Crispy Turkey Bacon

Okay, so this isn’t really bacon, but it tastes like bacon and you can crumble it over twice-baked potatoes or sprinkle it over bean soup. This comes from a tip from a reader, who heard about it from Jacques Pepin. Just take leftover skin from your Thanksgiving turkey, place it fat-side down on a baking sheet, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and bake until crispy. Oo la la, this is good!

Crispy Turkey Bacon Recipe



  • Turkey skins (either already cooked, or raw)
  • Salt and pepper


turkey-bacon-1.jpg turkey-bacon-2.jpg

1 Preheat oven to 375°F (or 350° convection).

2 Place turkey skins in a single layer fat-side down on a rimmed baking sheet. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake until well browned and crispy (5-10 minutes if already cooked, longer if starting out raw).

3 Remove from oven, let cool to touch. Crumble and serve over salads, on soup, on twice baked potatoes, etc.

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  1. KissTheChef

    Mmmmm. I’ll be doing this next week. I’m smoking a turkey tomorrow and the skin is usually a little rubbery, so I usually just toss it. I’ll bet the smoke makes it taste even more like bacon….

  2. FoodWino

    Ditto on the smoking of a turkey tomorrow and then trying out this recipe! It sounds and looks wonderful – thank you!

  3. jonathan

    you derive some sort of sadistic pleasure in making a grown man scavenge through his day-old garbage to retrieve turkey skin? you. had. me. at. bacon.

  4. Jessica

    Unfortunately, there is no such this a leftover turkey skin at my house. It tends to be consumed before dinner even starts.

  5. Autumn

    You’re evil. I already stuck the skin in my stock then fed it to my outdoor kitties lol I will have to try this when we roast a chicken. Looks wonderful.

  6. Sylvie

    What an excellent idea! Turkey skin does not behave like chicken skin at all, and this seems an excellent use of it, especially if like me, you break down a raw turkey at this time of the year and freeze it, so you can eat turkey all year long. I can make turkey “bacon” now, and throw that over potatoes cooked in goose fat! with lots of parsley & garlic. Yeah!

  7. Tcrosse

    Sort of like Gribnis, only with turkey instead of chicken. My Grandma used to make it.

  8. Alta

    Cool idea! I mean, usually a few of us just fight over the skin (cause on the roasted turkey I make it’s usually burnished and crisp) but it’s not BACON crisp…and we can’t eat it all. Awesome.

  9. The Purple Foodie

    Oooh this sounds too good. Maybe I can try this with chicken skin too. You know we actually get chicken bacon here, given that India is not really a pork eating country.

  10. Lenithecook

    I do this with all extra poultry skin all year. This method is the poultry version of pork craklin’. And any one who has rendered chicken fat (schmaltz) or goose fat will know how wonderful those browned bit are. But SAVE the fat! Pour it through a fine sieve and store in a glass jar in the fridge. It is wonderful for frying potatoes.

  11. Renee

    Very good idea! We love to eat the skin along with the turkey breast meat because of all the yummy herbs and spices that I put on it. However, I usually throw away whatever is left after cooking the meat off the carcass. This is a great way to use it instead! Thanks!!

  12. laurie

    This is great…I do the same thing with Salmon on the BBQ. Start skin side down, then flip, peal off the skin and then crisp both sides. A little sea salt and yummy. Thanks

  13. Glitterati

    Sorry, what is this “leftover turkey skin” of which you speak? ;) But if I ever do have any leftover, I’ll definitely be crisping it up. (And then eating it straight!)

  14. hotredcar

    Just used this recipe..20 mins for raw skin to cook and great new item to use for seasoning and snacking.

  15. JJ

    You are the spawn of Satan! This just isn’t fair!

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