Green Goddess Dressing

Vary the proportions of the herbs to suit your taste. If you want, add some ripe avocado to the mix.

  • Prep time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: Makes about 2 cups


  • 2 teaspoons anchovy paste or 2-4 canned anchovies
  • 1 small garlic clove, minced
  • 3/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 3/4 cup sour cream
  • 1/2 cup chopped parsley
  • 1/4 cup chopped tarragon
  • 3 Tbsp chopped chives
  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice
  • Salt and black pepper to taste


Put all of the ingredients in the bowl of a blender or food processor and blend or pulse until you get an evenly smooth dressing, about 30-45 seconds.

Serve as a dip, or toss with salad greens for a dressing.

The dressing should last about a week in the fridge.

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  • Amina

    Great recipe! Is it at all possible to substitute dried herbs for fresh in this case? It seems unlikely but it’s also hard to justify buying seldom used herbs when grocery stores sell them in such large quantities.

    Great question. If I were to make this without herbs fresh from my garden, and if I were being budget-wise, I would still use fresh parsley (that’s cheap and available), dried tarragon, and the greens from green onions. ~Elise

    • Donna

      I cheated all the way and it came out pretty good. Used dried herbs and fish sauce instead of anchovies and everyone loved it.

  • Sheryl

    Ah Green Goddess! Actually it was popular even before then because I remember my mother using it back in the 60’s as a dipping sauce for her beef fondue. Loved the stuff! Thanks for the recipe and the stroll down memory lane.

  • Sarah

    this sounds great! it’s exactly the basic mix i use to make caesar dressing: mayo, garlic, lemon juice, anchovy – minus the parmesan cheese & evoo, plus herbs and sour cream.
    homemade dressings make such a difference, and they’re usually made with stuff you already have on hand :) thanks!

  • jjmcgaffey

    Yeah – I eat alfalfa sprouts regularly, growing them at home. I freeze the seeds so they last longer, which might deal with some of the bacteria, or I’ve just been lucky – but there’s no way I’ll stop eating raw foods (lettuce. Strawberries. Celery, apples, grapes…) so I’m not going to worry too much about sprouts.

    The dressing sounds interesting – I’d use it as a dip rather than a dressing, as I prefer my salads undressed. The green part of it sounds like my pesto – whatever fresh greens I have, whizzed up with garlic, nuts, cheese and olive oil. I’ve made it with everything from cilantro to mint, though there’s usually parsley and basil in it as well, and often spinach. I may try this (have to get some anchovies, though).

  • Penelope Harrington

    I first made this dressing in 1967 and it was a staple for a long time….even when people found out it had anchovies in it!

  • Pat Machin

    This did actually cross the pond back in the 70s and caused some hilarity as ‘Green Goddess’ over here means one of these –

    It does taste good and I will step back in time and make it again. Thanks for the reminder.

  • NotMarcia

    We used to use Green Goddess as a sandwich spread. Dee-Lish!

  • Sally

    Ah, memory lane. We used to make a version of this in our restaurant in the 80’s with yogurt and spinach (Tao Dressing). I love your use of anchovies–I agree, they make everything so much better, and even haters can’t identify the je-ne-sais-quoi flavor. I just washed and stored a few buckets of farmer’s market lettuce, now waiting to be dressed! Thanks for the reminder, I’m going with this version.

  • Lee

    This is one of my summer fridge staples. I love it on a salad of leftover grilled chicken and grilled veggies!

  • Pete

    We use the bottled version on taco salad; ground beef with a sprinkle of taco seasoning, lettuce, tomatoes, crushed doritos all smothered with Green Goddess. Might have to try the homemade version next time, thanks for sharing!

  • Marcia

    Thanks for the recipe, Elise! How did you know I’ve fallen in love with this dressing again and needed a recipe? I grew up north of San Francisco in the ’60s and ’70s and remember that the old Castaway restaurant on Coyote Point served it as well as the Velvet Turtle in Burlingame.


    I buy this for my husband at Albertson’s, it showed up about 7 mos ago on the dressing isle and he just had to have it!

  • Tebbi

    Born in the “Fifties” and remember having this at a restaurant in the So. Bay area of Ca. The Velvet Turtle, it use to be served in chilled silver gravy boats….Gram and Gramps were the best at introducing me to the tastiest things to eat. Crisp romaine with green goddess dressing…yum, thanks for the great memory.

  • Mark Preston

    I believe I have the original recipe for The Green Goddess dressing. Have a look at:

    Great, thanks! ~Elise

  • Sues

    I’ve heard about a lot of people making this and I can see why. It looks so pretty and the ingredients sound fabulous!

  • Amy Lucille

    I made a green goddess dip for crudités a few years back. Everyone avoided it like the plague. Not sure if it was because it was green or because I proudly stated it contained anchovies. Some people would not know good food if it bit them in the butt!!

  • Julie

    I remember eating this all the time when I was a little kid (in the early 70s in Missouri). I’m sure it was either a packaged mix or a bottle though. And then we discovered ranch dressing – along with the rest of the world (and we never tasted a vegetable again)! But it might be time to revisit Green Goddess, now that I’ve discovered the joys of making my own dressings and sauces.

  • Tamis

    Just last night I was complaining that there are no decent salad dressings that fit my now vegan requirements due to a new found egg/milk sensitivity. I can totally modify this to fit my needs with my veganaise and vegan sour cream. Could probably thin it out with some EVOO I imagine. Thanks!

  • Jean Marie

    My husband loves this dressing and I have tried a few times to duplicate it without much success. I’m not even sure he can ever be pleased unless it’s the original stuff in a bottle! But this sounds great and I will try, try again. It is so good.

  • Sharon O

    instead of using parsley and taragon I use:
    1 cup fresh basil
    1 cup of chives

    If you were familiar with a restaurant called Bobby McGee’s Conglomeration (Tucson, AZ)- this was a favorite in their salad bar

  • Denise

    Oh I am so excited to try this Green Goddess Dressing ! I’m 60 yrs old and have never ever tasted this ! The ingredients sound wonderful, and the beautiful green (along with the name) well…what could go wrong? I’ve tried several of your recipes and enjoyed all that I’ve made. Thank you for sharing ! btw: I went to Good Earth, had their chicken salad sandwich –which was unique and like I’ve never had before, and I do try to replicate–only to find them gone the next time I wanted to go ! Darn!!

  • lolaphong

    I love this type of dressing. I like to substitute some or sometimes even all the mayo with some mashed ripe avocado.

  • T. Hannibal Gay

    Actually Elise your recipe is very close to the original Palace Hotel creation. Lose the garlic and the lemon juice and add one green onion sliced and you have theirs perfectly.

  • Amanda

    I got excited when I saw the words “Goddess Dressing”! But I was hoping it was like the version that Annie’s makes. I’m still excited to try the one you’ve posted, but if you ever run across one like Annie’s, I’d be in your debt – I’ve never found one and it’s my favorite dressing EVER. Like in the ever of ever.

  • Canalcook

    This is a lovely recipe, and I like the background info on where it came from. I always thought Green Goddess sounded like a slightly naff name for food, but now I know where it came from I like it a lot more!

  • Louise

    Should last a week in the fridge? Not likely! It was gone in 2 days, with just 2 of us eating it. And it went on *everything* from salad to chicken wraps to some grilled shrimp. Delicious.

  • Alaina

    Wow, this is so delicious! I substituted Greek yogurt for sour cream and dill for tarragon. Amazing. Thank you for posting!!

  • Jason

    Wonderful as always, Elise. However, a word of caution to everyone: if you opt to use 2 cloves of garlic, the dressing will have a bit of bite to it that some may find unpleasant. Use only one clove to eliminate this. Alternatively, one can briefly sweat the garlic in a pan with a touch of fat to eliminate the bite.

    Hi Jason. I completely agree. In fact, I’ll change the recipe to reduce the garlic to one small clove. Garlic can easily overwhelm this dressing, especially since it’s raw. ~Elise

  • Julie

    Lovely recipe and healthy and delicious. Maybe this is why we have cuisinarts!

  • Amber

    I make a slightly healthier version of this, replacing most of the mayo with avocado, and the sour cream with Greek yogurt. It’s delicious!

  • Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

    I just made a similar version of this dressing for a salad I’m working on. I’m not sure I had ever eaten Green Goddess dressing before now, although I do remember the bottled version from the seventies. Yours is such a vibrant green color – love it!

  • Natalie L.

    Hey, I just had some alfalfa sprouts today! On my salad!

    I suspect they’re better when you choose to eat them, though, instead of them just appearing on your food.

    You don’t find them around as often because people have been getting sick from them. Apparently the seeds can be a source of bad bacteria. ~Elise

  • Embee

    I’m intrigued by this dressing! I’ve never heard of it before. What other herby greens would you recommend for anyone finding themselves short on parsley or tarragon? Or does it absolutely have to use that combination?

    Good question. I can’t imagine not having parsley on hand, but that’s just me, we use it in everything. You might try onion greens (or chives if you have them) and some dried herbes de provence. ~Elise

  • Sarah | The Cyclist's Wife

    OMG, I wish the Good Earth was still around. My dad and step-mom had their wedding reception there in the 80’s! I didn’t know Green Goddess had anchovies….and I thought I didn’t like anchovies.

    Anchovies are great, they melt into sauces and dressings like this and just make them taste better. ~Elise

  • Isabella

    I made this tonight, and it was terrific! I loved Green Goddess when I was a kid,so I went looking for a recipe. I’m not sure if I remember the bottled stuff very well, but this did have a familiar flavor (I’m guessing the tarragon) and it was delicious! Thanks!

  • Natasha of

    I’m pretty certain I might just want to spoon that into my mouth. ;) Looks so good! Pinning! :)

  • duffy

    I made fresh batch of GG last night to dress up some homegrown Flashy Trout Back (aka Freckles) romaine…and it was amazing. Salad also had avocado chunks, shaved parmesan and croutons…that’s it…the dressing is the star. Made with my fresh herbs parsley, tarragon, dill and chives. Anchovy paste went bad (forgot to refrigerate…who knew?) so in a pinch, added capers for the saltiness, which works well, since I am a vegetarian! Thanks Elise for another classic! They should bottle this stuff (in fact, Wishbone used to on West Coast…broke my mom’s heart when they discontinued!)

  • Meg Hereford

    While traveling, enjoyed a beautiful salad at ‘Stocked’, on Vanderbilt Ave, in Brooklyn. They served their salad with Green Goddess dressing. I made your dressing this morning. It wasn’t as green as the picture, but taste great anyway! Now, recreate the salad. This is fun! Thanks for your recipe.

  • Renee

    This dressing is fantastic. My sister begged me to make some more for her to have at her house. I throw in a pinch of sugar to take off the edge and change out the chives for scallions.

  • kerri

    Any substitutions for the anchovies to make a viable vegetarian version?

    • jj

      I have yet to see any reason why they would be so crucial to began with. I would just leave them out………..

  • larry smith

    Tarragon can be really over powering…I don’t taste tarragon at all in the store bought version..I think I might use less than they call for..I think I would add avocado too.