Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Hot Dogs

Hot dogs stuffed with cheese, onions, and sauerkraut, wrapped in bacon and cooked on a hot grill.

  • Yield: Makes 4 stuffed hot dogs.


  • 1 teaspoon ketchup
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 4 large hot dogs, knockwurst, or kielbasa
  • 1/2 ounce cheddar cheese, cut into long sticks
  • 2 Tbsp chopped onion
  • 1 cup refrigerated sauerkraut, drained, roughly chopped
  • 4 slices bacon
  • Vegetable oil
  • 4 long hot dog buns


1 Prepare your grill for direct medium high heat.

2 Mix together the ketchup and mustard in a small bowl. In a separate bowl, mix the sauerkraut with the chopped onion, set aside. Slice open the hot dogs, down the center, lengthwise, forming a deep pocket in each, but not cutting all the way through. Coat the inside of each hot dog with the mustard ketchup mixture.

3 Place a strip of cheese deep within the pocket of each hot dog. Top with sauerkraut and onions. Encapsulate the cheese at the ends with the sauerkraut mixture as well, so that no cheese is exposed (otherwise it will drip out when cooking).

bacon-wrapped-hot-d-1.jpg bacon-wrapped-hot-d-2.jpg

4 Wrap a strip of bacon around each stuffed hot dog, securing with toothpicks at each end. Make sure you wrap tight enough so that the stuffing stays in, but not so tight so that when the hot dog expands will cooking the bacon would tear.

bacon-wrapped-hot-d-3.jpg bacon-wrapped-hot-d-4.jpg

5 Coat your grill surface with vegetable oil so that the hot dogs don't stick. If you have a grill screen (a screen with smaller holes so that small pieces of whatever you're cooking don't fall through the grill), you can use it, just coat it with vegetable oil first and pre-heat for a couple of minutes. Place the stuffed hot dogs on the grill, stuffing side down. Grill for 2 minutes, until the bacon on that side is cooked, turn the hot dogs a quarter turn and grill for a couple more minutes. Continue to grill for a few minutes each on all sides until the bacon is cooked. Cover the grill in between turnings to help with the cooking.

6 During the last minute of cooking, open up the hot dog buns and place them open-side down on the grill to lightly toast.

7 Remove the hot dogs and buns from the grill. Remove the toothpicks fro the hot dogs, place them in the buns and serve.

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  • Larry

    Elise, thank you for being one of the only food bloggers out there who isn’t afraid of sauerkraut. ;-)

  • Heather

    Yum! This I’ve gotta cook up very soon!! Thank you for sharing this! :)

  • Multi-Testing Mommy

    Get right out of town! Bacon wrapped hotdogs? I’m going to be the BEST wife and Mommy on the block! Ok, maybe not best for their healthy, but popular, that’s for sure!!! These sound so yummy, my mouth is watering – minus the sauerkraut I think!

  • Sean Eddy

    I thought these looked good, and I was right! When I told my wife what I was making, her reply was “wait, grilled stuffed what?” She was really apprehensive, but quickly turned into a believer once she ate one. Great recipe.

  • athina

    These were so much fun to make, and very yummy too- my guests loved them! Thanks! Great summertime fare.

  • Kwai Chang Caine

    When I was a kid, not only did my mother make these at home, but there was a drive-in restaurant where this was a speciality. They were, and still are, called whistle pigs, and the were served at Page’s Whistle Pig at 6 Corners in Niagara Falls, NY.

    • Jeremy

      I lived in LaSalle a few years ago, which is at the tip of Niagara Falls and The Whistle Pig had just reopended. Someone described to me what they were all about. Thats all I needed to hear. I went, I saw, I smelled, I heard, I conquered and I absolutely loved it!!! Thanks for bringing back good memories!!! :-D

  • Maureen

    What type of hotdogs do you buy. I am trying to find something that my kids will eat that’s not too expensive but still is healthy and has flavor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, sausages and cold cuts anyone?

  • Karen

    OMG! these look good. In CA we call these ” dirty dogs” minus the sauerkraut.

  • Shawn Sisler

    I do something like this with brats.
    I precook the brats by boiling for a few minutes to reduce the flare ups before grilling. Then I slice the brat longways about 3/4 way through, fill with thin slices of lightly grilled pineapple and cheddar cheese, wrap with bacon, and grill. yummmmmmy

    Whoah, that sounds great! ~Elise

  • rprebel

    Every single word in that title is awesome. Grilled, Bacon-wrapped, Stuffed, Hot Dogs…and then you throw recipe in at the end, like the proverbial cherry on top. Yes! He’s gonna tell us how to make this complete triumph of foodstuff for ourselves! Thank you, kind sir. You and your father are geniuses.

  • Stefani

    Now this makes a hot dog look appealing!

  • Seven

    While I was putting these together, I decided that they were way too much work for bbq hot dogs. (I made a dozen to go along with hamburgers for my family of 7. We like meat.) When I saw them all piled on the serving platter, I decided that they were gorgeous and brought the humble hot dog to new heights. When I tasted them, I knew I’d be making them again. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  • Nick G-B

    We made these yesterday and they were phenomenal. Everyone was a little worried before the first bite, but we all recognize the inherent goodness of bratwursts, cheese, and bacon. The kraut was very mild, and turned a great golden color on the grill (or due to mustard saturation…). Anyway, here’s a much less pretty photo of the results.

    Everyone had seconds and someone actually ate a third. I hope she’s still with us…

  • Holly

    For anyone concerned about the fat content, Ballpark makes a delicious non-fat beef frank that my family can’t tell apart from the high-fat version, and I prefer the taste because it tastes more like meat and less like fat. (Ballpark also makes a low-fat turkey frank, but to my taste, the beef is far better.) Go ahead and splurge! I agree with a previous poster, what doesn’t taste better wrapped in bacon?!

  • Eric

    Finally, a sure-fire way to make hot dogs even more bad for you. This is the best idea since fried Coke.

  • anna

    I made the Hot Dog it was soooooooo good with the cheese and sauerkraut and onion, bacon I’ll make this every time I have a Hot Dog. Thank you.

  • ginny

    Can something other than pickeled cabbage be used my son would not come within 100 feet of this and he loves bacon, and doesn’t eat enough meat so I thought I could try something , any ideas?

  • Chef Tom

    WOW! I never thought Hot Dogs could look so good ! This sounds like a must try !

  • Dubs

    Mmm, hot dogs, cheese and bacon. Nature’s perfect combination. Must try these, sans sauerkraut, which is a foul beast IMHO.

  • jonathan

    Be still my beating heart.

    (And it just may, after eating a hot dog, stuffed with cheese, and wrapped in bacon) :p

  • Melody Elliott-Koontz

    My husband loves hotdogs. He got that cookbook for his BD recently and we haven’t even cracked it!

    We’ll be grilling this up Labor Day Weekend! I love saurkraut on a dog. Have you ever had saurkraut, onions, and chili on a dog?

  • Elise

    Hi Rachel – Sure, pan-frying would work fine. You might want to drain any excess fat that comes as the bacon cooks. I would suggest using a cast iron pan, or even a cast iron grill pan.

  • rachel

    These dogs look amazing! Was just wondering if it’s possible to panfry them instead of grilling them as I don’t have a grill at home. Thanks!

  • Hendria

    Wow. I have made these hot dogs forever. They are sooooo good. I usually just bake them on the bbq. That is a great idea…


  • lobstersquad

    Wow. That´s gilding the lily, with a vengance. Looks so delicious.

  • Jacob

    Oh, man. I felt my cholesterol rise just lookin’ at those delicious pictures.

    Sometimes I think that anything can be improved on if you wrap it in bacon…

  • Lani

    I love bacon and hotdogs, great combination.

  • Espahan

    I’m making this the next time our kids/grandchild, who all live about two hours away, visit. Maybe sooner, hubby and I need to test the recipe.

    We have an excellent butcher shop in the neighborhood that mostly sells very lean bacon. I can just taste one of these rashers wrapped around one of their excellent, locally made, wieners.

  • Kalyn

    How can you beat the combination of hot dogs, bacon, and cheese? Sounds like a real crowd pleaser for sure. When I was a kid, one of our very favorite dinners was something we called “weenies with cheese in the middle.” It was simply hot dogs, cut lenghthwise and fold open, then insert a long rectangle of cheese, place on a cookie sheet and bake until the hot dogs were browned and the cheese was melted (and running all over the place usually.) Everyone in the family loved this, except possibly my parents, but they never complained when we would beg for it. I think at the next Denny Family Campout I should make this recipe and tell them it’s a gourmet version of “weenies with cheese in the middle.”

  • Patricia

    Wow! I have the most intense feeling of nostalgia right now. When I was a kid, one of my dad’s specialties was what he called “fancy dogs” – the same idea, only he would stuff the dogs with the mustard-ketchup mix, slices of american cheese, and thin strips of dill pickle before wrapping them with bacon. I remember how fun it was to pull out the charred toothpicks without making the bacon crumble all over the place.

    Thanks for bringing back a great childhood memory – amazing!