Blue Cheese Burgers

Here's a tip, although you might be tempted to go with extra lean hamburger meat for this burger, given all the cheese, I don't recommend it, unless you want blue cheese flavored dry burgers.

  • Yield: Makes 4 burgers


  • 1 pound ground beef (16-20%)
  • 1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
  • 2 cloves minced garlic
  • 2 green onions, chopped
  • 1/2 cup (about 2 ounces) crumbled blue cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 1 Tbsp water
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper


blue-cheese-burger-1.jpg blue-cheese-burger-2.jpg

1 Put ground beef, mustard, garlic, onions, blue cheese, water, egg, and a sprinkling of salt and pepper into a large bowl. Use your hands to gently mix the ingredients together until just incorporated. Do not over-mix. Shape into patties, about 1/2 inch thick and larger than your bun. Chill until you are ready to cook.

blue-cheese-burger-3.jpg blue-cheese-burger-4.jpg

2 Prepare charcoal or gas grill for cooking over high direct heat. Using tongs and a folded up paper towel dipped in vegetable oil, oil the grill grates. Make sure grill is hot and well oiled before laying down the patties. Season patties with salt and pepper. Place the patties on the clean, well-oiled grill grate. Grill the burgers for about 5 minutes per side. Do not press down on the burgers while cooking.

If you don't have a grill, you can use a grill pan or a cast iron frying pan for the burgers.

Serve on hamburger buns with lettuce and mayonnaise.

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  • Leah

    I don’t know what I did wrong but my patties fell apart faster than my husband’s plans for sex. But so delicious.

  • Michconnors

    We make these burgers using this recipe all the time during the summer and they are a regular hit with all of our guests. This is a great recipe!

  • asiathinksthings

    I tried it once in a restaurant and it was delicious, thanks for the recipe, I’ll use it in summer!

  • Dan

    Just made these as the Blue part of a Red White and Blue dinner. Very tasty.

  • Rhonda

    Just wanted to report that I used lean hamburger because all I had was elk burger, and the burgers were still fabulous. Thank you!

  • Allison

    Had a pound of organic, grass-fed ground beef, but no plan as to what to do with it for dinner tonight! I decided to check your website for some last-minute inspiration, and low-and-behold, I happened to have all the ingredients on hand for this recipe! We served them on these super thin whole grain buns (EarthGrain brand if anyone wants to try them), and they turned out oh-so yummy! My husband and I have a definite new favorite that no doubt will become a regular. I can always depend on your recipes to be of “good taste” (pun intended, lol). Thanks for another good one!!

  • Zach

    No water, and the egg is a little much but the taste is BAM. Thank you.

  • Randi Lynne

    I made these last night (with regular ground beef) and with all the toppings, my husband commented that he didn’t think he’d be able to find a better burger at one of our favorite burger joints. It was delicious.

  • Tasha

    My family loved this, it turned out great,thanks for the recipe,Tash

  • Doug

    We made these burgers yesterday and they turned out awesome! We used regular ground beef (71%)
    and the cheese stayed intact very well. We decided to pan fry on medium heat and take our time. The burgers came out juicy and delicious!

  • Mike

    I’ve been making a variation of these for a while… definitely a crowd pleaser. Try raspberry chipotle sauce as a condiment instead of mustard/ketchup.

  • Oscar

    I make burgers with blue cheese sometimes as well, but I prefer to add some oatmeal flakes, red wine and crumbled cooked bacon on the meat before doing the patties.

    Instead of onion and garlic, I use shallots.

    So far they have been a hit every time.

  • Natalie

    These are wonderful! We have made them several times and just love them. Thanks for a great recipe!

  • Vikki

    These burgers are a favorite in our house, my kids love them. I saute baby portabella mushrooms then chop them fine and add that to the ground meat along with Maytag Blue cheese. I know what we’re having for dinner tonight!
    Love your web site.I’m making the curried rice salad right now to bring to a lunch tomorrow. It smells wonderful!
    Thanks for the great ideas.

  • Sebastian

    I made these and they were delicious! We actually served them with your Spinach and Orzo Salad Recipe. They were great together.

    I tried to follow the recipe as well as I could, but I did have trouble keeping the burgers together. I used 85% lean grass-fed beef which maybe wasn’t fatty enough, but our local butcher didn’t have anything else. The meat was also really cold from the fridge — maybe we should have let it sit out for a while? Or maybe I mixed it too much? I dunno, they just didn’t quite have the consistency I expected. Regardless, they were really good and I will have to try and make them again.

  • Jim

    Thanks so much for turning me onto Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese. I have been savoring their blue cheese, Cypress Grove fresh Purple Haze chevre (to die for), and Marshall’s Farm Honey for a week now.

  • Pixie

    You reminded me how much I miss that blue cheese burger; think I best make them again during the week. Thanks for the mention! :)

  • Kevin

    Blue cheese burgers sound really tasty!

  • courtney

    I tried this a couple years ago with cheddar, and I guess I didn’t make the chunks small enough, because the burgers fell apart. I may have to try this again.

    Adding an egg to the mixture really helps preventing the burger from falling apart. ~Elise

  • Coyote

    Yesterday was my birthday and I gave this recipe to my husband and three teens. They made these burgers for dinner and they were fantastic!

  • Megan

    Wow! I’m really excited to try these. My husband absolutely loves grilling, and is always excited to try new things. I’m sure these will be a hit!

  • Shibi

    *Hearts* to Garrett! I’ll eat anything that he characterizes as “sassy” — thanks for the recipe (to Rob, Garrett and you, Elise)!!

  • Lady Amalthea

    I love the idea of mixing the cheese directly in with the meat. When I make burgers, that’s always how I mix in the garlic, salt, pepper and other seasonings (sometimes even an egg). Blue cheese is next on the list!

  • kitchenMage

    I’ve been using this method for a while and love it. One recent experiment was lamb feta burgers which were excellent, especially with a thin slice of granny smith apple from the salad!

    Love lamb, love the idea of lamb burgers with feta. Thank you! ~Elise

  • Paul

    This sounds amazing. Thanks, Elise (and Garrett) for an ah-hah! moment. I never would have simply mixed in the cheese.

    After finding yet another one of Garrett’s guest posts too good to pass up, I’ve now bookmarked his blog separately. But don’t worry, Elise; you’re still my favorite food blog!


  • Boo-Boo

    I like using Maytag Blue Cheese & also adding a couple strips of bacon on top. Yum!

    Some crispy bacon would be awesome with this burger. Yum indeed. ~Elise

  • SaLena

    Can’t wait to try these! I make feta burgers for my friends and family. Ground sirloin, feta, green onion, chopped tomatoes, and fresh chopped spinach with a healthy sprinkling of dill. I put my rectangular cooling rack on a 9X13 baking dish and bake them on that, so the fat drips down. I serve them like little meat loaves, sometimes with a side of homemade ranch dressing for dipping.

  • Peter Albertson

    If you don’t like bleu cheese, use the gorgonzola in its place. They are not so dissimilar.

  • Karin

    I am not a blue cheese fan at all, but I love to experiment with new recipes. Last fall I ran across a similar recipe for burgers with blue cheese and tried them and I really enjoyed them. And I will make them again.

  • Sarah

    Funny, last night I made ricotta burgers – I didn’t have a lot of ground beef so I wanted to beef up the burgers. I added about half a cup of ricotta to 1lb beef, some bread crumbs and a Tbsp or 2 of my favourite BBQ sauce. They were awesome! I just had them with the regular condiments but I thought that some arugula with lemon aioli would have been just right.

  • nitnyleo

    Thanks for reminding me of my blue cheese burgers that I made when I cooked for me and myself 25 years ago. (cheap hamburger with crumbled bleu cheese and alotta pepper; nuked; topped with nuked bacon; between toasted raisin bread).

    But these look and sound delicious and can’t wait to get the grill going to try ’em out.

  • Mike

    I am all about the cheese stuffed burgers and these look great! Its one thing to have a nice melted slice on top of a burger, but its another entirely to have a gooey, melty surprise warm and waiting for you in the middle!

    Blue cheese and I have a checkered past, but I’ve tried a number of other strongly flavored, great melting cheeses, such as goat cheese, fontina, manchego (I used this with ground lamb *drool* ), etc, all of which have been very good to me, but like you said, if you don’t ensure a perfect seal throughout, you will have a fun mess to clean. I’d never tried mixing crumbles into the meat as well, so this sounds like another great idea to try (I wonder if feta might work nicely with this method?).

    Plus, at this time of year, any excuse to fire up the grill and have a burger sounds good to me…

  • KO

    I have used this method with gouda instead of blue cheese–I’m not a big fan of the blue cheese (and since I’m 37 weeks preggo–can’t have the blue stuff anyway). We always buy ground chuck for our burgers, usually ends up being about 80/20 and we always have super-juicy burgers.

    Other favorite burger recipe: mix in Teriyaki, and healthy doses of curry, jerk seasoning and allspice for a great Caribbean flavor. Serve with American cheese and grilled pineapple. Also add a bit of a thicker teriyaki sauce, like Kona Coast Teriyaki/Pineapple marinade.

  • Kelly

    I don’t care for blue cheese much, myself. For some reason I like a pasta sauce I make with gorgonzola, but have never liked blue cheese on a burger, steak, or salad; like most cheese lovers seem to…

    Elsie/Garrett, is there another cheese that would stand up to this method?

  • dave

    I’ve tried this exact technique … and the traditional blue-cheese-stuffed-between-two-patties. Disgusting and a Waste of Grill Time. Blue Cheese should never be a main ingredient. Bad Bad Bad. Bury this post.

    Guess you don’t like blue cheese with your burgers, eh Dave? ;-) ~Elise

  • Christine

    This burger sounds really delicious. Elise, what kind of hamburger bun do you show in the photo? It looks much better than any burger bun that I’ve ever bought.

    Hi Christine. Great question. These buns are so terrific my brother uses them for dinner rolls. The maker is Rudi’s Organic Bakery. We get the white hamburger buns at Whole Foods. They also have whole wheat and spelt. ~Elise

  • Marc @ NoRecipes

    Seeing photos like this makes me miss my grill. I love that you put cheese IN the burger instead of on it!

  • Lisa_S.

    Oh thank you, my mouth is watering already. We had a small chain restaurant around that made a “Black and Blue” burger and I’ve been missing that flavor combo since they closed the only location they had close to me. Now I can make these myself and relish the taste again.

    I just loaded a new jug of propane on the grill for the year too. Now Mother Nature needs to cooperate and warm us back up so I can use it!

  • Darr

    I was on vacation in Northern California 30 years ago and ordered a steak at a pub. It had an incredible flavor I asked, they said it was blue cheese on it. My first experience with blue cheese and beef. I have been mixing blue into my hamburgers ever since. Don’t use mozzarella use a mild blue and taste the wonders. Save the “Mozz” for your pizza. As they said, more fat in the meat the more flavor, the grill pan helps keep the meat away from the grease.
    You will love this recipe just the way they wrote it, someone in your family not a garlic lover, leave out the garlic and green onion and use chopped onion instead.

  • Pnutz

    It appears that some commenters think these are 2 patty burgers with the cheese in the middle, whereas the recipe actually mixes the blue cheese in with all other ingredients. Just sayin…

  • merd

    I like the recipe you have here and probably will try it myself. I like the dijon and garlic idea for sure. I usually get pre-made 1/2 poundish angus monsters at the store from the deli/fresh meat section. They don’t have the gourmet touches of this recipe but are nearly irresistable with liberal dustings of cracked pepper.

    The only recommendation I have for grilling is to make sure that your coals are HOT, otherwise the exposed bleu melts out of the burger when cooked at a lower temp for longer. Slightly charred on the outside and medium in the middle is what I shoot for – no mooing or hockey pucks. You can dress the burger up with minimal fixings (whole wheat bun, lettuce, tomato, thick cut bacon) and the texture/flavor is rounded out with simplicity.

  • Richard (Such&Such)

    I am definitely cooking these on the grill. The pictures make me hungry!

  • Sylvie

    Those look really nice and juicy and how could a burger with blue cheese not be delicious!?

  • Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    If you’re making these on the East Coast, try Great Hill Blue cheese — it’s mild enough not to overpower the burger, but still has a bite. Great method, by the way!

    Thanks for the suggestion, Lydia! ~Elise

  • Peter

    I grilled cheese-stuffed burgers last night too! I echo that you must pinch the two patties around the edges well so the cheese doesn’t ooze out and yes…a medium ground beef works for this type of burger as it requires longer to cook.

    The lean ground beefs will dry out in this instance.

    Thanks Garret & Elise.

  • Kalyn

    Go Garrett! I love the sound of blue cheese mixed with beef in a burger. Sounds delicious!

  • Rachel

    That sounds wonderful! I will have to make these soon, the weather is perfect for grilling right now.

    • elaine

      Just wish for all commentators to leave their Recipe comments After they made the recipe, and not judge them by the look only.

      As or myself, I always rely on Elise’s cooking advise and love her many