1. Jane Kokernak

    These are more sweet than they are peanut buttery or chocolatey. I think the recipe should specify all-natural, unsweetened peanut butter. I used a commercial brand that I had in the cupboard, and it’s sweet to begin with. A less sweet pb would make these better.

  2. Cathey Cook

    I enjoyed reading your recipe. I make a similar one but use only 1 cup sugar and 1/2 cup fewer oats. I do also decease the milk by about 2 Tbsp. and they firm up nicely. Thank you so much for posting.

  3. Dee

    Could you leave out the cocoa for those of us who don’t care for chocolate? Would I need to sub in another dry ingredient? Thanks!

    • Cindy

      Hi Dee! Cindy here, I have not tested this recipe with anything other than cocoa powder. That said, I don’t have a good recommendation for an alternative. I’m so sorry! Does anyone else have a suggestion??

  4. 2pots2cook

    Now this was made for my son and me. It is 102 F out here and this no bake is what I call Perfect Timing dear ! Thank you so much !

  5. Leslie

    I am drooling right now! These look SO good and fairly simple to make. I am going to pin them to give em’ a try.

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