Cranberry Apple Stuffed Pork Loin

September has arrived and with it, hints of fall, ripening apples, and kids everywhere going back to school. We found this recipe in a local grocery circular and just happened to have a pork roast in the freezer longing to be eaten. The stuffing ingredients – croutons, apple, walnuts, cranberries, shallots, maple syrup and rosemary – worked well together, as one would expect looking at that list, and added a lovely fall dimension to the roast.

Cranberry Apple Stuffed Pork Loin Recipe

  • Yield: Serves 6.


  • 1 boneless pork loin (about 3 pounds)
  • Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
  • 1 cup seasoned croutons
  • 1/2 cup chicken stock
  • 1 cup peeled, chopped green apples
  • 1/3 cup dried cranberries
  • 1/3 cup chopped walnuts, toasted
  • 1/4 cup minced shallots
  • 2 Tbsp pure maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon minced rosemary


1 Preheat oven to 325°F.

cranberry-stuffed-pork-1.jpg cranberry-stuffed-pork-2.jpg

2 Rinse the pork and pat it dry. Butterfly the roast by first cutting lengthwise about halfway through the roast. Then angle the knife and cut horizontally almost all of the way through, on both sides. Unfold the pork and cut tiny slits in the surface of the meat. Cover with 2 layers of of plastic wrap. Pound with a meat mallet to flatten as much as possible. Remove plastic wrap. Sprinkle pork with salt and pepper and set aside.

cranberry-stuffed-pork-3.jpg cranberry-stuffed-pork-4.jpg

3 Place croutons and stock in a small bowl and let sit for 5 minutes, until the croutons have absorbed the stock and have softened. Mash up the croutons a bit with a fork. Stir in the apples, walnuts, cranberries, shallots, maple syrup and rosemary. Spread mixture over surface of the pork. Starting with the smallest side of the meat (which should be in the shape of a rectangle), roll up tightly and secure with kitchen string. At this point you can wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate if you are making ahead.

4 Coat the bottom of a roasting pan with cooking spray or a little olive oil. Place the roast in the pan and cook at 325°F, uncovered, for about 1 hour ten minutes, or until the pork reaches an internal temperature of 140-145°F. Start checking the internal temperature of the roast at about one hour. Let stand for 10 minutes. Remove the kitchen string and slice into 1/2-inch thick slices.

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  • Maureen

    Thank you so much for this great recipe. We had it for dinner tonight and it was fantastic. The stuffing has great flavor. I roasted it over some potatoes and onions and served it with roasted acorn squash. What a perfect meal to kick off the fall season!

  • Randi

    This was a definite crowd pleaser. I stuffed the pork earlier this afternoon while my boys were napping so I just had to put it in the oven before our friends arrived for dinner. The stuffing was so tasty! The only problem I had was that despite using a meat thermometer the center was a bit underdone. I suppose I put the thermometer in the wrong place (I thought it was in the center!). I had to resort to microwaving a few of the slices from the center but was glad I hadn’t overcooked the ends. I’ll definitely be trying this again!

  • Carey-Ann

    Hi Elise,

    I want to thank you for this recipe. I made it and also added cashews to it for our Christmas day dinner and it was very very good. I shall make this again and have been recommending this to my friends. Thanks again. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas. :)

  • GG

    This is a great recipe. I did not use the shallots. I also used a prepared stuffing instead of croutons. Next time I will chop the nuts into a fine grind. It seems as though although I did chop the nuts finely the texture affected some of my guests.

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