Guacamole Deviled Eggs

Note that chiles vary tremendously in their level of heat. Taste the chile you are using before adding it to the mixture. If not hot enough, taste the seeds and if they are hot, make sure you include some. If crazy hot, then only use a little chile, or a splash of Tabasco (green Tabasco if you have it) instead.

Use only ripe avocados, avocados with some give when you press them gently. If they are hard, they aren't ripe and not only will they not taste good, you won't be able to easily mash them. Note that if they are too ripe (too much give when you press them), they may be bruised and also won't taste good.

  • Prep time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: Serves 4


  • 6 hard boiled eggs*
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 Tbsp lime (or lemon) juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 Tbsp sour cream (can skip if you need dairy-free)
  • 1 Tbsp chopped cilantro (plus a several leaves for garnish)
  • 1 serrano or 1/2 jalapeno chile pepper, minced (include the seeds for more heat, leave them out for less)
  • 1 Tbsp chopped chives or green onion

*To make hard boil eggs, place eggs in a saucepan and cover with at least one inch (or two) of cold water. Bring to a rolling boil. Turn off the heat, cover the pot, and let the eggs cook in the residual heat for 10-12 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water. For more advice see our How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs.


1 Carefully peel the hard boiled eggs and cut them in half lengthwise. Place them on a serving platter. Scoop out the cooked yolks and set aside.

2 Cut the avocados in half. Remove the pit. Scoop out the avocado flesh and place in a bowl. (See How to Cut and Peel an Avocado.) Roughly mash with a fork. Use your fingers to break up one or two of the cooked egg yolks (2 to 4 halves) over the mashed avocado. (Reserve the remaining egg yolks for another use.) Sprinkle with lime juice and salt, and stir in the sour cream. Stir in the chopped cilantro, serrano or jalapeño chile pepper, and chives.

3 Scoop a generous spoonful of the avocado mixture into each well of the hard boiled egg whites. Top with a small sprig of fresh cilantro or some chopped chives.

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  • Fork Lift Operator

    For my first guac I opted to do deviled eggs instead of straight up guac. I think they are both somewhat interchangeable. The main difference seems to be the eggs of course and sour cream.

    I put a bunch of thai green and Serrano peppers in but it wasn’t all that hot. I am thinking the sour cream takes a lot of the heat out of the peppers. Incidentally, dairy is the best way to put out the fire in your mouth. Alcohol or bread also work.

    I also wonder if you could use sour cream to get rid of the pepper juice off your hands. You definitely don’t want to rub your eyes after handling peppers. I am thinking use 1 tablespoon of sour cream to scrub your hands and then rinse.

    The taste was good but the texture was not strong enough for the guac to “sit up” in the egg. I have to figure out how to make it a little more chunky.

    I was surprised at how easy it is to work with the avocados. It took about a minute to core 4 of them. I just made a cut around the entire avocado with the knife stopping at the pit. Twist the two halves against each other and one half will come out without the pit. You can nudge the pit out of the other half with a spoon. After that the fruit is super easy to scoop out with a spoon. Two avocados would have been plenty for me. This stuff is like hummus…too much and you’ll end up throwing some of it out.

  • Tumble

    When you make guac ahead of time you need it, leave the pit in with it, this too helps to keep it green.

    • Fork Lift Operator

      Not true. Cooking myth. To prevent browning you need to prevent oxidation. To prevent oxidation you need to exclude oxygen. Put your guac in a zip-loc bag, squeeze out as much air as possible and seal.
      If you don’t believe me, look at how they package guac in the stores…no pits, vacuum sealed plastic bag.

  • Shannon O.

    Eggcellent! I made them and love them. I’m going to work harder at mincing the pepper and green onions next time. Really tasty.

  • Jerry P.

    MY SUGGESTION: Add a splash of vinegar.

  • Ruth

    Looking forward to trying this for our son’s Engagement party -a taco bar is planned and I’ve been looking for other ways to include guacamole. Love the make ahead idea using a freezer bag! Thanks from the west coast of Australia!

  • Don Rehwaldt

    Obviously, you can’t get ALL the fillings into the eggs. I’ve saved the left overs and, for breakfast, spread on a toasted thin bagel or English muffin! M,m-mmm!
    P.S. the recipe is great!

  • Alan

    How about serving with a bite of prosciutto tucked into the egg cavity as well to make it true Green Eggs and Ham!

    • Elise

      Great idea Alan, thank you!

    • Christian Gehman

      Yum! country ham or black forest ham or even Cure 81 would also be fun. If I still had a restaurant, I’d put this on the menu ….

  • Barbi

    These would make a great egg salad sandwich!!!!!!

  • Jaxon Burgess

    To keep guacamole mixture from browning when making ahead, put it into a plastic freezer bag and get all the air out before sealing. Then, just before serving, cut off a corner and pipe the mixture into the egg white halves by squeezing the bag.

  • Christian

    Elise — On an off topic note, you and your readers might enjoy all of the White House recipes for American food that can be found, along with this link for apples baked 5 ways, on the obama foodorama blog at:

    You’ll have to scroll down to find the recipes list in the bottom right corner. — Christian Gehman

  • Christian

    What a great idea! To me, the colors look a bit pale. You might try dusting the eggs very lightly before filling them with some fresh and very bright red Hungarian paprika, or adorning the crowns with a sliver of red bell pepper.

  • Melisa

    You’re a genius! I would never have thought of guac deviled eggs. Just made some and they tasted great. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • george

    Yep i tried them and they were just as the classic deviled eggs but without the full of cholesterol mayo haha and they were magnificent.Thanks Elise my dear , dear friend for another delish recipe :]

    • Elise

      I’m so glad you liked them George!

  • Dalila

    This reminds of guacamole from where I come from, El Salvador. We always add a chopped hard boiled egg to our guacamole. This must be delicious.

  • Melissa

    Sounds delicious! I notice in the picture that one egg is missing. I bet I know where it went!

  • Alanna

    Beautiful recipe and photos, Elise. This makes me want to throw a cocktail party stat. Thank you for sharing!

  • Pat

    Oh, my….how beautiful.. very nice presentation.

  • Trish

    I’ll bet these are magnificent and I cannot wait to try them at home!

    I often slice avocados and add to my sandwiches. Now I’m thinking about egg salad and avocados… yum!

  • sheela

    Very nice egg preparation. What can I use instead of avocado if not available? Thanks

  • Janet

    These are delicious. Easier still, just mix the hard-boiled egg yolks with your favorite store-bought guacamole and spoon into the eggs. It takes about 20 seconds!

  • Susan

    Brilliant! Just bought some eggs and have avocados in the house – I’m heading for the kitchen right now!

  • Dede Ranahan

    I made guacamole eggs once – not your recipe – and they turned brown while on the serving platter. How do I keep this from happening?

    • Elise

      Hi Dede, avocados will turn brown when exposed to air unless acidified with lemon juice or lime juice. Guacamole has the same problem. The acid in the recipe (lime juice) will help slow down the process, but the only thing that will completely stop it is to place plastic wrap directly over the guacamole so that no air touches it. Which is why it is best to spoon the guacamole into the egg whites right before serving.

  • Fawn @ Cowen Park Kitchen

    This looks like such a good idea. I’m always looking for a way to eat guacamole with fewer (or no) tortilla chips.

  • Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    Thanks for linking to my Sriracha avocado deviled eggs. The first time I served green deviled eggs, my guests laughed. Now, I get requests!

  • Carole S.

    Looks delicious, and would be great for Easter.

    I made your honey mustard chicken for a girls weekend, and it was a great hit! Thank you, as always, for sharing your recipes.

    • Elise

      Hi Carole, you are very welcome! I’m so glad you liked the honey mustard chicken.

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    I loooooove the sound of these eggs! Dang, such a great idea!

  • Linda

    I can print this on Internet Explorer but not on Firefox.

    • Elise

      Well that’s a mystery to me. No idea why that is happening with your set up. Not a problem over here.

    • Mike W.

      Try just capturing the page as an image (Windows has this built in) and print the image outside of Firefox.

  • Ashley @ Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen

    This looks absolutely wonderful! I love deviled eggs and I love guacamole, and this looks like a match made in heaven!

    • Pamela

      What if…you made some deviled egg mixture and put that on the bottom of the egg halves and topped with guacamole? I prepare dry wasabi powder mixture (let it sit, covered, for a few minutes to gather strength!) and add that as my heat to deviled eggs. Yummmm

      • Trisha

        i LIKE ur wasabi idea, Pam! THANKS!