Easy Beef Brisket

Easy! Beef brisket roast, slathered in a mixture of BBQ sauce and soy sauce, wrapped in foil, and baked until falling apart tender. Simple and delicious.

  • Prep time: 10 minutes
  • Cook time: 3 hours
  • Yield: Serves 8


  • 3 to 4 lbs of a brisket cut of beef
  • 3/4 cup barbeque sauce
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1 cup of water


1 Preheat oven to 300ºF.

2 In a bowl, mix together the barbeque sauce, soy sauce, and water.

3a Place the brisket roast on a large piece of aluminum foil. Spread the BBQ sauce mixture generously over meat. Wrap the brisket in aluminum foil and place it in a roasting pan. Bake for 1 hour for every 1 pound of meat.

beef-brisket-method-600-1 beef-brisket-method-600-2


3b Place the barbecue sauce and the brisket in an oven roasting bag. Sprinkle a teaspoon of flour into the bag. Poke a couple small holes in the bag. Place the bag in a roasting pan. You may find that the cooking time is faster with this method, or you can reduce the oven temperature to 275°F.

4 Remove from oven and let rest in the foil for 30 minutes before serving.

The easiest way to serve the roast is to first cut it in half along the grain of the meat (poke the meat with the tip of a knife or tines of a fork to see which way the grain or lines of the muscles are going if you can't see it from the surface).

Then make 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch thick cuts across the grain to serve. (Cutting the meat across the grain will make it much easier to eat, as the cuts break up the muscle tissue.)

beef-brisket-method-600-3 beef-brisket-method-600-4

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  • Dave

    Just a suggestion on the temp of the cook. You may find that you will have a much more tender brisket if you lower the cooking temp to around 250-275 degrees. Also cook it till it gets to an internal temp of 195 degrees. Then let it rest for an hr wrapped in foil. I do a lot of briskets in the smoker and the oven and have always had great results with them!

  • Beth

    The best brisket I have ever made… all 12 lbs of it were gone before New Years was over and I saw quite a few naughty vegetarians going back for seconds. I threw a bunch of garlic (whole) into the mix and we spread that on bread and dipped it into the sauce. A total hit!!!

    • Laura

      Well I’m a brisket making failure. Help! Wouldn’t this just be the best meal to make for a new mom? And then to make a pound cake with it. Wow her!

  • Lupe

    I did not have the soy sauce, so I added some lime juice. I must say this was the best brisket I have ever made in the oven:).
    I cooked it for 5 hrs at 275 degrees. My husband loved it. I was afraid it was going to be a little dried so, I also made a salsa to pour over the brisket. I sauted some jalapenos, onions and tomatoes and then added the drippings from the brisket it was so GOOOOD!!!
    P.S. The brisket was not dry at all.

  • Janell

    This was so great! I am a new cook so the comment about not using ALL of the marinade was very helpful. I also added two cloves of garlic (whole) like someone else suggested and it was amazing. I cooked it a little longer at 300 degrees so it wouldn’t cook so fast. Thanks so much

  • Alicia*

    Awesome recipe. Found a sale on brisket and couldn’t pass it up. I used 1/8 cup soy sauce and the juice of a lime…and added a couple of garlic cloves minced. OMG the smell. I think the neighbors were jealous. I was smug. Cooked at 275 for about 3.5 hrs on a 2# brisket. Next sale, I gotta get a bigger brisket! Elise, you have made me look like a culinary goddess again!

  • Nora

    Elise, just curious. I made the brisket and it’s tender & tastes wonderful. However, it did not get the crispy on the outside like in your picture. Did I miss something?

    I think the crispiness you see is where the barbecue sauce caramelized at the edges. ~Elise

  • Esther

    I used this recipe and it was great. I did make a few changes: I used a crockpot and slow cooked it all day, omitted the soy sauce, used garlic powder, a little salt, beef broth, water, and a 16 oz bottle of barbeque sauce. I made this for my girlfriend and she called to tell me how tender and well seasoned it was. She said it was flavorful all the way through.

    Thanks to all, since I incorparated some ideas here, especially Elise : )

    • Kristen

      Did you still wrap the brisket in foil while using the crock pot?

  • Lisa

    I come from the school of “low and slow” when it comes to brisket but this turned out quite nice. I suppose it’s a lot to do with the cut of meat and your ‘finesse’ with it. I will make it again. Thanks.

  • Lisa

    I made your brisket recipe for dinner tonight and it was SO GOOD!! The whole family loved it! I loved how easy it was. This recipe is a keeper!

  • KariVery

    Can I just tell you how awesome the leftovers were for making BBQ beef sliders the next day? Ohhh yeah, baby!! I saved the juices left over from when I roasted the meat, added a little more BBQ sauce, and warmed the slices up in that, threw them on some little potato rolls and served them up with some coleslaw – fantastic! My family wants me to make this brisket, and of course, the sliders, every week :-)

  • Julie

    I’ve never made brisket before, but I’m gonna try this receipe. From the reviews, it sounds like this is really good. I’ll keep you all posted as to how it turned out. Wish me luck!!


  • gabby

    wow! fantastic. I picked up a huge slab of corned beef on sale (right after st. pattys). It came with a packet of herbs, and i added fresh pepper (alot) and paprika. I removed the foil half way and put some of the bbq soy mix on top, and its gotten super crispy.
    The whole house smells amazing. Its taking a bit longer to cook…

  • Carol at Wild Goose Mama

    OH MY HEAVENS! That looks positively succulent!

  • Roy

    I find that after cooking brisket, it’s difficult to see how the grain runs. So borrowing a technique on the bbq circuit, if you cut a notch in the meat to indicate the direction of the grain, you never have to guess after cooking and would just have to cut across. Additionally, a smartphone picture can help.

  • Shelly

    I have never cooked brisket before so how long should I slow roast a 10# brisket?

  • rob

    Great recipe!! We tried this a couple weeks ago as an after thought and it turned out to be the hit of the party.

  • Kiwanee

    I’m definitely going to try this. I love cooking new recipes for my family. Can’t wait!

  • Janice B

    Just made this for Thanksgiving tomorrow. First time making brisket and it came out awesome! 7 lbs and 7 hrs @ 300. Used ground and fresh ground pepper. Added about 1/3 cup
    of Jim Beam bourbon to the sauce.

  • LauraC

    What can i use instead of Barbecue??????

  • Sheila Lecuyer

    can I cook brisket in a pressure cooker?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Sheila, I haven’t yet tried cooking brisket in a pressure cooker, but don’t see why it wouldn’t work.