Cranberry Limeade

Zesty homemade limeade recipe with a bit of cranberry juice for added flavor and color.

  • Prep time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: Makes about one quart


  • 1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice (about 4-8 limes, depending on how juicy they are)
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened cranberry juice (if you use sweetened cranberry juice, reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe a little bit)
  • Simple syrup made with 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water
  • An additional 1 1/2 cups water
  • Ice


1 Make simple syrup: Heat 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water in a small saucepan; bring to a boil so that the sugar is completely dissolved, and remove from heat.

If you want an added zing to your limeade, zest a couple of the limes before juicing and add the zest to the sugar water while it's heating. Once the syrup has cooled, strain out the zest with a fine mesh strainer before using.

2 Juice the limes: While your simple syrup is cooling, juice the limes.

3 Add lime juice, cranberry juice, 1 1/2 cups of cold water, the simple syrup, and a few ice cubes to a serving pitcher. Depending on when and how the limeade is to be served, and how strong you want it, you can add more ice and water.

For example, if you want to serve it right away, and it is still a bit warm from the hot simple syrup, add lots of ice.

If it has had a chance to cool down and chill in the refrigerator, but is still too strong, add a bit more water until the strength is to your preference.

If the cranberry limeade is too sweet for your taste, add some more lime juice and water until you reach your desired level of sweetness, and use less sugar the next time you make it.

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  • Ophelia

    I just made this and it’s delicious! I only used about half of the simple syrup because I didn’t want it to be too sweet – it was so tangy and refreshing! I will definitely be making this again! Now I just need to get a juicer!

  • Jamie

    This sounds so delicious! On holidays and if you need something in a snap, we fill a punch bowl with ice, 3/4 cranberry-apple juice, and 1/4 ginger ale and fill the entire top with lime slices. It is to die for. I like the idea of this as a limeade without the carbonation however. Thank you for another tasty recipe

  • Mitchell Webster

    There is never a reason to waste a Lime,Lemon,Orange etc.

    We just put into freezer bags or better yet into Food Saver Bags whole.

    It is much easier to grate the rind off a frozen citrus fruit, than fresh.

    Thaw it out to room temp, or defrost in the microwave and squeeze, all citrus fruit yeild much more juice once it has been frozen and thawed.

    The recipe sounds absolute delicious and I plan on making some soon!!

  • Linda in the Evergreen State

    HI Elise,

    Love the additon of the lilies in the photo!
    My lilies that bloomed this year were pink.

    Those left over limes can be used to make sweet and sour mix as well for maragaritas!!
    Unsweetened fruit juice can also be frozen in ice cube trays then placed in a ziplock bag in the freezer for late use.

    Your drink would be also tasty served frozen with a sugar rimmed margarita glass. Drop the frozen lime juice cubes with the rest of the ingredients and blend.

    I mix 100% cranberry juice with a splash of diet white grape soda. Lime might be a nice edition.

    Linda in Washington State

  • clsilva

    Looks great! I think I might try it with a little less water to make it more concentrated and then when I am ready to serve it pour the limeade mixture at the bottom of the glass and add some chilled seltzer water! Fizzy limeade is really refreshing.

  • startcooking

    When I’m storing limes I always put them in a plastic bag, then into the fruit bin of my refrigerator. They seem to last much longer when stored in a plastic bag.

  • tannaz

    Throw in some tequila and fresh mint and then let’s talk! El Carmen, the local tequila bar near my apartment, has a drink they call the Mexito. It’s a take on a mojito, but with tequila instead of rum, and a bit of cranberry juice. Quite delicious.

  • lydia

    I learned from my husband’s aunt who lives in Mexico, and has several lime trees in her yard, to squeeze the lime juice as soon as I bring home that big Costco bag, and freeze it in ice cube trays. Then it’s ready for limeade, or something more potent, whenever you want it.

  • Andy

    This is really good! I just whipped up a batch. I ended up using 3 limes and one lemon as that was what I had on hand. Really good idea with adding the zest to the simple syrup.

  • Elise

    Hi Anonymous – Personally, if I were to substitute some of the sugar with anything, it would be either stevia, agave nectar, or honey. Honey will change the flavor a bit, as it has its own pronounced flavor.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to put the limes I got to good use. This would be nice. However can you substitute something for the sugar? 1/2 cup sugar and ?