. Not sure about the baking times, you’ll need to experiment to see what works best in your bundt pan.

  78. Lyll Isaacs

    I made banana bread today for the first time in quite a few years using this recipe. I tripled the ingredients, added cinnamon, nutmeg, lime zest, a splash of strong rum, (I am from the Caribbean so I add a little rum to almost everything I bake lol). I made one loaf plain, added raisin and pecans to one loaf and pecans and chocolate chips to another loaf. They all baked to perfection and are very delicious. My friends are asking when next I am making more. Thanks for this easy to follow recipe.

  79. Mary K

    I messed up on the banana bread. I used applesauce instead of melted butter and it didn’t rise that much. I used flour I just bought. I always do very well with your recipes.

  80. Phina

    How’s long would I baker it if I wanted to make muffins?

  81. Janice Scrimes

    I have made this recipe quite a few times now, I add chocolate chips and we all love it

  82. Dana Davis

    Excellent results! I made this recipe exactly as written and only added 1/2 cup walnuts and
    1 tsp. cinnamon and it came out PERFECTLY!

    I especially liked using melted butter as I’ve always had a hard time creaming butter and sugar. I don’t have a stand mixer and the entire mixture gets caught in the hand mixer spokes–messy!–so this banana bread recipe was a breeze.

    I always seem to have a few ripened bananas on the counter so this will now be my one and only go-to dessert!

    • Marbs

      Let the butter soften (chopped in small chunks) as you assemble ingredients and using the mixer add the egg and vanilla with the butter, cream it then add the brown sugar, the the white…I usually have the same problem and doing this worked perfect this time

  83. Shyla

    Does this freeze well??

  84. Peter Gaida

    This is a very versatile recipe – I added a teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon (not cinnamon Sugar) and that added a great new dimension, you can also get away with a pinch of nutmeg that gives a great background flavour as well.

  85. Tammy LeMay

    I made this recipe for the 3rd time today. Have been trying different ones to see which my hubby and I like best. This one has won our vote. I can’t process too much real sugar so I have been using Truvia baking blend. It turns out excellent in this recipe. 3 bananas and 60 minutes in my oven. I put in pecans and a little cinnamon just for our personal taste. Thanks so much.

  86. Liz

    This is delicious! I made an extra loaf and was wondering what the best way is to store it. Will it keep in an airtight container at room temperature? Thank you.

    • LuvMyVacSeal

      It should keep for a few days in an airtight container at room temp, but for longer storing, you may want to think about freezing it. I seal my banana bread in whole or half loaves, mark the package and freeze. Usually freeze 3 months or less, but have gone as long as 6 months without sacrificing the taste. When we’re ready for a loaf, I’ll take it out and let it thaw overnight. Tastes like I had just baked it!
      –Obsessed with my vacuum sealer. Love it!!!

  87. MH

    I put the baking soda in 1/4 sour cream and let it poof up, then added it to the batter. also added a bit of vanilla soy milk (its what I had, could have used just milk) as suggested by another comment to thin it a bit, then made mine in and 8×8 pan, cooked beautifully in 1/2 hour.

    • Jenny

      1/4 sour cream of what: cup, teaspoon, tablespoon. Just wondering thought I would try it. Sour cream in baked goods is surprisingly amazing.

  88. Jen

    Baking from scratch usually ends poorly for me but this was so easy and tasty it barely lasted a day in my house! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  89. Louise

    Made this today and added choc chips in. Wasn’t until we were eating it that I realised we’d forgotten to put any sugar in, and it tasted amazing! I’ll leave the sugar out on purpose next time.

  90. Louise Hales

    I completely new to baking.
    When you say a cup do you literally mean a cup?
    How big is the cup? E.g. What volume of liquid would it hold?

  91. Piper

    This recipe is delicious!!! Instead of butter, I use cinnamon applesauce and only a half cup of suger!!!

  92. KG

    I experimented using a healthier version of the recipe today using 1/3 cup safflower oil in place of butter, a mix of 1/2 cup whole wheat flour and 1 cup all-purpose flour, and 1/3 cup sugar. It turned out great! Thanks very much for the recipe.

  93. vivian

    I doubled the recipe and added 5 bananas which is what I had..i put it in a large tin and it came out awesome. I have a convection oven. maybe that’s why.

  94. Michelle F

    I love this recipe but was wondering if it would work for muffins instead? Any idea of the cook time?

  95. Monika

    After trying this recipe for the first time when I felt the bread was too hard I started addying milk – 1/2 up to 1 cup, depending on the amount of bananas used. Now I already know the proper thickness of batter so when I find it too thick I simply add milk untill it’s right and the outcome is always delicious. Soft and moist, and the doughy/hard texture is gone. I love this banana bread!

    • Jo

      At what point do you add the milk? After it’s all mixed and feels too thick or before?

    • Peter Gaida

      I would go slightly heavier on the banana content than adding milk, I found the base recipe to be perfect and the bread perfectly moist, it also depends on the size of the bananas, in Sydney – Australia at the moment, we are getting bananas as cheap as $1.00 kg ranging up to $2.99 kg – that’s 0.45 US Cents or $1.35 per lb and the bananas are on the big side so this may also explain why our banana bread turned out so moist, I also found, you almost have to wait to the point that you would throw the bananas away rather than eat them, don’t’ be tempted, as long as they just pale inside and not dark brown, there good to go.

      When shopping, I buy a few extra bananas for the family knowing some will be used for the bread.

  96. Katie Cork

    I love this Recipe! I use Becel margarine,3 ripe bananas always turns out at 350 for 52 minutes! Not sure if my living in northern Canada at a higher altitude makes a difference

  97. Magda

    I love this recipe because I’m usually left with two overripe bananas so recipes which require more fruit don’t work for me it’s simple but really rewarding. Today I added some roasted wallnuts and now I’m waiting for it to bake yay!

  98. Michelle

    I own a restaurant and I wanted to try a simple banana mini muffin recipe. This is the one I tried, very easy and delicious. They are so cheap to make and moist, I will be offering this in place of a biscuit or cornbread. Thank you for such a delicious and cost effective recipe. A must try!

  99. JD

    Did anyone else use three bananas? I had exactly three, and wanted to get rid of them, unfortunately I think it made it hard for the bread to cook all the way through. It looked beautiful with a nice crack in the middle, and perfectly golden, but after ten minutes out of the oven it caved. I sliced it and it was uncooked.

    • Cathy

      Mine too is not cooked after 60 min.

    • Amanda

      I used 3 bananas and it came out perfectly fine. When the top started to golden I slipped a knife in the middle to see if it was done and it wasn’t so I was a bit worried but let it cook a bit longer and then it cooked all the way through. It was a bit dry because I think I had to cook it about 10 extra minutes but it did the trick. Also I smashed my bananas to where it looked like baby food, then added the liquid ingredients in one by one which may have helped…

    • Madison

      Mine was not cooked even after an hour and 20mins….

      • Samantha

        I don’t think the extra banana changes it that much. Cooking time can vary from oven to oven. My oven at home takes way longer than what most recipes call for. It just takes practice. Good luck!

    • Janice

      I used 3 bananas and it was absolutely gorgeous, once 50 minutes was up it was still a bit uncooked in the middle but the outside was done so I turned the oven off and left the cake inside for 10 more minutes and it was perfect!!!

  100. Patty

    Making today! Will add nuts and chocolate chips….this is my go to recipe for bananas that turn too brown…..but the darker the better I have learned.

  101. Vincent

    This is awesome, baked one for me and hubby this midday and result was perfect, Baked it a little longer like 5 more min and it’s crunchy outside and super moist inside. thanks for thie great recipe!

  102. Angela

    Can this be doubled made in a bundt pan?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Angela, I haven’t tried doubling the recipe and making it in a bundt pan, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

  103. Mary

    It was delicious, but I recommend a shorter baking time. I followed the directions to a tee. I preheated the oven to 350. At 52 minutes, it smelt a little burnt, so I took it out. Now, my oven always takes longer than a recipe calls for…always. Whether cooking a turkey or baking a cake, it takes longer. This indicated 50 to 60 minutes.
    When I cut it, it looked darker or almost burnt in spots. It was on the verge, but fine. It was actually delicious and very moist. The crust in parts was not as soft, but okay. I just know next time to check it at 45 minutes.
    Thanks for the nice recipe!! It was really delicious and very easy.

  104. Dawn

    I had over ripe bananas I needed to use. This recipe seemed simple enough. I added pecans and mini chocolate chips per my husband’s request. It turned out great;moist and delicious.

  105. Scarlet

    Thanks for the recipe, I had a lot of ripped bananas and figure i would try baking a band bread, I doubled up everything listed but instead of butter I use 1/3 earth balance dairy free butter and 1/3 coconut oil. It came out really well, next time though I’d like to try baking with gluten free flour. I wasn’t sure if it would impact the consistency of the bread so I didn’t bother.

  106. Suriyaprabha

    Awesome banana bread….I tried it for very first time and I loved it… I substituted butter with oil and baking soda with 2 tsp of baking powder .. thanks for the baking soda notes..it’s was really useful ….tx a lot for the recipe..worth trying

  107. Diamond

    Is there any substitute for butter? It’s the only ingredient I’m missing!

  108. Renu

    It can put very well. I baked with my 4 yr old daughter n she loved baking it and eating it. We used oil , brown sugar and added sm 5 spice powder in it. It rose very well too.?This recipe is definitely a keeper. Thank you.

  109. Sue

    I don’t have a 8 x 4 loaf pan and I would like to make this. Can I use a 9-1/2 x 5-1/4 pan? Should I lessen the baking time?

  110. Isabel

    This recipe turned out perfectly from the first time!!! This is a keeper!. I loved it!!!

  111. Mhopton

    I made this today and OMG came out perfect!! Thank you for this simple recipe and I also did the hashtag #simplyrecipe for the Instagram post. Cant wait to browse more of your recipes to make!

  112. Ashley Benvenuti

    Made this last night, was my first time making banana bread it was so good! I added chocolate chips.

  113. Vicky Chavez

    LOVE THIS RECIPE! turned out perfect. I also added walnuts. It’s easy to triple and freeze some or give as gifts . THANK YOU!

  114. Yassmeen

    Hello! This is an amazing recipe. If I wanted to turn it into pumpkin bread, how much pumpkin purée would I need? I suppose everything else stays the same?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hello Yassmen, rather than trying to turn this banana bread recipe into something it isn’t, I suggest trying our Pumpkin Bread recipe http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/pumpkin_bread/. It’s excellent.

      • Fe Sabino

        some years ago, I made my first Banana Quick Bread lifted from a Family Circle magazine (sold old issues here in the Philippines till now). It turned out okay. And every time I made a few variations; like substituting peanut, kasuy nuts or pili nut instead of walnut which is very expensive here. I used brown sugar and 1/2 cup milk. The milk I used and in my other baking recipes is an evaporated milk, a can is 370 ml (380g) and a block of butter of 225 g (7.94oz). I don’t know then what is a stick of butter and its equivalent. Now, I checked your measurement converter. Maybe next time, I’ll upload picturesof the usual sizes of ingredients typically available in local supermarkets. Of course, there’s high end supermarkets, too, but a housewife then, now 75 y.o. lola with limited dough can’t brave to shop there.
        The different sizes available here of the ingredients called for from foreign magazines recipes were problems for me. But, somehow, I learned to substitue or re-invent. I started baking in 1972, stopped baking in 1987. 2013 my daughter – who was born a year after I started baking, bought a nice and good oven. But, only last Christmas did I try to bake. and the old chocolate cake I used to bake then was a big flopped! So, I decided to check on websites to re-learn baking again. Your website is very informative, easy to read because it’s simple, and I think all that I want to know I’ll find here.
        Thanks, Elise, andEmma and all the rest of your nice staff.

        Now, I’m browsing your website. My goodness, I found some of the recipes I’ve done in the past! And, I’m now aching to run to the kitchen and start bake again. And, read this Banana Bread. My childrden then, and their elementary classmates loved the banana bread, cookie and brownies and chocolate cakes I made for them.
        It’s late afternoon now here as I type this. Tomorrow, I’ll run to the nearest supermarket and buy some of the ingredients and will start again the banana bread and cookie and brownie I found in your amazing website. Thanks, Elise. I’ll discover more about your website as far as my eyesight can. . I also thank your guest writers who answered questions because I took note from them, too.

  115. Hira

    Hi Elise

    I just wanted to say, this is the best banana bread recipe I’ve ever tried. I added some chocolate chips and walnuts and my family went crazy over it, myself included. It is delicious!

  116. Hanney

    What is the effect of the absence of vanilla?

  117. Gee

    I had some overripe bananas and needed to use them. The banana bread came out great. It was soft and moist. Followed the recipe. Used 3 bananas and 3/4 cup sugar. It was just sweet enough. My family loved it.

  118. Erika Fernandez

    Can I freeze the banana bread? And what is the ideal time for the banana bread to be left out before we freeze it? (thats going of the first question.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Erika, yes you can freeze banana bread. You need to let it cool down completely, wrap it first in plastic wrap, then again in foil.

  119. Shiela May

    What is the best butter to use for this recipe, salted or unsalted?

  120. Jenny Lee

    can you use a 5 x 9 loaf pan instead of a 4 x 8?

  121. JO

    I am a newbie at baking and would like to try out this wonderful recipe. But i am stuck at the “1/3 cup of melted butter”.

    Is 1/3 cup of butter, melted = 1/3 cup of melted butter?

    Is there a conversion to weight?

  122. Kathy

    Didn’t come out good – very flat. Where is the baking powder????

    • Elise Bauer

      There is no baking powder in this recipe but more than enough baking soda and an egg for leavening. To check your baking soda to make sure it’s still good, sprinkle a little vinegar on it. It should bubble up vigorously. As for eggs, you’ll get the best rise from eggs that are fresh and at room temperature.

  123. Risa Cohn

    I made this banana bread for my staff and students at work…and the response was awesome! Everyone inhaled the bread in minutes…I used some cinnamon, crushed walnuts and semi-sweet chocolate chips. One bath of this batter fit 3 mini tins, so I produced over 30 to give out! I also love that this recipe is low in sugar…I was able to reduce it a little more and it’s still a delectable treat. Now everyone is asking for the recipe!

  124. Bebe

    Just made it today…so simple yet delicious ..loved it. Thanks

  125. Kae Banks

    I just baked this banana bread it’s so easy.. this is my first time baking bread.. thanks again for a great recipe.

  126. Arlene Annerino

    Can I freeze my banana bread

  127. Karen

    I don’t generally leave comments, but I absolutely had to share my love for this recipe! This is hands down THE BEST banana bread recipe I have ever tried. I also add about two handfuls of lightly crushed walnuts, which I also recommend if you/your loved ones enjoy them as well, and I also substituted white sugar for brown (because I didn’t have time to go to the store lol).
    Thanks so much for sharing, my family and I cannot get enough!!

  128. michelle

    I’m trying this recipe for the first time – it’s in the oven right now! Just for fun, I added a couple tablespoons of ground chia seeds :)

    • michelle

      To follow up… my banana bread turned out great! It was SO fluffy! I didn’t expect that and it was a big hit. Chia seeds worked well and I would try more next time. You don’t even know they’re in there. Egg at room temperature for sure – I think that helped make it so fluffy.

  129. Lizzie

    This is the 3rd time in a month I’m making this, it’s THAT good. Today’s loaf will be given to our local Fire Department which responded with warp speed 2 nights ago to our call because our oven was on fire because I left a plastic cutting board in it. NEVER AGAIN.

  130. Nancy M

    The recipe calls for All purpose flour, I have a huge bag of self rising flour, will that make a difference in the finished product? I am going to be making about 45 loaves for our local fire department and want them to turn out as delicious as the reviews say it is!!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Nancy, self rising flour already has leavening in it, so if you use it in a baked good, you shouldn’t need to add baking soda or baking powder. In the case of this banana bread recipe, I haven’t tried replacing the all purpose flour with self-rising, so don’t know what to tell you about how well the substitution would work.

  131. Pat Prunty

    Awesome recipe!! Banana bread came out good. I am diabetic so I used 1 cup of Splenda sugar instead of regular white sugar. I used 3 bananas. Like you said previously baking times differ, I baked mine about 10 minutes less than in the recipe. I will be using this recipe again. Thank you.

  132. marilyn

    Do i have to add the vanilla extract or can i leave it out?

  133. Tara

    I made this yesterday with my 5 yr old son, he was a great help peeling and mashing the six bananas I used as I doubled the recipe and made one large loaf and 2 minis. He also requested chocolate chips, so added half white half dark chocolate. Turned out amazing, and I got to freeze the 2 minis. Thanks for such an easy and tasty recipe. YUM!!!

  134. Brittany

    Yummy! I made these as muffins and added chocolate chips and they turned out amazing! So moist!

  135. Kim

    If using muffin tin is the baking time less?

  136. Christyl An Kennedy

    I added 2 regular size bananas which I had frozen. I always throw my browning bananas in the freezer and pop them out to make banana bread. It turned out wonderfully and the timing was right on as well, an hour was about perfect. The lady adding 6=8 bananas was overdoing it a bit in my opinion. Also probably why it took longer to bake hello! Great recipe though. Very easy. Very yummy!!

  137. John

    I didn’t have overripe bananas…I had some that were just turned ripe, nice and firm and white. But this recipe sounded so good (and I wanted banana cake so badly) that I decided to see what I could do.

    What I did was to mash up the bananas, and then put them in a sauce pan along with the butter, and slowly cooked them. Cooking not only melted the butter (as called for by the recipe), but also softened the bananas very nicely, as well as really bringing out that banana flavor.

    Cooked the rest according to the recipe’s instructions (except I added one tsp of cinnamon, as well), and came out as absolutely the best banana bread I’ve ever had! Moist and flavorful. I’m sure this is in large part because of this excellent recipe, but I think that the cooked bananas also added a little something extra :-)

    • Tara

      Thank you!! I wanted to make this today but didn’t have over ripe bananas. I have made this recipe multiple times and each time it turns out great!

      • Mary

        You can always bake bananas to ripen them. Peel on and everything. Works like a charm!

  138. Judy Cheng

    Recipe was good and easy to make. It would be better if the quantity of bananas to use is more specific. So I would recommend 6 to 8 if bananas are small. 2 eggs if there is no large egg. Add dash of fresh milk if you find recipe is dry (approx. 30 ml or less). My cake turns out perfect.

  139. Mary A. White

    Just made this. It’s the best banana bread I’ve ever tasted! I added a cup of chopped fresh nuts. I cracked pecans, almonds, walnuts, brazils and hazels from our nut bowl. Wow.

  140. Jill

    Baking time is incorrect! I baked more like 1 hour 15 minutes plus. I checked to make sure it was baked through the loaf.

  141. Vickie Dawson

    I only had one banana so added banana extract in place of vanilla and added strawberries mashed from frozen zapped in microwave to thaw first. Hope it turns out good. The batter tasted good!

  142. Dee Lockard

    I doubled this recipe, and cut the sugar and butter down by 1 tsp. I didn’t have baking soda so I used baking powder. The bread still turned out moist and delicous. Thanks for this wonderful recipe! <3 <3

    • Dee Lockard

      I also added to packs of banana oatmeal to make it a little healthier.
      I would add a picture of it but I am not sure how?

  143. Brian

    Just made it. It is delicious. I used 6 very ripe bananas and doubled everything else. Made a loaf and a dozen muffins.

  144. Todd Hoffman

    Fanstastic recipe. Turned bananas that were bound for the trash into a delicious treat. Thanks

  145. Jenn Roy

    I just tried this recipe and failed for some reason. I followed all of the instructions…it almost felt like i should have added more flour than required?

  146. Barbara

    Love this recipe, very easy to put together for a great dessert bread. We put chocolate chips and nuts. Last time I added some sour cream to make a moister bread

  147. BAKING

    I have never had a banana bread ever, we don’t have it where i live. And since i have some ripe banana lying to be tossed out, I decided to give this recipe a try.
    I was very overjoyed by the lovely smell indicating my succes. However when cutting into the loaf I was lost… What is the desired consistency for such a cake? Mine was very packed, almost felt like taking a bunch of white bread mushing together into a ball. Is that how it’s supposed to be???
    The taste was however delicious, the banana flavour wasn’t overwhelming and the sweetness was about perfect! Only concern is the consistency…

    • Elise Bauer

      No, it shouldn’t be that packed. Sounds like it needed to bake longer. Also check your baking soda to make sure it is still good (add a little vinegar to a small amount, if it bubbles up like crazy, it’s still good).

    • Erica

      Banana bread is pretty dense and is much more like pound cake than actual bread, but it sounds to me like you might have over-mixed your ingredients. It’s really important to stop mixing as soon as your ingredients are blended together- it’s okay if it’s a little lumpy, but if you mix your batter too much for too long, you’ll end up with bread that’s a little too packed.

  148. Arlinda

    I dont usually comments on recipes, but i will this time, this is the best banana bread i ever had! I love baking banana bread but im not fan eating it, my husband likes it, but i am very picky, so he is the one that eats it, but this recipe, i really love it! not just making it but eating it and im always looking forward to make this when i have a lot of banana. Thank you!

  149. fabiola

    thanks for the recipes, i ñove banana bread…

    i have a queston,

    2 bananas how much is in cup aproximately???

    where i live, we have differents size of bananas

    greetings form tabasco, méxico

  150. Nancy

    Scrumptious and easyI I have used this recipe many times, and decided to add walnuts and dried cherries. Yum! Also adjusted recipe to yield 4 loaves to share with friends. This banana bread freezes well. Thanks Elise

  151. Cheryl

    Thank You!! Best Banana Bread!! Per suggestion used 1/4 cup sugar. Also made muffins adding walnuts in one batch and toll house choc chips in the other.

  152. Shannon

    I’ve been using this recipe for over ten years… I came looking for it again because the copy I have is so dirty and beat up and I wanted to print it again. This is the BEST banana bread you will ever make. Ever.

  153. Michelle

    Just made a double batch for the first time. Can’t wait to try them! If they taste half as good as they made the house smell I will be making these regularly for sure!

  154. Jenelle

    Pretty fast they were done in 15 mins, I used a muffin tin instead…less sugar in my recipe though.

  155. meryll

    It is in the oven as I am typing.I can’t wait for a bite.thanks for the beautiful recipe.

  156. Desertdan

    Ma Vadnais/ Pulling uses Buttermilk in hers. She says that’s her secret. Not anymore. It is good and moist.

  157. Sudha

    It came out very good. Very simple and easy cleaning. Kids loved it. Definitely try again.

  158. Meghna

    This is the best recipe for banana bread! I’ve made it plain so many times and with 1/2 cup of chocolate chips a few times, and both types came out great. Could we substitute all purpose flour with whole wheat for a healthier version?

    • Tiffany

      I have made this recipe with whole wheat pastry flour and it came out great. I also substituted brown sugar for half of the white sugar to help keep it moist.

  159. Valarie Keane

    This is, without a doubt, the BEST and simplest banana bread recipe I have ever made. My family couldn’t get enough. I had 2 over ripe bananas to use, and I did add an extra teaspoon of vanilla since I love the flavor. Then I made it extra special with chocolate chips and walnuts. This recipe will be printed, used often, and committed to memory. Thank you!

    • Valarie Keane

      Hey, everyone, I thought about how easy and what a terrific base this recipe is, and I just finished 2 experiments you may enjoy. For the 1st one prepare fresh cranberry sauce by following the package instructions and allowed it to cool. Then incorporate about half into the batter. Place it in a muffin tin and bake it at 350°F for about 15 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the middle of one comes out clean. For the 2nd idea take a can of apple pie filling and roughly cut the apples into chunks and add all of it to the batter. Bake these muffins at 350°F for about 23-26 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of one comes out clean. The family and I really enjoyed these and I hope you do, too.

  160. LA

    Making it right now and it looks good. Thank you.

    LA from South Africa.

  161. katie mentink

    I just made this banana bread and it is delicious the only change was the oven temp to 325 instead of 350 only because my oven gets a little to hot and I did not want to burn the bread great reciepe

  162. Rod LaFleur

    I’ve been using this recipe for a while now and have made some adjustments. It’s in such high demand when I make it so I usually make 5 loaves. “Adjsutments:” 1. Use 4-5 bananas per loaf. 2. Chopped walnuts in eveything. 3. Add cinnamon to taste. 4. Add peanut butter and/or chocolate chips to one loaf. 5. I call this loaf, “Elvis” add peanut butter chips and chopped cooked bacon.

  163. Star Palmer

    I added raisins, cinnamon, walnuts,
    ” the batter was very thick it was too thick to pour but not thick enough to be dough is this normal ?? Should I add a splash of milk”??

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Star, the batter should be thick, this is normal. No need to add a splash of milk.

    • Christa

      I think it depends how many bananas you use and how ripe they are. Two of mine were very ripe and one wasn’t as and mine wasn’t too thick to pour. Are you using very ripe bananas?

  164. Lynn

    My family loves this recipe. We make muffins, ingredients and amounts the same. bake for about 20 minutes. Yummy and my one daughter does not even like bananas and she LOVES them. Thank you

  165. Michelle S

    I have been using this banana bread recipe for 5+ years now. My family LOVES it!!!! This weekend I am baking for a bake sale. I used this recipe and split it into 3 mini loaf pans. (Dimensions are approx. 3 x5in) I baked on 350° and cut baking time in half. Cooked for 30-35min. They were as delicious as ever!!!! Best recipe ever!!!!

  166. Novice (in the kitchen)

    Just made this recipe as posted accept substituted whole wheat flour and it was delicious. May add some walnuts next time, and there definitely will be a next time. Pretty simple and not much clean up. Mixed everything by hand in one bowl. Melted butter in a coffee cup in microwave and afterward beat the egg in the same cup before added to the mix.

  167. Tim Gregorian

    1871 calories in the whole loaf

  168. Melissa Waltereit

    Just made this recipe and all I can say is Mmmmm because I can’t stop eating it. I couldn’t wait for it to cool to try it because the delicious scent coming from the oven while it cooked had my belly talking. I added chocolate chips so my kids would try it, however I’m not sure I want to share. I am so thankful that you shared this recipe.

  169. Raynette

    I have tried many Banana Bread recipes and this is by far the best!!!!

  170. Jacque

    I Love this recipe! I have made it once in a loaf pan and this morning as muffins. Do you have an idea of calorie count for the recipe? Was just curious and thank you.

  171. Elaine H

    can I double this? can’t wait to try it, but maybe I should just do one first?? thanks for this great and easy recipe!

  172. Kathy

    can i bake this in a 9×5 loaf pan

  173. Maria

    Great recipe – I have made it at least a dozen times for the past year. Question: Is it suitable for freezing?

  174. Nathaniel Brewer

    I made this but added walnuts and chocolate chips. I also topped it with toasted walnuts and a glaze made with powderd sugar and milk.

  175. Janet

    Can I substitute eggs

  176. Claudia

    Awesome easy recipe. I made this in minimum time. I altered the recipe to suit my family’s tastes by adding grains, nuts and a variety of spices. It went all at once……only thing left is a promise you make it every weekend.

  177. Elizabeth

    When it says “1/3 cup of melted butter” should we measure the butter before we melt it, or after?

    • Simply Recipes Editor

      Either way is fine! The amount will be the same before or after melting — 1/3 cup is 5 1/3 tablespoons. You can use the leftover 2/3 tablespoon to grease the pan!

    • Alisandra

      Usually sticks of butter have the marking on the wrapper itself. I made this and just followed the wrapping without measuring it after.

    • Emma

      it works out to 76 grams if you convert it , I converted it on google then weighed it.

  178. Ellen Kaller

    I did not have the correct loaf pan size so I baked it in a miniature bundt pan and it looked really nice! However the baking time was dramatically less, about 35 minutes, so not sure if that had to do with the pan. Great taste!

  179. Christina L

    I have made this recipe several times an it is very consistent and delicious. I use half a cup of sugar, and I add chopped walnuts to the mix. Yummy every time!

  180. Michelle S.

    I made this yesterday and also the muffins. Both were amazing! I added chopped walnuts to the muffins. Neither took as long to bake which was great but I know ovens vary. This recipe is definitely a keeper!!

  181. B. Mac

    I’ve made this for a few years now and hands down it is the best banana bread recipe out there.
    I’ve even changed it up sometimes too, I add 3/4 cup wheat flour, 3/4 cup white flour or made my oatmeal flour (using a small food processor) , cut the sugar to 1/2 cup brown sugar. I’ve also added 1/4 cup chocolate chips and 1/4 cup of shredded coconut along with 1/4 cup walnuts (was told its the best bread ever for that loaf) lol… My point is you can play around with this recipe, making it different if you want to for friends or family with different taste/ or sugar restrictions.. Of course the original is awesome too! Thank you for my go to favorite recipe.

  182. Glenda

    Add chocolate chips,or broken Hershey bars—-yummy

  183. Carlo and Jenny

    We tried this recipe and it turned out great even if we are beginners to baking. This fits a medium loaf pan just right. I love the fact that you left options for the sugar content as we like our banana bread not too sweet. Thank you for this recipe.

  184. Sinead

    I’ve made this recipe about a dozen times now and have never commented about how much I love this banana bread recipe on here! Anyone who’s tried it with me loves it too, especially my nephew who asks me to make it especially for him. I’m lucky that the first time I made banana bread, I found this recipe bc I’ve never had to use another one! The last two times, I was short on time, so I put the batter into cupcake molds. I didn’t use liners, but I did butter them first. I baked for about 30 minutes – give or take- instead of the hour and the yield was 12. Tonight I put Ghiradelli chocolate chips in 6 of them! I can’t wait until they’re done! Only 24 minutes to go! Yum! Much thanks to the original baker who created this recipe!

  185. Zoe

    I’ve made this a few times, and it always took way longer than the recipe said to finish baking. I think it has something to do with altitude- I live near Denver. Today, I used 1 3/4 cups flour instead of 1 1/2, and it turned out much better!

  186. Cristina

    I make it today for my 2 year old son, i use margarine and baking powder because i don’t have baking soda. Its really moist and i didn’t mashed the banana much leaving banana pieces in the bread, yummy! its the best recipe i tried for banana bread.

  187. Shellie Hernandez

    I absolutely love this recipe! I use Country crock instead of butter cuz that’s what have. I also add nuts because that’s how my boyfriend likes it. I make 4 loafs at a time and they are always a hit! This recipe makes it so easy to bake, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  188. Tina Mayhorn

    HELP!!!!! Today is my husbands birthday! (We havnt been married that long) I have a cake mix here, so I could bake him a cake!! I’m injured, so I had to just get a cake mix!! Anyway, he blows me over this morning with, ” I don’t think I want a cake!! I want Banana Bread!” Seriously?? So I looked up this simply recipe!!! Looks simple enough, all the reviews r amazing! My problem is, I threw out the brown Banana yesterday! & I don’t have any butter!! What can I do to make him some kind of something??? I have flour, eggs, Smart Balance Oil, sugar, Applesauce!! Anybody, know what I can do????

  189. Carolyn Lacanilao

    Do you use unsalted or salted butter??

  190. LoLo Brooks

    The 1st time I made this about 2 weeks ago, I used bananas. I made it again tonight for a quick grab and go breakfast the rest of the week and I used zucchini instead and it is AWESOME!!! This has got to be my go to base recipe for future breads….can’t wait to grate some carrots and add some craisins! Thanks !

  191. Sharon

    I’m so glad I found this easy delicious recipe! I just made it today and while my breads usually are not done in the middle this time the bottom and sides got a little too done. I only had it in 50 minutes. I might have to cut back a couple minutes. Just hope it will be done in middle then. Any other tips to keep bread from getting too brown?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Sharon, I would lower the temp in your oven by 25°F. Every oven is different, so sometimes you just have to find the temp that works best for your oven.

      • Susan Lord

        I am cooking this as I read the comments. Mine got brown way before the inside was done. I turned the oven to 325 and hopefully it will finish without burning on the outside. I am using a metal pan also so that could be why.

  192. Alma

    Can I use raw sugar?

  193. Heather

    I LOVE this recipe! All of my coworkers get so excited when I make it!

  194. KEndall

    I want to make this recipe but don’t have vanilla extract. Is there anything I can do?

  195. Patricia

    I made this for the first time today with a few alerations and it turned out moist and DELICIOUS!!! The alterations were as such:

    I doubled the recipe and used:

    two sticks / one cup of melted butter

    three eggs

    I substituted the flour for Sprouted Spelt Flour (same equivalent) – which is great for Celiacs or anyone with wheat or gluten intolerance, and it tastes great too.

    one cup of sugar

    add 1 tsp Nutmeg and 1/2 tsp Ground Cloves (approximately)

    Baked at 325 for 45 minutes — be sure to check with a toothpick to make sure it is cooked through, but don’t bake too long to avoid it becoming dry.


  196. Claudette

    I have made this bread three times. It’s the best banana bread ever. So easy to make. I made while I was washing up the dishes.love it.

  197. Amanda

    I made this today and instead of all purpose flour I used whole wheat pastry flour (since I ran out of AP flour) and the texture was perfect! I’ll be using this recipe as my base and experiment with it.

  198. April Stoltman

    This is so funny. This is my exact recipe from my German grandmother that she used 75 years ago. Exact! And it’s the best bread I’ve ever had. I just happened to see this recipe when looking for something else and noticed it looked very similar. Too funny. I highly recommend this recipe! Mmmmm

  199. Karen

    I’m making this right now!! It’s baking in the oven!!!

  200. Angela Fitzmaurice

    I made this yesterday. This was my first banana bread. Perfectly cooked after only 50 mins. (I think my oven runs bit hot, so I kept it closer to 325 than 350…old oven with a dial). I was delicious! Moist and flavourful with a lovely crust. Can’t wait to try it with chocolate chips!

  201. Leigh Anne

    Can margarine instead of butter be used in it ?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Leigh Anne, I don’t see why not. If you make it with margarine, please let us know how it turns out for you!

  202. Meghna

    I made this last night and it turned out great! There’s a very small piece left today. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  203. Katrina D.

    This recipe is amazing! I made it at my in-law’s house at 7,000 ft. I also didn’t have measuring cups or spoons so I eye-balled it. I was shocked when it came out delicious. Thank you for such a great recipe!

  204. kathy

    This IS my go to recipe for banana bread. I also use it to make muffins. I’ve added nuts, choc chips, and sometimes a bit of coconut and it always comes out perfect. Thank you.

  205. Maria LH

    Just made this recipe. My husband loves banana bread and I used to make one with a more complicated recipe. Searched for a simple recipe and found this. Was so pleasantly surprised at the result. Moist and easy to make. Used 1/4 Splenda and 2/4 sugar. Came out perfect, not too sweet, and center perfectly baked. Thank you!

  206. Janet Rodriguez

    This recipe is easy and delicious. I made one loaf with pecas and chocolate chips wonderful and one with raisens. Thanks for posting

  207. Kayla

    I just made this recipe vegan and it turned out great! Made muffins instead of a loaf to avoid the uncooked center proven and added in some vegan chocolate chips as well !!

  208. Gail

    I made the bread this morning and added 1 tsp of cinnamon, chopped walnuts and chocolate chips, it is amazing!

  209. Lynn

    I have made this banana bread many times and it is really good. I sprinkle brown sugar and nuts on top. I also add baking powder to the recipe. I notched some people have problems with raw centers. I would suggest lowing the temperature of the oven and cooking a little longer.

  210. Leila

    Best and easier recipe ever! I just add some pecans.

  211. TeraLie

    Easy to make .
    Rose well
    Beautifully brown on top

  212. Steve

    Just made :)
    can this be freezed and for how long do U recommend?

  213. Kathy

    Why can’t I get my quick banana bread to get done in the middle?

  214. Judy

    Could whole wheat flour be used instead of all purpose?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Judy, I haven’t made this with whole wheat flour, but if you do, please let us know how it works out for you!

  215. Jonathon

    I’m getting ready to try this recipe and am going to use banana’s from my yard, will this be an issue? Also they are smaller than a store bought banana so how many should I use? I also want to use mini loaf pans, any suggestion on how much batter would go into each pan? Can this recipe be doubled or tripled? Thanks for your feedback.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Jonathon, mash enough bananas to fill 1 to 1 1/4 cup with banana purée.

  216. Tina

    Can I use frozen bananas in this recipe?

    • Elise Bauer

      Sure, but you may need to defrost them first.

      • Sherron

        Always use frozen bananas. This recipe is now family favorite. Try it with cream cheese

  217. Stephanie

    A friend shared this recipe with me now I make it almost every time my bananas become too ripened to eat. I love it and so does my husband! I add cinnamon as well. Thanks!

  218. Catherine McGill

    Just made this recipe and it’s in the oven now. Only difference from my mom’s fabulous recipe is that this calls for vanilla extract and uses melted butter instead of shortening. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  219. Tom

    “bananas, peeled”?
    Did anyone think otherwise?

  220. Michelle Trivett

    My family loves banana bread and I’m trying this recipe for the first time right now…I just put it in the oven. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  221. Robert Estersohn

    Dunno what I did wrong, but, after an hour and 10 minutes in the oven, the center is still uncooked. Sad days :c

  222. Tierra

    Made it and it tastes A-MAZING. Moist and sweet!

  223. Ali

    This is an amazing recipe! I am a horrible cook and I just made this recipe for the first time and it came out perfect and delicious! Very easy and cheap to make! Even my boyfriend who refuses to eat my cooking just finished his 3rd slice. Happy dance here!

  224. Jacqueline Gordon

    I hate to ask but do you have a calorie count for this recipe?

    • Elise Bauer

      I do not. Sort of hard to do actually, since you could just slice thinner slices and cut whatever calorie count I came up with in half.

  225. Leona Emtage

    I keep this recipe in my desktop bookmarks. It’s super easy especially with the melted butter. I use all brown sugar, half oats and half flour and add raisins and blueberries. Yummy!! Thank you.

  226. Cassie

    Not sure why this recipe has ANY negitive reviews. I’m not the best cook/baker ever, and this was my first time making banana bread. I followed it almost exactly. I used 3 bananas and 1/2 cup white sugar, 1/2 brown sugar. Baked in muffin tins (only took 30 minutes to cook). They are moist and delicious. Tastes like how my grandma makes it. Will definitely try it with walnuts next time. Perfect for holiday food gifts.

  227. Del

    Outer part brown inside soup followed recipe to the t and do not understand why it will not bake in center.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Del, it sounds like you need to bake it longer given your oven set-up. If the outside gets too brown, cover it with foil. Also it could be that you are using larger bananas than standard, which would increase the moisture level in the bread and make it take longer to cook.

  228. Shannon Angus

    I just tried this recipe and added a little cinnamon, and substituted coconut oil for butter, and 1/4 cup light brown sugar, 1/2 cup white. It was amazing!!! Keeping this recipe under the tasty tab. :)


    I just made this recipe… tossed in a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips & baked it in a bundt pan. As soon as it cools I’m top it with a honey bourbon glaze!

  230. Rabbit

    Thanks. A nice simple recipe with room to maneuver. I added an extra banana, twice the vanilla as well as a big teaspoon of cinnamon and ket the sugar low. Excellent tasting result and nice consistency but I wonder if the extra banana is why it didn’t rise too well on the ends or is that my oven temperature maybe too low?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Rabbit, yes an extra banana as well as liquid from the extra vanilla will affect the rise.

  231. Jv

    Made it to the T, came out PERFECT!!

    • Kirsten

      I just made this and it’s in the oven. I always find it to be funny when it says to be cooled completely. Yeah, right like that’s ever gonna happen. Lol

      • Rabbit

        Thanks Kirsten. Now I’ve used SR flour and added a bit more soda and managed to get it to rise better on the ends by keeping covered loosely with alfoil for the first half of baking time. About an hour in our oven. I don’t think it’s very efficient despite being fan forced as most things require higher temps and cooking times in it. The result is great anyway, it’s fairly dense and cuts like a Danish rye bread so cuts lovely even slices that don’t crumble.

  232. Babychupes

    Is there any magic to the order these ingredients are added? Is there any reason I can’t add al the dry ingredients at once? I thought I’d premix the dry ingredients and store in a mason jar for when we have ripe bananas.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Babychupes, I’ve put the ingredients in this order because it makes it easier to do everything in one large bowl, in a manner that allows for the ingredients to be well incorporated. If you want, you can dump everything in a bowl at once, it will still work. Or you can separate the dry from the wet ingredients and do it that way.

      • Babychupes

        Thanks for the quick response!

      • Robert

        Yeah…. no need to mess up extra bowls…. just dump it all together and mix. Turns out great !

  233. C Gilbert

    This is my new go to recipe for banana bread. I love, love using melted butter instead of oil. It adds wonderful flavor. The texture of this bread was great, not too dense.

  234. Claudette

    Love the recipe. It couldn’t have been more simpler. It turned out just right

  235. dawn jeralds

    5 star recipe. Thank You

  236. Valerie

    Fantastic – Really enjoyed this easy recipe. Added just a dusting of Nutmeg and the bread turned out perfect. Thank you!

  237. Monika

    I used GF flour instead a regular one and it works perfectly. Easy and lovely taste.

  238. Anastasia

    Love this recipe! Sometimes I add Chocolate chips or switch out the flour for whole-wheat flour and it turns out perfect everytime!

  239. Julia

    I’ve made this a number of times now. Always turns out perfectly. I put in some chopped up chocolate peanut butter cups this last time. Yum.

  240. Evelyn

    I love how it taste and how easy this recipe is! But my bread turn out like it was uncooked although it is cooked I even left it few more minutes in the oven, I don’t know if it needed more batter time or what….

    • Elise Bauer

      Sounds like you needed to cook it longer, or use a little less banana.

      • krista

        I just tried this recipe, smells awesome but it did not rise, I followed the recipe to a T step by step, very low flat bread.it’s currently cooloing.

        • Elise Bauer

          Hi Krista, it sounds like your baking soda was too old (look http://www.simplyrecipes.com/the_difference_between_baking_soda_and_baking_powder/ to see how to check) and/or your egg was old. The leavening comes from the baking soda and the egg so if either of those is off, you won’t get a good rise.

          • Krista

            The baking soda is a brand new box and the egg is not old just bought them a week ago

          • Krista

            I just tried the bread… Yummy, and moist will use this recipe again even if the bread does not rise :)

  241. Rae

    Whenever bananas start to brown throw them in the freezer until you have enough! The peels will turn black but they’re still good!

  242. Hannah R

    I loved this recipe! I was so pleased with how fast and easy this was to put together. I added some cinnamon sugar on top and it turned out perfectly! It looked just like the picture. :)

  243. Sarah

    The best! Every time I make it, everyone loves it!

  244. Sheila Sammy

    Made this banana bread today. Came out great. I used half cup sugar,some nutmeg, some cinnamon spice. Great, everyone enjoyed it.

  245. Sandra Goodwin

    Found your recipe for banana bread last night and made it today. Simple and easy and so yummy. Thanks we love it!!

  246. Christine

    I love banana bread. I tried making this recipe but it turned out really dense, and I don’t know what I did wrong. Is the batter suppose to be thick? And do you have any tips for making the banana bread less dense? Thanks

  247. Peter Hoerber

    For more baking fun add a cup of chopped walnuts and a dollop of sour cream. Yummy!!

  248. Nicolina

    delicious cake! plenty of praise from all :) took it to work and everyone love it. Thank you. I tripled the recipe because I had 9 bananas and it turned out great.

  249. Kandel molligan

    Is there a substitute for baking soda

  250. Annie

    I know that liquid and solid measurements often vary, so do I cut off 1/3 stick of butter and then melt it? Or fill a 1/3 cup with melted butter?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Annie, you don’t have to be that precise for this recipe. When I make this recipe usually I measure out the butter, then melt it.

  251. Kelly Kolbinett

    This recipe is the best banana bread I have ever made. It perfectly moist and very tasty. I wanted to eat the whole loaf in one sitting.

  252. CarolCatz

    Can I double the recipe and split the batter in two pans?

  253. Brenda Wasmund

    I just tried this recipe, used 1/2 cup of white sugar, 1/4 cup of brown sugar and was out of all-purpose flour so I used self-rising flour and omitted the baking soda. I added raisins and pecans. Made muffins instead of a loaf (cooked for 25 minutes). Was outstanding!!! Got lots of praises from my family.

  254. Melanie

    I replaced the flour with oat flour ( just by putting plain oatmeal in the blender until it comes out with a flour like or powdery consistency) and replaced the sugar with agave nectar for a healthier alternative. Came out Delicious. Thank you for this recipe.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Melanie, cool! I’m so glad those substitutions worked for you. Love the idea of using oat flour, especially for gluten-free folks.

  255. Holly

    Made this tonight and am very pleased with the result! This is my new go-to recipe for banana bread. Thank you!

    • rose

      Mine too……everyone loves it….

  256. Rebecca Gauthier

    Thanks for the the banana recipe.

  257. Debbie

    Can I substitute 1-1 gluten free flour?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Debbie, I haven’t tried subbing gluten-free flour, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

  258. Mike

    I like how simple this recipe is. But I seem to have a little issue – the dough in the middle is a little soggy even though it seems to be cooked well (brown crust). Any ideas?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Mike, I would bake it longer, and if it appears to be getting too browned on top, put some foil over the top.

  259. Tammie

    Had 5 bananas, doubled the recipe, added walnuts, exchanged the butter with applesauce, smells delicious just waiting till it finishing baking!

  260. Nancy

    Great recipe , very simple, moist , through chopped nuts of any kind, raisins , topped with whip cream

  261. Brandi

    Can you use brown sugar?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Brandi, I haven’t made it with brown sugar, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

  262. Rochelle

    Can this be made into muffins? If so would anything change? Cook time?

  263. Kia B.

    I don’t normally comment on recipes, but this honestly is the best banana bread that I have ever made. I am so pleased!

  264. Demarian

    Is a 9 x 5 pan okay? Would I need to adjust the recipe, and if so, how?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Demarian, yes a 9×5 pan is fine. The bread might be done 5 minutes earlier, so check a few minutes earlier.

  265. Amanda

    Used this recipe a few times now. It’s great. I have trouble when making banana loaf..my edges come out too brown. Any ideas?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Amanda, I would try baking the loaf in a lighter colored pan or a pyrex baking dish if too much edge browning is happening.

  266. Sarah

    Just made my first ever banana loaf. My son who won’t try anything has just said how tasty it is. The recipe was so easy to follow and tastes delicious will be making another one soon

  267. Mary Valentine

    Great recipe. I added cinnamon to it and walnuts. Made it my own. But wow….

  268. Jill

    I just baked my first (but not last) loaf. Simple and simply delicious! That melted butter makes all the difference. Thanks for this recipe!

  269. Rani Guillemette

    Thanks for the great recipe base! I switched the butter for flax seed oil, the sugar for maple syrup and used whole wheat flower instead of all purpose. The result was amazing even made another loaf with walnuts. It turned out great! :)

  270. Erin

    I just starting making banana bread in the past month or so. This recipe is great because it’s so easy and basic pantry indregitents. I’ve made 3 or 4
    loaves so far. I used this recipe to make muffins today and they were incredible. I actually found the banana flavor more pronounced in the muffins but maybe it was just the bananas I used. I would absolutely recommend this recipe to anyone!

  271. Mich

    I have used this recipie too many times to count, I love it!

  272. Angela Bell

    Good batter but not good results. I reset and reset the timer after the hour plus and still flat and mush. .my husband wanted a bread not a flat mush dough

    • Elise Bauer

      Sounds like your baking soda might have lost some of its umph. Or the egg isn’t fresh enough. The two elements that provide a rise in this bread are baking soda and egg.

      • Leda Balch

        If I were to use ground flax instead of egg to make it vegan, could I add more baking soda to give it the same amount of rise it would have with the egg?

        • Elise Bauer

          Hi Leda, rather than adding more baking soda, which can be rather bitter if you have too much of it, I might try adding a teaspoon of baking powder. Just make sure it’s fresh and still good. (Add water to a little bit of it, if it bubbles, it’s still good)

  273. Erin

    It says 2-3 bananas. Is there a volume of mashed banana in cups that works best in this recipe?

  274. Jeana

    I just made this for the first time! Very delicious and almost as good as my mommas! ;)

  275. Barbara

    This is the second time I made this recipe in a week. It is great. We love it just the way it is, however reading the comments I will add chocolate chips and a touch of cinnamon next time!

  276. Rochelle

    I tried this and it came out great! I love to cook but hate to bake so I was nervous when I decided to take this on. I’m happy to say that it was a hit and I will be making this again. Thanks for sharing!

  277. Sandra

    Hello :) I want to make this with apple sauce instead of sugar… What would the swap be so the bread doesn’t get soggy?

  278. Maria Teresa S.

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve made this recipe…! It’s so good, moist and tasty, everyone I know loves it. Definitely my favorite banana bread recipe ever. Tastes like love and bananas. I sometimes add nutmeg and it’s always a plus. You gotta try it!

  279. xavier

    What Is the Measurement for 1 Cup?!?!?!

    • Elise Bauer

      You can always Google it. 1 cup is 236 ml.

    • ARISB

      8 ounces = 1 cup

    • Mike

      I used a measure of 250ml

  280. Barbara

    Thanks so much for posting this. We were invited to dinner last night and I brought the banana bread for dessert. Everyone enjoyed it…..it’s a keeper for sure, and so easy to make!

  281. D Hill

    This is an awesome recipe for a quick banana bread. We only used a half cup of sugar, but I still think we could have used less. It was sweet! It came out perfect though. Very moist and the banana flavor was all there and it looked amazing. We used 4 small loaf pans for this recipe. I did feel like it was missing a little something. I’ll just have to go eat some more to figure it out. ;)

  282. Venus

    I tried the banana bread recipe because I did not want the overripe bananas to go to waste. It came out perfect. I did not have vanilla extract so I used almond extract and I added some cinnamon powder and nutmeg and it was delicious. Thank you.

  283. Karen

    I enjoyed making this recipe. It was indeed quick and easy. I reduced the sugar to 1/4 cup, and added cinnamon, applesauce (for extra natural sweetener and moisture) and walnuts. It was plenty sweet, believe me. I will definitely be making this again.

  284. Tanika

    I tried it and it came out pretty good, only drawback is that the baking soda gave it a slightly bitter taste, otherwise very moist.

  285. Emily

    I made for the first time yesterday. Came out very moist and great. Easy to do and easy one bowl cleanup. I didn’t have a cooling rack so I just let it cool in the pan after cooking for 54 minutes. Still seems delicious. Will try Splenda for baking blend next time instead of all sugar and see how that goes. Ty for the recipe.

  286. Patricia

    I just tried this recipe for the first time, I have NEVER made banana bread before and this was super easy to make, I even added fresh blueberries to it for a bit more fruit. Was super easy and fun to do, thanks for the awesome recipe!

  287. Annette Adams

    I have used this recipe often. Easy to do, one of my go to recipes now.

  288. Holly

    So I’ve managed to save some bananas long enough to make some bread. I’m gluten and dairy intolerant, but I don’t really care for recipes made especially for those reasons. I picked this recipe because it was so simple to make. I realized most of the way through that I don’t have any vanilla so I left it out. And I, of course, used gluten-free flour. It turned out VERY GOOD and MOIST. I haven’t made banana bread since having to change my diet and I am SO GLAD it was your recipe that I tried first!

  289. Betty John

    Very good easy banana bread recipe! However, if you live in a high altitude area it only needs to bake for 40-45 minutes!

  290. Pam

    I have saved this to my favorites and make it at least once a month. It’s delicious! Thanks!

  291. Joy Chiedu

    I made this for the first time yesterday. Couldn’t believe how easy and tasty it was. I wish I could upload a picture. Thank you fo this!

  292. Uma

    I’ve made this banana Bread 3 times now and it came out delicious each time!! Truly the most easier banana bread recipe to follow and make. Thank you so much!!

  293. Beverly Mc Veigh

    Me and my daughter made your recipe and it did not rise help

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Beverly, there are two ingredients that contribute to the rise of the bread—baking soda and the egg. Neither will work well if they are old. To test how good your baking soda is, put a little in a bowl and sprinkle some vinegar on it. It should bubble up. Also make sure you don’t let the batter sit around too long before baking. Mix then bake, do not wait.

  294. Jacquie

    Love this recipe! I’ve made it 3 times in the last month and the family just eats it up :) I use 1/2 cup of pure maple syrup in place of sugar and also white whole wheat flour and it’s just wonderful.

  295. Cathy Perry

    I made this tonight. It turned out perfectly. I baked it closer to 70 minutes and it was just fine.

  296. Amit

    I have been delighting my family with this recipe for a year noe. Every time it just comes out perfexctly though I just need 35-40 mins at 350 deg F.
    So I tried it with double the quantity of everything so I could make a larger loaf. But the center caved in. Any idea why? And how can I make a larger loaf?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Amit, it’s hard to make a larger loaf with a recipe like this. The loaf pan provides structure for the banana bread, and supports the egg and baking soda leavening. If you make the pan bigger you don’t have as much support in the middle of the loaf and like a souffle, it may sink in the middle. Quick breads work differently than yeast-leavened breads.

  297. sabrina

    I made it and everybody loves it,,, I chop some raisins and peanut and it taste faboulous,,, thank you for this awesome recipe, easy to bake!!! Love it

  298. Gerri Mirick

    Excellent!!!! Best ever!!! Easy!

  299. Andre

    We’re always told baking soda only works if there is something acidic in the batter, but yours doesn’t seem to have anything acidic… How does it work, and wouldn’t baking powder be better?

  300. Jackie

    I made 1 loaf and it tasted so great I made another. Added some chocolate chips, this recipe is so easy and YUMMY!

  301. Seun

    I have never really done any baking but my 1st attempt at baking banana bread turned out excellently. Thanks for the very simple, easy-to-follow recipe.

  302. Chris

    Made this as my first foray into baking. Turned out well!

  303. Autumn

    I added a tsp of baking powder and made muffins with this, cooked perfectly in 14-16 minutes on 400. Awesome banana bread recipe!

  304. Liz Hayes

    First time ever making Banana Bread. Never been successful with any kind of cake making in the past. This recipe is easy. Only had self raising flour, didn’t have Baking soda so added a little bicarbonate soda to ensure the rise. Added dried raisins, cranberry’s, sultanas and some cinnamon. 50 mins at 350, let it cool, and it was fantastic !! Really surprised. Next time, I won’t bother with the vanilla essence, add come chai seeds and chopped nuts. Thank you so much for this fantastic recipie on which to build.

  305. Wade Prilliman

    Added semi sweet chocolate chips and looks and smells delicious!!

  306. Brent

    Love this recipe. Turns out great every time. Add chocolate chips for an even greater treat.

  307. Cindy

    I just made this Banana bread. I followed the recipe and did not add any embellishments. It came out great! The bread is moist and flavorful. I only used 2 bananas. A wonderful and simple recipe. Thanks!

  308. Leslie

    Needed 2 thank you gifts for neighbors on each side of me and had 2 ripe bananas. This recipe will make 3 mini loaves, kept one for myself!

  309. Elizabeth Bruno

    Worked a treat. I used a Bundt tin. Nothing like the smell of freshly baked banana bread wafting through the house on a cold winter’s night!
    Thanks for the awesome recipe.
    Liz :)

  310. Noah Greenberg

    I add dried cranberries and walnuts to my banana bread. It tastes wonderful but the center keeps falling in. I bake it at 300 d for one hour. Why does this happen?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Noah, that’s weird. I don’t know!

    • Elise Bauer

      Wait a minute, 300 degrees? The recipe calls for 350°F. That might have something to do with it.

  311. diana

    this has been my go to banana bread recipe as a base for a few years now. i usually tweak it with adding cinnamon, nutmeg, perhaps some nuts, and sometimes even cocoa powder and chili powder. its amazing every time, no matter which of my versions i have created :)

  312. Tara

    Hi there. Just wondered if you could put in raspberries or blueberries instead this recipe? Either with the bananas or instead of them? I love the original recipe but fancy a change. Many thanks

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Tara, I think you could easily add raspberries or blueberries to the batter. Just don’t remove the bananas. They’re important for the texture and moisture level.

  313. Kim in Colorado

    I just made this using brown sugar and I added a second egg and chopped walnuts. Oh my goodness it is FANTASTIC! Hubby loves it too! This recipe is definitely a keeper!

  314. Jaime

    Love this recipe! I always add walnuts and cinnamon. I made muffins this time. The recipe yielded 16 muffins and they took approximately 26 minutes to bake at 350 degrees.

  315. Colleen Crossey

    I didn’t have a bread pan, so I made muffins. I baked them for 40 minutes. I added cinnamon to the recipe and it was wonderful! I used 3 bananas and 3/4 cup of sugar. I’m used to combining dry ingredients together before adding them to wet ingredients. I wonder if there was a special reason to start with wet ingredients?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Colleen, no reason. You can combine the dry ingredients if you want and add them to the wet ingredients. But the recipe also works just as described, which is easy because you only need one bowl.

      • Colleen Crossey

        Thanks for your note Elise. I was just thinking that if the dry ingredients were mixed while they were stil dry, there would be a more uniform distribution of flour, baking soda, salt and sugar. I did make it as written and they were fabulous! My kids ate them the same day.

  316. Sofia

    I usually hate banana bread but this recipe was great! There is a slight rise to this batter, but not much so fill it to about where you want it to go. I baked this batter in a dark, non stick cupcake pan with liners at 350 for 33 minutes at high altitude.

  317. Kathy

    I made these this morning. This recipe made 12 muffins. I cooked them for about 27 min. They came out great! I feel like a superstar

  318. Catie

    Made this today but substituted brown sugar for the white for more of a molasses taste. It turned out great and ny kids love it

  319. Christine

    First time ever baking banana bread, so I don’t have previous experiences to compare. However, this was a delicious treat that I will certainly make again. The only change I made to the recipe was to use 4 bananas since I needed to get rid of them. Thank you for this delicious recipe. Pinned for future use!

  320. Lynne

    Could this cake be made with oil instead plz

  321. T

    Turned out amazing, will continue to use this recipe in my home!! :)

  322. Stcyd04

    Can you replace the all purpose flour with quick rising? If so do you cut out the baking soda?

    • Elise Bauer

      I suppose you could use quick rising flour. In that case I would only use a teaspoon of baking soda, or cut it out entirely. If you make it with quick rising flour, please let us know how it turns out!

  323. Oj

    This is the best banana bread recipe I have ever baked. It became a classic in my kitchen: Simple, healthy and delicious. I put 1/3 of a cup sugar which is enough for me with 2 bananas only, was not as good when I put 3 bananas.

  324. Nicole

    Great recipe! Love that you can do all in one bowl. My mom always says to double the amount of bananas in most banana bread recipes. I did and it still turned out great and even healthier.

  325. #StaroftheSea

    I was wondering if anyone has ever made this without vanilla before? :-)

    • Holly

      I often do this both with and without vanilla, not one person has ever noticed. And I bake these weekly as it is a family and neighbour favourite.

  326. Anne

    I tried making this and it turned out good. Thank you.

    I just have a question though. If I decided to double the serving, should I also double the salt and baking soda, or just leave it as one teaspoon?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Anne, if you double the recipe, you should double all of the ingredients.

  327. Nadine Mc Mains

    I have been baking banana bread for years but recently I have had a problem with the center sinking after it is out of oven. I have checked all condiments.. baking soda etc were all good. I also use baking powder in my recipe. What could cause this… the recipe you post does not use baking powder.

    • Sofia

      Have you tried baking at a lower temp for longer time? Make sure you don’t open the oven door repeatedly.

    • Lin in PA

      Using baking powder when it’s not called for can cause the sinking. It’s the same with adding too much baking powder. Only use what is called for.

  328. Jessica

    Love this simple delicious recipe! Thanks!

  329. Doreen

    Can I use self raising flour without the baking soda?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Doreen, I haven’t tried making the banana bread with self rising flour and no baking soda, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

  330. Amy

    This recipe was easy but the batter wasn’t liquidity and it baked in about 30-40 minutes instead of the 50-60 minutes. This was really super easy
    Thank you so much for this recipe

  331. Lori Perry

    I am 51 years old and a pretty good cook, but banana bread has been my nemesis. I have never made a loaf that wasn’t overlooked or “wet” in the middle… until now!!!
    Thanks for this super easy, super delicious recipe. I added nuts and put in a little extra banana (I only made it in the first place because I had some bananas about to go bad.). So delicious!

  332. Yeap

    Hi Elise,

    My pan size is 8cmx17cmx6cm. How can I adjust the ingredients?

  333. Melissa

    I made the bread this morning, it was going to be dessert for our family dinner. However I couldn’t wait and decided to try it and I love it. Now let’s hope there is some left for dessert after dinner. Thanks for sharing!

  334. Laura

    This is my go to banana bread recipe so easy and I’ve been told its the best bread ever

  335. Maggie Delaney

    Hi! Have nevrr left a comment before but really needed to on this one. Have made soooo many banana bread recipes…… This one was by far one of the best EVER. So simplistic but delicious!!! I did add 4 T of sour cream and exchanged banana emulsion for the vanilla snd added chopped pecans. I doubled the batch and it made 6 small loaves ( disposable tins) it came out perfect!!! I have found the recipe i have searched for ……. Thank you. Its a WINNER!

  336. Shannon

    Loved this recipe. we added 1/2cup chocalted chip. We used gluten free flour ..it. Was awesome.

  337. Tiffany

    This recipe is great!!! And so simple! I added some quick oats, chocolate chips, and sprinkled cinnamon on top. Delicious! I might add chia seeds next time.

  338. Devonet

    I made muffins out of this recipe. The cook time was around 28 minutes. Glad I checked them and didn’t let them cook the entire 50! They’re delicious!

  339. Heidi

    I made this last night and it was delicious! I added a quarter cup of ground flaxseed’s to hopefully at some kind of health benefit LOL. I was looking up healthy low-calorie banana bread recipes just this morning and I came back to this one because this one has less butter and sugar then the ones that are supposedly healthier!

  340. Han

    Anyone try using sour cream in the recipe as well? If yes, how much and did it require a change to any other ingredients? Thanks!

    • Maka

      I used about a tablespoon and didn’t change any of the ingredients! Been doing it the same way for years!

  341. Nicole

    This banana bread recipe is my 10 year old son’s specialty. It’s so wonderfully simple that he can make the whole thing with no supervision (well, other than taking it out of the oven). Win-win for both of us!

  342. Katherine M

    Hi I’m trying to sub a gluten free flour blend, anyone happen to know the weight of the 1 1/2 cups flour? Thanks!!

    • Barbi

      I saw this from Lisa’s comment below:
      “We are gluten free and I use trader joes gf flour blend and add 1/2 tsp of xanthan gum or guar gum to help it rise.”
      Hope that helps! :)

  343. lynn

    I tried this recipe and it’s great. I substituted all purpose flour for oatmeal flour (blended oats ). It’s easy

  344. Bridget OConnor

    I LOVE this recipe. I cut the sugar entirely and use 1/4 cup of honey. I also add cut strawberries, chopped walnuts, and some chia seeds that I soak into gel form. I’ve done it as bread and as muffins and both are a HUGE hit!! Thanks so much :)

  345. Shirley G

    I loved ths recipe and so did my family! I’ve searched for a good banana loaf recipe and THIS IS IT! I cut the sugar back to 1/3 cup and it came out a bit dry, but very tasty. I’ll try a bit of milk or 2 eggs and some cranberries next time, but this on is a keeper!

  346. Kevin

    This is the first time that I’ve ever made banana bread. The recipe is great and I love that it is so moist. I added a little bit of home made molasses my dad makes during the fall. It turned out awesome. Thanks for posting the recipe.

  347. Cathryn

    I’m trying to make this right now and unfortunately i don’t have baking soda!! can anyone offer a substitute and save me from having to make a special trip!! Thanks in advance!!

    • Shanna Heidelberg

      I googled it when I had this issue. Said to use baking powder instead but double the amount called for and nix the salt called for. Hope this helped for future baking.

    • Cheryl E

      I’ve made banana bread recipes before, and they come out OK, but VERY DRY, to my liking. My husband and son had no complaints, but I did. This recipe is PERFECT for myself and my family. I’ve passed it on to my friends and their families love it TOO!! THANKS, I’M DEFINITELY A FAN!!

  348. Janice Hernandez

    Ive made a thousand different banana bread recipes, this is the easiest, recipe ive ever made, I added cranberries and pecans, it was simply delicious . Janice

  349. Holly

    Great recipe, but the 10 minute prep time is not realistic.

  350. Momof2Terps

    Just made this and added roasted chopped pecans. So simple and truly delicious. My husband commented how perfect this was. I used four over ripe bananas and made as is besides adding pecans. Highly recommend.

  351. Lisa

    This was my first attempt at making banana bread…huge HIT in my house! I added some milk chocolate chips because we are chocolate lovers and it was amazing! Thank-you for the recipe…simple and satisfying :)

  352. Emily

    Quick question- why is it baking soda in the recipe instead of baking powder? Without an acid of some sort I thought it is always baking powder? Thanks!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Emily, baking soda creates leaving when mixed with an acid, and it also creates leavening when heated. Just try pouring boiling water over some baking soda some time and you’ll see. (In fact, it’s a great way to unclog a drain. Dump a cup of baking soda over the drain opening and pour boiling water over it.) I like the use of baking soda in this recipe because it’s a lot harder for baking soda to go flat than baking powder. Baking powder loses its leavening power over time. Every try baking something with old baking powder? No rise, so disappointing.

  353. Layla George

    I think next time I’ll double the eggs. 2 instead of 1. Made muffins and they were very dense. Or I’ll add an extra banana.

  354. Celia

    Should the butter be salted or unsalted? Thank you!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Celia, I usually use unsalted butter when I bake, but you could use salted butter if you want.

  355. Gerry

    Just finished baking. House smells wonderful. I used 3 bananas and two eggs. The darn thing came out like a picture in Southern Living. Tastes like my mom made it. This is my go to cake. I tried to figure out the calorie count using the above adjustments, and came up with about 1980 cal per loaf. If you do 12 slices, that’s about 165 cal per slice. Not bad for a mid morn snack with a cuppa coffee. Thank you so much!

    • Linda

      Best banana recipe EVER … and I’ve been making banana bread for 44 years. Tastes great made with 1/3 cup of sugar (bananas are so sweet) and of course, nuts. Thank you for my new go-to!

  356. Abena

    So I had 5 bananas about to go bad and I said to myself no way am I throwing these out. I searched for simple banana bread recipes that didn’t require mixers and viola I saw this awesome recipe. This is the first time I’m baking something off the internet and it turned out so good even after doubling the quantities. And I baked it in a cake tin because I don’t have a loaf tin. It came out so good that just about a quarter of it is left and I only baked it last night! Thanks alot for this.

  357. Jennifer Hinds

    Mine came out really soft in the middle but I used a mixer and baking powder. I think it is the best I have eaten but my son says so-so.

  358. Kat

    I have been making this banana bread as written for years. I love that I can have it in the oven in 10 minutes and it is always delicious.

    My elderly mother has recently moved in with me and she loves to have it in the morning with her coffee, so to make it a little more nutritionally dense I have made the following subs and it is still awesome. I use King Arthur’s whole white wheat flour, coconut oil instead of butter, 1/2 cup of palm sugar and add in some chopped nuts and raisins.

    Thanks Mrs. Hockmeyer! And thanks for sharing Elise!

  359. Rebeca nunez

    Not sure what I did wrong but it came out very thick, not fluffy. Very heavy if that makes sense. It tastes sweet but something is off. I followed the recipe to the T. I also found that I had to cook it for 70 mins because every time I stuck the knife inside it was still wet like a brownie is (not dry like a cake). I’d appreciate it if anyone can give me some advice as to how to fix this. Thank you.

    • Marla Welch

      If you used baking powder and not baking soda you miss the rise and get a more dense/wet loaf. It’s a common baking mistake. Typically you can sub, but baking powder loses its leavening power as it ages. Otherwise I’m as stumped as you! I’ve made this particular recipe countless times and always have consistent tasty results. Hope I helped a little.

  360. Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids)

    Your banana bread has been my “go-to” for years! It’s SO easy and I love how it doesn’t require a mixer! xo

  361. Terri

    Best banana recipe. So much flavor, easy instructions and only used 1/2 cup of sugar. This is a keeper. Thank you

  362. Toni

    I’m never quite sure on this – should breads and cakes be refrigerated once baked and cooled? The texture changes so much when you put it in the fridge, but I don’t want it to go bad. Where do you store your banana bread, Elise?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Toni, I just wrap the bread in foil and let it sit on the kitchen counter. It will last for days that way. If I need to store it longer, then I wrap it first in plastic wrap, then aluminum foil, and freeze it.

  363. anna bonamy

    This was a great recipe! I always try new ones but I think I’m going to stick with this one for a while. How many servings should it make though?

    • Elise Bauer

      About 10-12 slices, depending on how thinly you slice the banana bread.

  364. Susan

    My family finally fessed up that they aren’t eating bananas because I make this bread. It is. Favorite here!

  365. Michael Suhajda

    I’ve made this many times and the loaf is baking in my Breville toaster oven as I type this! I’ve added 11/2 cup each of chopped pecans & chocolate chips< It smells wonderful & I can hardly wait! It's great with my morning coffee!

  366. Earl Santos

    I dbl the recipe. Added almonds. Made three loaves. Very moist. Sprinkled powered sugar and served at a party. Gone in minutes.
    Thank you

  367. Natalia

    I love this banana bread recipe, and have been using it for years. Thank your sharing it with us. It’s amazing how far this recipe how come. Goes to show you how good it is :)

  368. Kathy

    This is a really great recipe… one can’t really get it wrong… moist and flavorful each time! I used only a small amount of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and reduce the sugar as suggested. I’ve used as many as 4 bananas (very ripe bananas left) and it still came out great! Thanks!

  369. Colleen Custer

    This is my go to banana bread recipe. I have never had a complaint. I use the lesser amount of sugar and comes out perfect every time.

  370. Lisa

    We LOVE this recipe! Delicious and super easy.
    It’s amazing on its own but sometimes I add in 3/4 cup chocolate chips and its gone in an hour . We are gluten free and I use trader joes gf flour blend and add 1/2 tsp of xanthan gum or guar gum to help it rise.

    • Stacey Patrick

      I am gluten free as well. Hard to believe I was so distracted that I forgot to add in the xanthan gum. Can’t wait til it gets done, to see how it turns out.

  371. TeeJay

    FAB-U-LOUS!! Tried recipe as a loaf & muffins! Perfect! My daughter took the muffins to share with her college friends, she came back with an empty container! Will be making more to share with my co-workers! Yummy!

  372. Laura

    What if i only have self-raising flour?
    Do i just leave out the baking soda?

  373. Mary

    Love this receipe
    I’ve made this twice – adding walnuts – and every time it turned out amazing
    Simply delicious !!

  374. Ginny

    My husband really likes this recipe. I did tell him about. Chocolate banana bread. His comment: “stay with the regular recipe!”

  375. Angela

    Doubled recipe, made in bundt pan, added pecans, and swapped the butter for melted coconut oil (cup for cup) and butter flavoring and WOW this was delicious!! (For my bundt pan it only took about 40-45minutes to cook!) I could smell it across the house and it tasted as amazing as it smelled! Deffinately keeping this!

    • Elise Bauer

      I’m so glad you liked it Angela! Glad it worked for you with coconut oil and in a bundt pan.

  376. Suzy

    This is my go to for banana bread. I make a crumbly top with 2T butter, 1/4 c. flour and 1/4 c. brown sugar.

  377. Ooji

    Hi can you please tell me how much time and temperature it need to bake in a microwave?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hello Ooji, this isn’t a microwave recipe. I don’t know how one would make this in a microwave.

  378. Jorgeana

    I tried this recipe a few days ago and it was great. We tried it a second time adding nuts. It was delicious. Tasted just like the bread my mom made when i was little.

  379. Esin Aksan

    This is a great recipe! I only add a pinch of cinnamon and a cup of chopped walnuts. Turns out delicious every single time! Thanks so much for sharing Elise!

  380. sabrina

    Didn’t think much of this recipe. I won’t use it again.

  381. Daniel

    No yeast?

  382. Brenda Oldfield

    LOVE this recipe! Easy and delish. I added a little cinnamon. Yum!

  383. Dah Yang

    We’re trying this out for our food project. Can we ask if adding desiccated coconuts improves the nutrition value and taste?

  384. Matty

    Hi! I followed the recipe, but added 2 tsp of homemade vanilla, fresh baking soda, but put the batter into silicone molds for small muffins. Baked at 350F for about 17 minutes. The texture of the batter looked awesome, but it didn’t rise very well, not much of a crown on the top of the muffin. It tasted moist and cooked through. The aesthetics were just off. Any suggestions?

  385. Jo

    I’ve lots of ripe bananas at the moment and searching for a great banana bread recipe. You know what? All the comments here makes me wanna give it a go! But just a quickie. Can I swap the all purpose flour for something else? Cos I’m gluten intolerant.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Jo, I haven’t tried making this with gluten-free flour, but if you do, please let us know how it turns out for you.

      • Rebecca

        I’ve been making this bread for almost a year now, and because I’m gluten intolerant as well, I use the Betty Crocker All Purpose Gluten Free rice flour blend. It’s a straightforward, no hassle flour blend, and the bread comes out moist every time! The only noticeable difference is that it doesn’t brown quite the same way that wheat flour does.

  386. RHyde

    My go to banana bread recipe for four years now. Its the closest in taste to my grandma’s and mom’s recipe that became lost in the moving shuffle that is life. Simple ingredients make this bread perfect. My family can’t wait to eat it the moment it’s out of the oven. Thank you for sharing with us so I can make good memories with my children.

  387. MaryAnn Wasylewski

    Great recipe. So easy and tasty. Good recipe for children wanting to learn to bake.
    MaryAnn W

  388. Arlene Nicholls

    Made my first Banana Bread added raisin n walnuts, my husband absolutely loves it….Great recipe Thank you..

  389. Sonia

    It came out really good. I added milk because it seemed too
    dry and I added an extra egg too. It could have been because I put too much flour. Oh and I used stevia instead of sugar.

  390. FussyMummy

    I’m from the Caribbean where bananas are always in season and was looking for a good bread recipe. I made this recipe today and it came out perfect! My only addition was some chopped walnuts I added just before i put the mixture into the pan. Will definitely make this again. Thank you Elise

  391. Kari Pinkerton Silcox

    I’m currently living in Costa Rica on an organic farm with an abundance of ripe bananas. I didn’t have vanilla and I added some cinnamon, and then baked it in a square cake pan. I also made a lime/sour mandarin sugar glaze to drizzle over and it is the best banana cake EVER! Thanks for the recipe!

  392. n

    LIke another reader says, 1 tsp baking soda does not make it rise. I wonder if it’s because of the method: I’ve never heard of putting the baking soda into the liquid, which activates it immediately, THEN mixing in other ingredients, in two more steps. I wish you would re-evaluluate this recipe. I’ve done it your way TWICE, and it’s not working. I’ve been baking for 50. yrs.

    I can’t use this recipe. I can’t waste the ingredients, and since I’m baking for a charity bake sale, I have to have a recipe (and site and baker) I can trust.

    • Stretch

      I doubled the recipe and replaced one cup flour with rolled oats. I also added the soda right before adding the second cup of flour. If you add it before the flour the reaction will be lost. The flour holds the bubbles, egg and banana don’t.

    • Dr A

      I’m sorry this recipe didn’t work for you because I and everyone I bake for really enjoy it. I live a mile above sea level and had no trouble with the rise. You could try stirring your baking soda into the flour and see if that helps or maybe try adding or substituting double-acting baking powder. Or try a recipe that people in your region have had success with.

    • Charlotte

      Mine is resting just now and I commented to my husband that it’s one of the most gorgeously perfect (and risen) banana loaves I’ve ever made myself. First time trying it, so I see no change necessary to how the recipe is written :)

    • Arpit

      I put in a little less than a tsp of baking soda, and my bread rose ridiculously high. I replaced the all purpose flour with whole wheat and the sugar with powdered jaggery. This would ideally make the cake even denser, but it worked perfectly. Maybe the baking soda was off?

  393. Mommy Lisa

    I up the vanilla and add dark chocolate chips. Put the chips in the flour so they don’t sink.

  394. Carla

    Yum! This really is the best banana bread ever. I’ve made it many times to your exact specifications and it is absolutely delicious! I’ve also made it subbing coconut oil for the butter and that’s good, but tastes a little coconutty instead of buttery. I think the proportions of melted fat, egg, fruit, and flour are the key to this loaf working out great every time. Last night I made it using half banana and half very ripe kiwis (because my silly husband actually eats bananas when I’m trying to make them get overripe). I subbed in some Midori Liqueur for vanilla, but I’m not sure I notice that flavor. This is my second loaf with kiwis and they were both great – the seeds look like poppy seeds and add a nice little crunch, you get the banana and kiwi flavor, but the bread is a little bit stickier than usual. So far using this recipe as a base for minor variations has always produced a dense, moist, delicious loaf, so Elise, thank you very much for this great recipe!

  395. Melissa

    Mine came out a bit burnt on the sides and slightly crumbly but it taste great!! My first time making a banana bread so I’ll say it was an achievement haha

  396. Steven

    1 TSP of baking soda doesn’t really help it rise. Use 1 Tablespoon instead.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hello Steven, using a whole tablespoon of baking soda in this recipe may result in something that has a metallic taste. I don’t advise it. To get the best rise, make sure your baking soda is fresh (add vinegar to some and see if it vigorously bubbles), and work with an egg that is and at room temp.

  397. Sandra

    I love this bread. I accidentally upped the melted butter to a whole stick, but boy it makes it so yummy. I added a teaspoon of baking powder for some rise. I also sugar the pan after greasing it. Such a great and simple recipe! Thank you!

  398. Lori

    Banana bread is my kryptonite, but this is the best banana bread recipe, Elise! I subbed 1/3 c. canola for the butter and added some coconut. Made it yesterday afternoon and it’s almost gone :)

  399. Rachael

    FINALLY I have found the perfect banana bread recipe! Nothing I ever make from this site turns out wrong!

    I doubled the recipe, and used my slightly bigger loaf pans (10″) I then halved the butter with yogurt, and did half brown sugar half white. Turned out fluffy, flavorful, and perfect.

  400. Karen

    I have an aversion to bananas, however, my family loves them. I just made this banana bread and added 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips….HOLY COW!!!! This is a keeper and I am a banana convert! I have been cooking with your recipes for several years and never commented. That is how good this was. Love you and your site. Keep up the good work!

  401. Misha

    When saying 1/3 cup of melted butter, do you mean that or 1/3 cup of butter, melted? In other words, do you melt butter first then measure out 1/3 cup of it, or do you measure 1/3 cup of solid butter first then melt it?

    • Elise Bauer

      Either way actually. It will make practically no difference in the result.

    • Lesley

      Generally this is how it works in recipes:
      1 cup butter, melted – means melt a whole cup of butter
      1 cup melted butter – means measure a cup of butter that has been melted
      True, though, that when it comes to butter, it doesn’t make a ton of difference, definitely not for this recipe.

  402. Lynne Santos-Innocente

    Right now, I’m prepping for yet another banana bread. I’ve discovered your site and this recipe about 3 years ago and I’ve used it ever since. My family loves it for breakfast and snack. That’s why I bake it often. I add chocolate chips so I reduce the amount of sugar each time. Lately, I’ve been adding pecan nuts to it and I’ve also tried baking it in muffin cups. Love, love, love! Just want you to know! Thanks!

  403. gord

    Really good recipe

  404. Tiffany

    Okay, so I NEVER leave comments – this is my first – but this bread deserves it. My family absolutely loves banana bread and I make it quite often. I use a different recipe every time searching for the perfect banana bread… that is until now – I made this recipe with a couple of substitutions based on what I had. I used whole white wheat flour, coconut oil, and half sugar half brown sugar (for one cup total). I also added a tsp of cinnamon because I love it in my banana bread. It turned out moist and delicious, and with plenty of banana flavor. So, no more searching, i found it. Perfect banana bread. Thanks!

  405. Kate

    Hi! If I want to double the recipe would I need to alter the cooking time? I will be using two 4×8 inch loaf pans.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Kate, great question. I’ve only made one loaf at a time. I’m guessing that maybe it might increase the baking time by 5 or so if you have two loaves in the oven? If someone else reading this has doubled the recipe, please chime in.

      • Tiffany

        I doubled the recipe and they cooked perfectly in 1 hour.

  406. kathy

    This is a great recipe!! Easy and delicious results!! Brown sugar can be used! The batter also makes about 18-24 mini-muffins — bake for about 20 minutes. Nuts and raisins can also be added but my grandchildren prefer just bananas!!

  407. Maria H

    This is the best banana bread I have ever made or had!

  408. Chad McKenna

    Has anyone tried browned butter in this recipe?

    • Elise Bauer

      I’m sure it would be amazing!

    • Anjali

      I just made a loaf using browned butter! Waiting for it to come out of the oven now. I’ll let you know how it tastes! So far it smells amazing while baking…

  409. Rod Waterman

    My wife adds a small amount of apple sauce to the mixture and it makes an incredible difference.

  410. Lisa

    If I’m going to substitute brown sugar for the white, do I use the same amount? Thanks.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Lisa, since the amount of sugar can vary from 1/2 cup to a cup, I think that anywhere in between would be fine for the brown sugar as well.

  411. Bebe

    Many of those who have poor baking results are using ovens that are not properly calibrated. I could not get along without an oven thermometer that tells me if the temp is actually what the oven’s dial says it is. I have to do a lot of my own dial tinkering when the oven thermometer and the dial don’t match.

    Baking is very much about chemistry. The ingredients, the application of heat. I don’t play with baking recipes too much as it is easy to throw the chemistry off and waste a lot of ingredients and my time and effort. Large bananas vs. smaller bananas make for a difference in the volume of that ingredient. And that is just one ingredient. Leavening, the flower, the size of eggs, and so forth, all make a difference.

    On doneness, the best advice I ever read was to watch the bread, not the clock. If the edges are getting too brown before the center is done, tent it with foil.

  412. MK

    Hi, What size “Cup” are you using..200 ml or 250ml, as all the measurements are in cup? Is it different for butter/ or sugar?


  413. Annie

    Made this bread today with whole wheat flour and chopped walnuts. It turned out really well. My family loved it. Thanks!

  414. Sarah

    I had a bottle of coconut rum on the counter beside where I was mixing this up and I made a split second decision to pour a shot in (right before the flour). This made the best banana bread I have ever had in my life.

  415. Pascalle

    Thanks to this recipe, I am officially a baking goddess! Everyone loves this banana bread! I use vegetable oil, whole wheat flour, brown sugar, I add cinnamon (sometimes ginger and nutmeg) and it always comes out amazing! I eat it two ways: heated up with vanilla ice cream, or with apple butter slathered all over. Good times. I always have bananas around waiting to make a new batch!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Pascalle, great to know that the recipe is so flexible that you can subtitute 3 of the 4 main ingredients and it still works!

  416. Emily

    Please help! I’ve made this banana bread twice now, once in a regular size loaf pan and once in mini loaf pans. Both times I practically had to let the edges burn in order for the middle of the loaf to cook all the way. I followed the recipe exactly. What am I doing wrong??

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Emily, perhaps your oven is running hot, or maybe runs on convection. I would lower the oven temp by 25°F.

    • Tabby

      Make sure you’re using old ripe bananas and just like cake I would not be in the kitchen while its baking I also added cinnamon you can add milk if you feel it may help. And check your oven temp.

    • jeverbeck

      Hey Emily,
      if the loaf itself reached the desired colour, just put some tinfoil on top. Do not wrap the tinfoil around the loaf, just place it on top. The tinfoil will shelter the loafs crust from the heat, enough to keep it from getting any browner and/or burn.

  417. Jennifer

    Would it be okay to use a 9×5 pan instead of a 4×8?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Jennifer, yes, you can use a 9×5. You may need to cut the cooking time just a few minutes. Check for doneness at 45.

  418. Kimberly

    I make this nearly every week. I use 1/2 cup sugar and add about 1/3 cup of chocolate chips. I also use white whole wheat flour and we like it so much better.

  419. Julie

    My second time now….the family and friends loved it after my first. Highly recommended. Delicious. Lovely texture.

  420. Caisie

    Oh my gosh, this recipe is top notch. Soooo delish!
    I modified a little by adding chocolate chips and baking them in smaller loaf pans (size of loaf pans: 3.5″ X 2.5″ X 1.25″, made eight loafs). They only needed to be cooked for about 23 minutes at that size.
    Lovely and easy recipe!! Will make a million times over again.

  421. Mary

    I’m always making this banana bread! Mostly because I don’t seem to eat bananas fast enough, and suddenly they’re only good for banana bread. I’m buying bananas this weekend, so I’m pretty sure I’m making this bread again!

  422. ingrid

    HA! I literally just made this bread this morning! My latest variation is to put 1 cup of pretty finely chopped unsweetened chocolate in it, and using 3/4 cup sugar. Makes it a grown-up version.
    Thanks Elise!!

  423. [email protected]

    I have used this recipe for years and add dried chopped apricots or cranberries for a change. It is the best and easiest recipe. I highly recommend it.

  424. Karen

    This has been my go to recipe for years. I’ll try a different recipe, and come back to here. Thank you again for sharing. :-)

  425. Miss J

    Seeing this recipe again really brought me back! I made this probably once a week for six months while writing my thesis in grad school. I had to give banana bread a break for a while because I ate it so much, but it got me through that thesis!

  426. Yessy

    I absolutely LOVE banana bread and my son loves bananas but is allergic to eggs. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to substitute the egg with? I’ve tried replacing egg in other cake recipes with applesauce and have found it really doesn’t make too much of a difference in keeping them moist, light or fluffy.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Yessy, I know that some people use ground flax seeds as a substitute for eggs, you may want to Google that. Flax seeds do not offer any leavening though, so you would need to add some amount of baking powder to offset.

      • Gabriele Streuer

        I have used a table spoon of chia seeds successfully for pancakes…. might work here too! 1Tbsp Chia Seeds and 2-3 Tbsp of hot water…. stir up , let sit for a few minutes and ready to go…. for one egg. Don’t know about the leavenig, just add a little Baking Soda or Baking Powder?

      • Maria H

        You can find a yellow box (I can’t remember the brand) of Egg Replacer in the health food aisle of many supermarkets or at health food stores. You just mix some with water. If you can’t find it, I have found that mixing a little baking powder and vinegar together works. I have also found that, in baked goods, you can really only replace one egg. If a recipe calls for more than one egg, omitting the eggs causes the recipe to fail.

  427. Nancy

    Will somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong? Followed recipe to the “T” but the taste just is not that great. I put raisens in, baked 50 min. as someone suggested.

    • Lisa

      It could be how ripe your bananas were. My banana bread tastes different almost every time I make it, and the only difference is the size or ripeness of the banana. I made it on Sunday and it was the best I ever made. Today I am making it, and the batter does not taste as good, so it probably will not be as good as Sunday’s. Sunday’s bananas were really ripe. Good luck!

      • Bebe

        Bananas are basically starch that turns to more sugar as the banana ripens. The blacker the banana (they get almost syrupy, liquify) the better. Once they are too ripe for eating (we like ours more toward green than ripe) I let them sit and get black. I then squeeze the pulp out into a ziplock freezer bag, which I flatten somewhat so that it can be stacked in the freezer.

        If a banana still looks as though it could be eaten, it is not ripe enough for banana bread!

        • Elise Bauer

          I love he flatten into a freezer bag tip, thanks Bebe!

          • Bebe

            Hard to describe clearly without a picture, but soft material like mashed banana (or crushed tomatoes or whatever) can be flattened successfully in a freezer bag (qt.) by placing the bag (not too full) on a flat surface, folding back the top part of the bag (where the zipper is), and gently pressing on the bagged material until it spreads out. The folding back of the zipper area keeps the material from oozing up toward the bag opening.

            These flat bags thaw very quickly.

            My kids taught me this!

    • Alice

      Add a little more vanilla!

    • Mike Davitt

      Nancy, I put one tsp cin. and .25 tsp nutmeg i use high quality fresh spices as it really makes a difference.I also put 2 tsp vanilla and about 4 tbs maple syrup.

  428. Kevin

    This was a very good recipe! It came out perfect :3 I modified it a little bit so this ended up being my recipe:
    2 ripe bananas, peeled
    1/2 cup melted butter
    3/4 cup of sugar
    1 egg, beaten
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 teaspoon baking soda ( I used a little bit less)
    Pinch of salt
    1 1/2 cups of a whole-wheat flour
    The whole-wheat flour defiantly changed the taste! Once the banana bread came out of the oven it was gone in 10 minutes! Moist and perfect! I had two old bananas sitting on the counter so I thought I should do something with them and found this recipe ~Thank you so much!!

    • Nicole

      Kevin. I tried your recipe. Mannn its da bomb! First time I’m trying banana bread and am happy with the finished product. Love the idea of using only whole wheat flour. Very tasty… very moist. It was done in less than a day. Making another one tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. Great recipe!

  429. Catlady

    I was sitting and relaxing on Sunday afternoon and I was just browsing through recipe sites and saw the banana bread recipe. I had all the ingredients in my home and I litterly jumped up and made this bread and yum yum yum!

  430. DW

    I love banana bread, and this recipe was perfect. My only modifications were I used a 1/2 cup of brown sugar and I added walnuts. I ate the whole loaf myself. It keeps up good in the freezer if you slice it first. I will definitely double recipe next time! Thanks

  431. sindhi

    Just tried it! Soft, moist..just perfect.

  432. Kristi Ann Sage

    Book mark this bad boy! So easy, so tasty, so terrifically mouth watering you’re gonna make this every time your bananas ripen before you have a chance to eat them all.

    I use a potatoe masher for the bananas, and when it comes time for the egg, I crack it just on the side if the mixture & gently whip it with a fork. One less bowl to clean is most definitely a plus, wouldn’t ya say?

    So either print this little honey out, book mark it, or simply write it on a card, the old fashioned way, just make sure you don’t lose it!

    At one point I thought I had it memorized cause it’s so easy but with the years accumulating on this old gal, I have to check from time to time….

    still learning after all these years,
    -kristianne sage

    P.S. I love this site and the comments are a true help It’s the first one I go to when I’m thinking about something new to make :)

  433. Michelle G.

    So… I had just 2 ripe bananas left and decided to try this recipe today. And I ran out of flour at 1 1/4 cup , so I threw in 1/4 cup cornmeal flour. Added some allspice , walnuts and raisins , only went with 1/2 cup sugar and hoped for the best. It came out AMAZING!! So moist and delicious ! Slid right out the load pan with no effort and sliced beautifully! Will try again! My husband loved it ! Did I mention my husband loved it and he’s a bit picky with things like this ! Thank you so much !!

  434. Christine A

    Elsie, I love your website and your recipes. I’ve made many of them over the years.
    I have made this banana bread many, many times. It’s foolproof and delicious. Sometimes I add chopped nuts but otherwise I follow the recipe as described.

  435. Amber

    I just made this for the second time. First time I baked it too long! I watched it carefully this time and 50 minutes was perfect. I used a bread pan and I liked it better than the small cake pan I used last time. It’s fast and easy. Perfect for when I can’t get to all my bananas in time. Enjoy!!

  436. Val

    I made this recipe for the first time a couple of years back in college, it was perfect since you don’t need fancy equipment. The result is wonderful every time! You can taste the bananas, its moist and hearty. I added some chopped walnuts for texture. I made it for my mother-in-law the first time I met her and I certainly won her over. Thank you!

  437. Helen Cantwell

    I just made this recipe. Very simple and easy to do; however it is very flat. I substituted baking powder for the baking soda because I was all out. Is it supposed to rise very much? Haven’t tasted it yet but it smells good.

  438. B

    I have made this SO many times with perfect results every single time. I throw in whatever add ins I can find; walnuts, chocolate chips, pecans, cranberries or whatever. Everybody just RAVES. This is now a “family secret” which my 10 year old daughter makes for family potlucks.

  439. stacey

    If you wrap the banana bread in plastic wrap as soon as it comes out of the oven and let it rest for about an hour your bread with slice smooth every time.

  440. vince

    Great recipe I always use this one when I make it my family loves its thanks you for the great bread ;)

  441. Samantha

    This is the best banana bread recipe I’ve ever made. Sometimes I add a good splash of milk to make it more moist (but when I don’t add milk it has still been delicious). I always add a half cup to a cup of chocolate chips. I do the 1/2 cup of sugar variation because of the chocolate chips. This recipe will not disappoint you!

  442. Emmanuel S

    I’ve used this recipe a few times. I have added 1/2 cup of walnuts, a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips, a heaping tablespoon of cinnamon and a 1/4 cup of baking cocoa in different combinations and it came out absolutely delicious.

  443. ced b.

    My first time making banana bread for my family and was not disappointed at all. Will make again with this great recipe. Thanks everyone for the tips they gave.

  444. Melissa

    So easy and delicious. Made it in Guatemala where things are a bit tricky to bake…it was excellent.

  445. Pam pollard

    The best ever. I made double the recipe and not one piece is left.. This will be my forever go to recipe for Banana Bread. Wonder how I could use this recipe to make different favors like orange cranberry or apple cinnamon or peach. Any ideas?

  446. Chris

    I made this recipe as directed and added about 1/2 cup chopped walnuts. It was done in 45 minutes. DELICIOUS!

  447. Anne

    I have made this recipe quite a few times. I has become my go-to recipe for banana bread! It is great and when I’ve taken it to work, many comment on its great taste. I will sometimes add chocolate chips at my husband and daughter’s request. :)

  448. Angela J

    I have made this exact recipe with no changes so many times I’ve lost count, and it comes out absolutely perfect every time. I bring it to every work party and have to bring more and more each time just to make sure everyone gets some; I made 12 loaves last time and had none left over! Thanks so much for posting this!

  449. Tracy F.

    Might be the best banana bread I have ever made! The only change is that I added 2 tsp. of maple syrup instead of vanilla (because I didn’t realize I was out of vanilla before I started making the recipe). I also added cinnamon sugar to the top to give a crispy coating. DELICIOUS! My kids also though it was the best.

  450. Daniella

    I made this one today. I tweaked the recipe for health purposes, since I like to eat a slice for breakfast with tea. I used five small very ripe organic bananas, 1/2 a cup of maple syrup instead of the sugar, replaced the butter for coconut oil, 1 cup whole wheat flour and just 1/2 cup white, doubled the vanilla, added cinnamon and nutmeg. DELICIOUS, healthy, moist and a total crowd pleaser. You would never guess it was good for you too!

  451. kim bemis

    Made this bread this morning and while it has great aroma, unfortunately it fell apart as soon as it was removed from the pan. I’m sure it will taste good but only in pieces, not slices.

    • Anne

      That’s odd. I have made this recipe (with no variations) many times and it hasn’t have fallen apart. However, I often bake it in a smaller casserole dish or larger one for a double batch. The banana bars always come out awesome.

  452. Jessica

    I have used this recipe for quite a few years, at sea level. I recently have moved to Colorado, what do you recommend adjusting to help with the altitude? Thanks!

    • Elise

      Hi Jessica, I don’t know much about baking at altitude, but perhaps someone else can chime in?

  453. Diana

    Made 2 loaves today and they came out so well! This is a keeper for sure. I have never made banana bread that is so moist and delicious. The only thing I did different was that I added cinnamon and I cocoa powder and walnuts to one of the loaves. So good! Thanks!

  454. cat

    Loved this! I’ve tried a lot of banana bread recipes, and while they were all (or at least mostly) good, I think this is favorite. Simple and easy, very rich and flavorful (I did use the full amount of sugar, but could see how it could easily be cut down), And it kept its shape perfectly; I can’t count how many breads I’ve made that *tasted* delicious, but sort of had to be eaten with a fork. I’m not, granted, an excellent baker, but bookmarked this.

    • Christy

      Do u have to used water to mix it all together

  455. Kel

    I’ve been using this recipe to make banana muffins and they’re a family favorite now! Thanks!

  456. MaryZ

    Okay, I’ve made this banana bread now several times, experimenting each time. I have found it a bit flat, too dense and every time dry, but I am sure that’s my lousy oven! Anyway, today’s bread is divine … eyes roll back in your head divine! Here’s what I did:

    I went with 5 very ripe bananas (although they were small, could be 4 large). I added 3/4 cup of yogurt and went with a full 1/2 cup butter (that portion is inclusive of what I used to generously butter the stoneware pan). I upped the baking soda to just under 1 tablespoon and also a bit more vanilla, about 1.5 teaspoons. I added about 1.5 teaspoons finely grated fresh orange peel. I went with 1/2 cup sugar and just under 1/2 cup molasses. I also added walnuts and currents (about 1/4 each). I sprinkled the top with course sugar.

    The outcome was a much fuller, better risen bread (by 50% at least). It’s quite moist, which the yogurt and extra butter seems to have helped. The orange adds a wonderful accent. The molasses adds great flavor depth, but does darken the bread, which I don’t mind (very brown). The sprinkled sugar on top caramelized nicely for a crisp finish. I’m taking this to a special New Year’s Day annual luncheon to show it off! Wonderfully flexible recipe! I LOVE IT! :-)

  457. Renato Guerrero

    My favorite recipe, I just used a new oven, electric medium size, a little nerves because I am not an experienced guy, but every time it comes delicious, this time I added some dried fruits on top and the colored baked looks delicious. I am looking forward to see my wife´s and daughters face when taste it… :))

  458. Laura

    Elise I’ve been making your recipe since 2008 and everyone loves it. Best Banana Bread I’ve ever made. I keep getting orders for it. Thank You

  459. Victoria

    This is my go to banana bread recipe. The most recent compliments included that it was the best banana bread they’d ever had. I do follow the suggestions on cutting the sugar, I use 3/4 cup, I use olive oil instead of melted butter. I use my stick blender to not just mash the bananas but to liquify them. I always use 3 bananas, one time I only had 2 bananas and the bread was dry. I also use roughly one cup of crushed walnuts.

  460. sherri

    would it be weird to add frozen blackberries or raspberries? if ok, how much?

    • Elise

      Hi Sherri, I haven’t tried adding frozen berries to this banana bread, but if I were to try it, I would add no more than a cup.

  461. Julia

    This banana bread is delicious! It is so simple and easy to make. Thank you for the recipe!

  462. Erin

    When I had an abundance of bananas that were going bad, I used this recipe to make banana muffins and everyone loved them! I’ve made these a few times now, they’re still a household favorite. It’s a very easy and understandable recipe and it’s the only banana bread I’ll make now.

  463. Hunter Hampton

    I made this last week, it was by far the best banana bread I’ve ever eaten and my friend agreed when I gave her some. Thank you for this recipe.

  464. Rose

    I have a lot of mashed pumpkin to use up and using 2 cups (about a can’s worth if you don’t have a pumpkin) of mashed pumpkin in place of the banana resulted in pumpkin bread. It needed more sugar than I normally use (1 cup instead of 3/4) and, of course, a tbsp of pumpkin pie spice.

  465. katy

    This is the best bannana bread ever! I used less sugar and it tastes almost better!!!!! I bake it only for 50 min and it comes out perfect!!!!!!!!!:)

  466. Liz

    I reccomend to check at 30-35min because I took my bread out at 50min and it was overcooked! Oven was at 350 but the bottom half of the inside and crust was very brown. only about 1/3 of the top was a nice yellow.
    Otherwise, the taste was amazing! I’ll be using this again but with a smidge less sugar and i’ll check it 10min earlier.

  467. Hayley

    I made this for the congregation of St. Marks Church in Florence, Italy and everybody loved it! People keep asking about it. Great Recipe!

  468. JJ

    DO NOT Put baking soda in it…Use Baking powder….I have baked the same recipe several times using baking powder….The one occassion I use baking soda to see what’s the difference and it makes a huge difference with taste and look.
    Great recipe…Just use powder and not soda.

  469. sandy

    I just tried! Amazing recipe!! thanks so much!

  470. Rachel

    I love this recipe and have made it dozens of times. I always add a teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg or pumpkin spice as well.

  471. tammy

    How can I sub coconut oil for butter and add Flax meal and brewers yeast for daughter who’s breastfeeding dairy allergic grandson. Thank you?

  472. Jen Julien

    This is my favourite and only banana bread recipe. In my case, I add 3-4 bananas, and I butter then sugar my baking pan before baking. Fresh out of oven, I rub butter/margarine over top of the hot bread. Thanks!

  473. Lauren Zee

    I love this recipe and make it weekly- but I had 2 questions.
    1 are there nutrition facts for this? I just joined Weight Watchers and am having a hard time tracking this bread
    2 do you know an easy way to make smaller loads of this recipe – for Christmas gifts and such??
    I’ll do my research online and try to find it but I was just wondering if you knew

    Thank you for the recipe! It’s easy, quick, and makes really moist bread!!

    • Elise

      Hi Lauren, I’m guessing the nutritional analysis will completely depend on the size of slice. I don’t personally do nutritional analysis on the recipes, but I think you can find some online tools to help you if you need it. As for smaller loaves, it depends on the size of the loaf pan. I would just experiment for the right cooking time for your pan.

  474. Heather

    Can I substitute flour with arrowroot flour or gluten free flour using the same amount or will it be dry?

    • Elise

      Hi Heather, I have not tried substituting the flour with gluten-free flour or arrowroot flour. If you do, please let us know how it turns out for you!

      • kelly

        Used an all purpose gluten-free flour, and it turned out wonderful. Only difference is a little less rise.

  475. b

    I haven’t had banana bread in years, but today, with this recipe, it was a real treat. I want to add some macadamia nuts next time. My wife says chocolate. Easy recipe but great taste!! Definitely be making this again.